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Letter to the Editor: Vendetta


To the editor:

AG Holder and his box are obviously displeased with the verdict in the Zimmerman trial. He feels he has little need to take care of us by investigating the BATFE for their “Fast and Furious” gun-running scheme, directing the FBI to scrutinize the IRs’ prejudicial conduct against conservative organizations, to pursue Benghazi murders and — must I go on?

He and his boss must feel that the most important question concerning the nation’s top lawyer in America today is how to make Goerge Zimmerman guilty. Does anyone smell racial prejudice here? I know I do.

I believe the jurors said it best when they believed (from the evidence, not emotion) that race was not a motive in the case. However, we must all remember that the president of the United States brought race in before the trial began. He phoned Trayvon Martin’s parents and made it public. And by those actions he flagrantly displayed his own racial prejudice.

Ask yourself if Obama has called the parents of the Benghazi victims? Or the parents of Patrolman Brian Terry, killed in Mexico with the “Fast and Furious” weapons? The parents of Brian Terry have tried repeatedly to find out what happened to their son. All to no avail.

Obama and his AG seemed driven to convict George Zimmerman before the trial. Holder directed federal attorneys to get involved before the trial began. Now, despite Zimmerman’s court-mandated innocence, the AG is weighing further federal efforts.

I was raised at the edge of the Missouri Ozarks. At the time, the area was a regressive and sometimes bigoted region. Folk out in our hills invented the phrase “blood feud.” During the 1950s and 1960s, rival clan disputes often led to fisticuffs, occasionally shootings. I know a vendetta when I see one.

Obama has now developed an attitude rivaling the children’s fairy tale of “The Emperor’s Clothes.” In a recent speech he spoke of invented “phony scandals” interfering with his plans. Was he referring to the unsolved four murders in Benghazi, or the mistrust of the IRS, or the Terry murder with weapons supplied by the BATFE or the public disappearance of Hillary Clinton? Are these “phony scandals?”

Glenn Dee Summers

The Dalles


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