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For the Record, Aug. 6


August 06, 2013

Hospital Admissions

August 02 — None Authorized

August 03 — None Authorized

August 04 — None Authorized

August 05 — None Authorized

Hospital Dismissals

August 02 — Jeannette J. Robbins, The Dalles

August 03 — None Authorized

August 04 — Reba A. Hall, The Dalles

August 05 — None Authorized


The Dalles City

Aug. 2, 2:16 p.m. – A man reported a hit-and-run in the Cascade Square parking lot.

Aug. 8, 7:20 a.m. – Non-injury, vehicle vs. bike accident, West Seventh and Pomona Street. The bike was damaged and the parties exchanged insurance information.

Aug. 3, 6:18 p.m. – Non-injury, two-car crash, 2900 block of East Second Street. A woman who pulled over began to pull back onto the roadway in front of another vehicle. She was issued a citation.

Aug. 5, 9:48 a.m. – Two-vehicle, non-injury accident, Highway 30 and Highway 197. Steven Kelley, 55, no address listed, was cited for a dangerous left turn. The other driver was Steve McCabe.

Wasco County

Aug. 3, 11:59 a.m. – Two-car non-injury accident, Highway 26 eastbound, milepost 66. Whitney Nelson missed a road and pulled to the side of the road to do a u-turn. She waited for several cars to go by, didn’t see any more and when she did her u-turn she struck Lionel Coleman’s vehicle. Nelson was cited for illegal u-turn.

Aug. 5, 7:19 p.m. – Single-driver, injury accident, 200 block of Elrod Avenue in Maupin.

The driver was taken to the hospital by Maupin Ambulance and a tow truck towed two of the three vehicles involved.


Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue

Aug. 5, 7:51 a.m. – Fire crew responded to the 700 block of Division Street on report of a fire on the porch of a vacant manufactured home. Upon arrival, neighbors had extinguished the fire and it had been confined to a flower pot that was being discarded. No damage from the fire.

Aug. 5, 5:32 p.m. – Fire crew responded to 3600 block of Crates Way on a smoke alarm. Turned out to be a contractor remodeling, and dust from cutting sheetrock set off the alarm.

The agency also responded to seven calls for emergency medical service on Friday, four on Saturday, seven on Sunday and two on Monday.

Police Reports

The Dalles

Robert Canfield Wusthoff, 38, 819 W. 11th St., was arrested on a warrant for probation violation Friday morning.

A woman in the 1000 block of Pomona Street reported Friday morning her purse was taken from her residence overnight.

A man Friday morning reported graffiti was placed on the sidewalk on the north side of The Dalles Middle School. The words “life thug” and a star were sprayed in pink paint.

The county work crew reported Friday afternoon two juvenile workers stole $200. Warrants were issued for their arrest on parole violation and second-degree theft.

A woman in the 1600 block of Riverview Street reported someone has filed taxes under her name.

A caller reported Friday night 20 skaters from the skate park were enroute to the old skate park and were fighting. Joshua Alan Miller, 19, 602 W. 2nd St., was arrested and is accused of probation violation and fourth-degree assault.

A caller reported Friday evening a drunk man was dancing to music at City Park and disrupting a family event. When an officer drove by the park, almost everyone had left.

A woman in the 400 block of East 12th Street reported Friday evening her garage was broken into and rifled through, though nothing was missing.

A woman in the 800 block of Garden Court West reported half of her hydrocodone pills were taken by a woman she knows. The woman denied taking them.

A man tipped police Saturday morning that a wanted man’s property was found behind the library. Later, the man was wanted in connection with a shoplifting at an area store. Police located the wanted man, David Richard Leigh, 38, The Dalles, and arrested him on charges of third-degree theft and first-degree criminal trespass.

A family member of a local man who lives in the 400 block of East Ninth Street said she has learned the man financed and insured a Lexus vehicle they know nothing about, and money has been transferred from his account. A report was taken.

A woman in the 3500 block of Royal Crest Drive reported Saturday evening a parrot just landed in their tree. She gave her number in case someone called missing a parrot.

A woman reported Saturday evening a transient was passed out on the sidewalk in the 600 block of Cherry Heights Street. He was lodged at the regional jail on a civil detox.

Paul Allen Sallee, 52, 1109 Lincoln St., was arrested at his home early Sunday morning on a warrant from The Dalles Municipal Court on a charge of second-degree disorderly conduct.

Police responded to an establishment in downtown The Dalles early Sunday morning to a disturbance, and the parties involved claimed they were wrestling.

A man in a vehicle in the 1500 block of West Sixth Street was hallucinating Sunday morning and asking to go to the hospital. He was finally talked out of his car and put in an ambulance to go to the hospital.

A man in the 300 block of West 21st Street reported Sunday evening his daughter was a runaway.

Three girls found a cell phone Sunday evening that fell off the back of a boat being towed up Union Street. They called one of the contacts in the phone, who said who the phone belonged to. The girls called police and gave an officer the phone, along with directions to the phone owner’s address. The officer returned the phone.

A woman called police Sunday night to report finding a cell phone at 10th and Thompson streets that included numbers of various police and judicial phone numbers. The phone was retrieved and returned to its owner.

A caller reported Sunday night seeing a woman buy something at the store, and when she opened her purse, he saw heroin and needles in her purse. He told police which way she headed, but they were unable to find her.

A caller in the 1000 block of East 8th Street told police Sunday night her daughter’s boyfriend choked her until she almost passed out. Later, the caller reported the man was back in the house and had her daughter trapped in the bedroom. Zachary Adam Mendoza, 23, 1006 E. 8th St., was arrested and charged with strangulation, harassment and second-degree criminal mischief.

Six people tried to use the drive through at a restaurant early Monday morning in the 1500 block of West Sixth Street, but were refused service since they didn’t have a car. They threatened to blow the store up with nitrous oxide. Police trespassed the people off the property.

Early Monday morning, an officer trespassed a man who was sleeping on the ground at the skate park and had a large pile of garbage around him.

Black graffiti was found Monday morning on Col. Wright School, on the wall of the south building.

A woman in the 600 block of West 12th Street reported Monday morning that sometime between Thursday and Sunday someone entered a basement/storage area and stole items. She had a possible suspect.

Two case numbers were taken for two sex abuse investigations Monday morning at the police department.

A woman reported Monday afternoon a man came up to her at Sorosis Park and asked for her pants size and other sizes. The man was nicely dressed and was driving a red Subaru Outback.

A man in the 3000 block of Old Dufur Road reported Monday afternoon the theft of tools from a county-owned vehicle that was accidentally left unlocked. DeWalt tools were taken, including a drill, driver, and two skil saws. Most were marked “WC” in marker.

A government office in the 1100 block of Kelly Avenue reported Monday afternoon that the building was tagged with graffiti over the weekend.

A woman in the 500 block of East 9th Street reported Monday afternoon her purse was taken out of her vehicle.

A woman reported Monday evening leaving her wallet in a restaurant in the 300 block of Lone Pine Drive, and when she went to retrieve it, it was gone.

A man reported Monday evening he was riding his bike and a passing vehicle just threw a water bottle at him as he was in the 1000 block of West Sixth Street. He said a teenage male passenger threw it at him, but it didn’t hit him. He got the license number of the vehicle.

A woman in the 500 block of West Third Place reported Monday evening her purse was taken from her vehicle, which had a window down.

A manager of an establishment in the 700 block of East Second Street reported Monday evening telling two men to leave, and one of them threatened to go to her house and stab her repeatedly. The men were trespassed from the property.

A man in the 2100 block of Mt. Hood Street reported early Tuesday morning seeing a teen male trying to get into his vehicle. The man ran when police arrived and they were unable to find him.

Wasco County

A theft report was taken Friday afternoon at the sheriff’s office.

A woman in the 1100 block of Pine Street called deputies to report a suspicious driver who was going up and down a gravel road and going in circles in a parking lot. Deputies found it was a woman teaching her daughter how to drive.

A man in the 82000 block of Highway 216 Friday evening said a state trooper called and told him not to speed or he’d be arrested. Deputies determined someone was impersonating a police officer, and no trooper called the man.

Four campers were warned early Saturday morning about trespassing at Mayer State Park after hours. They agreed to leave at first light.

A caller in the 4100 block of Chenowith Road reported early Saturday morning a man wearing just shorts was waving his arms and screaming at cars as they drove by.

A man in the 5300 block of Mill Creek Road reported his wife hit him over the head with a beer bottle. Tracy Ann Stafford, 42, 5312 Mill Creek, was arrested for fourth-degree assault.

A city police officer on his way to patrol the watershed came across a crashed car Saturday morning on Threemile Road. A deputy found the driver and a citation will be issued.

A hiker on the trail by the Discovery Center reported Saturday morning seeing a homeless person gathering firewood for their camp. A deputy could not locate the person.

A Maupin man called police Sunday afternoon to say there was a big misunderstanding the night before, and during the misunderstanding, he was wounded. Later that night, a man posted on Facebook that he was going to kill the caller, plus another man.

A man reported Sunday afternoon that someone got into his car and stole his driver’s license, $125 cash, an expired debit card and an iPod touch while the car was parked at Mayer Park West.

A woman in the 4100 block of Chenowith Road reported finding a drug baggie in the dog house on her porch.

A woman in the 2600 block of 10th Street reported her estranged husband broke windows in the house and took all his things. She was seeking a police log entry about the windows.

Sherman County

Ryan Hy Eakins, 25, Portland, was booked and released on a Sherman County court commitment for first-degree failure to appear.

Regional Jail

John Dean Patton, 34, 1916 E. 9th St., was arrested Saturday in The Dalles and is accused of failure to appear.

Michael Edward Lane, 31, 2700 W. 7th St., No. 72, was remanded to the regional jail Monday on a court commitment from Wasco County Circuit Court for third-degree theft.

Dagan J. Putrzenki, 21, Oregon City, was remanded to the regional jail Monday on a court commitment from Wasco County Circuit Court for probation violation.

Ethan John William Stephens, 21, Boardman, was jailed Monday morning on a warrant for probation violation.

Oregon State Police

Joette Margaret Irzyk, 61, The Dalles, was arrested Friday evening at Fifteenmile Road and Highway 30 and is accused of driving while intoxicated.

A Portland man was issued a citation Sunday for unlawful possession of steelhead at the Deschutes River near Heritage Landing. The fish was seized.

Gary Russell Moody, 57, Boring, was arrested Sunday on Interstate 84 at milepost 116 and is accused of driving under the influence of intoxicants.

Shannon Cheyenne Brown, 37, 1057 W. Irvine St., was arrested early Tuesday morning on a warrant for probation violation after his vehicle was pulled over because he allowed a passenger to ride in the bed of his pick-up when there were seatbelts available.



Friday, Aug. 2

Mega Millions – 8, 21, 23, 25, 39, MB 04, MP 2

Pick 4 – 1 p.m., 1, 4, 4, 7; 4 p.m., 9, 8, 4, 1; 7 p.m., 2, 7, 4, 2; 10 p.m., 1, 3, 9, 9

Lucky Lines – 4, 6, 9, 14, 17, 24, 28, 31

Saturday, Aug. 3

Powerball – 21, 24, 36, 42, 45, PB 15

Megabucks – 8, 17, 24, 34, 38, 41

Win for Life – 8, 55, 57, 65

Pick 4 – 1 p.m., 4, 8, 5, 0; 4 p.m., 7, 0, 3, 6; 7 p.m., 4, 9, 2, 0; 10 p.m., 9, 7, 1, 6

Lucky Lines – 3, 7, 9, 13, 20, 23, 25, 29

Sunday, Aug. 4

Lucky Lines – 4, 6, 10, 14, 20, 24, 28, 29

Pick 4 – 1 p.m. 9, 4, 8, 5; 4 p.m. 0, 2, 5, 3; 7 p.m., 3, 2, 9, 1; 10 p.m., 3, 0, 8, 0

Monday, Aug. 5

Megabucks – 9, 10, 13, 40, 41, 43

Win for Life – 13, 22, 47, 53

Lucky Lines – 1, 5, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25, 30

Pick 4 – 1 p.m., 4, 9, 1, 5; 4 p.m. 0, 1, 0, 6; 7 p.m., 7, 4, 3, 6; 10 p.m., 3, 8, 4, 7


Friday, Aug. 2

Mega Millions — 08-21-23-25-39 MB=04 Megaplier=02

Match 4 — 01-14-17-18

The Daily Game — 6-5-8

Daily Keno — 04-09-11-13-15-16-18-21-27-29-30-32-34-49-53-61-66-70-71-74

Saturday, Aug. 3

Powerball — 21-24-36-42-45 Powerball=15

Lotto — 10-12-17-18-27-32

Hit 5 — 09-17-20-22-35

Match 4 — 03-15-16-22

The Daily Game — 7-8-6

Daily Keno — 01-02-06-07-15-24-26-29-40-41-47-51-53-56-62-65-68-69-79-80

Sunday, Aug. 4

Match 4 — 07-16-17-19

The Daily Game — 8-3-4

Daily Keno — 02-14-15-23-24-27-28-33-37-38-44-49-51-53-56-62-64-66-71-76

Monday, Aug. 5

Lotto — 20-21-24-28-30-32

Hit 5 — 03-10-21-32-34

Match 4 — 03-05-07-21

The Daily Game — 6-0-4

Daily Keno — 02-12-16-18-24-29-33-34-36-37-47-52-56-58-61-64-65-67-74-79


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