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Letter to the Editor: All about hate

— To the editor:

It could be said this country was founded on one idea defined by one word. Our forefathers requested to be taxed fairly. They asked to be represented fairly before Parliament. They wanted the king to treat them fairly.

My letters are about fairness. I am presenting a fair open view of the Bible. Pastors present a stupefying, blinding, ignorant, biased view of the Bible soaked in superstitious lies. The view they present dominates our society. It is common to see their superstitious, ignorant lies in books, movies, magazines, radio and TV shows.

The common superstitious church view is protected by our newspaper. They prefer the lies sold by pastors which is probably accepted by many of their subscribers.

Since I write and speak with a pinch of salt as opposed to the gobs of sugar used by pastors, my words “must be” suppressed by the newspaper in order to protect their church going subscribers from the “uncomfortable” truth. So how did our newspaper suppress my June (and July?) “slightly salted” letter from offending the ignorant church masses? They dutifully and righteously branded my letter with one word…Hate!

This slighted labeling instantly and easily removed any chance of fairness being presented to the public to decide for themselves.

Truthfully, the entire church corporation system is founded on hate and nothing else. You don’t see the hate upstairs where the children are prancing about, or where the organ is playing hymns, nor where the pastor is giving a sugar gagging cute social message. No, the hate is down stairs. Way down in the basement. Many levels down. Centuries down below.

Once you arrive at the rock bottom basement in the cold and eerie darkness, you will need tons of elbow grease to remove the muck and filth of lies that have coated church walls for centuries. Wear high boots, too, for this is where the churches of Christendom hide the millions they have murdered to protect their unfair view.

After you scrape away the thick lies, you will discover one single word etched with blood into church foundation walls….hate. Hate? Hate for the Jew and anything that smells Jewish. What smells Jewish if you don’t have one around? Genesis.

Hate for Genesis and the Jew is the foundation of the church system. I don’t hate … I’m the crazy one who cares about the Bible being presented fairly.

Gary Fischer

The Dalles


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