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Letter to the Editor:A Christmas wish

— To the editor:

The Christmas season is a magical time. And all of us that believe in the magic are allowed to wish for things we want.

I wish for a president that is deeply concerned with the welfare and good of his country more than he is in salving his ego. One who would approach the problems facing America with intelligence, knowledge and aptitude rather than a self-serving arrogance.

And if he does not possess the knowledge, intelligence and aptitude to solve America’s problems that he would employ someone that knows more about problem-solving than they do about winning elections. Obama, and the Democrats that voted behind closed doors for Obamacare, owe America an apology for passing legislation they didn’t even read or understand.

I wish for a secretary of state that would meet her responsibilities and not invent excuses for the failures of the State Department to protect its employees. One that would be adult enough to be responsible for her own actions. One that would not distance herself from her former administration’s problems to prepare to run for the next presidential election.

The Benghazi murders are a reprehensible black mark on the Obama administration and a sinful failure of Hillary Clinton’s State Department. I would like a better explanation than, “What difference does it make?” At best, she is not presidential material and as yet no one is responsible for the Benghazi debacle.

I wish for an attorney general that would demand lawful conduct of his own personnel. Government employees who are apparently not responsible to American and Mexican citizens could only have done the “Fast and Furious” Mexican gun distribution scheme. That idotic conspiracy cost the lives of at least one American law officer and countless Mexican citizens.

I wish for an end to the IRS scandalous practice of targeting conservative organizations, an end to the practice of trying terrorists in civil courts with American rights, and that NSA will not trample American rights in their surveillance techniques.

I wish to note that in all of this not one person has lost their job, benefits or pensions.

Most of all, I wish that others will not be so frivolous, petty and politically correct that they resent me wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, everybody!

Glenn Dee Summers

The Dalles


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