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Letter to the editor: Sign of the times

— Sign of the times

To the editor:

I am responding to the letter in the Jan. 31 issue concerning guns and murders.

This is the only nation on earth founded on the word of God. We held the Word in very high esteem. Our laws were written accordingly. We were a body where the truth of the Word was respected. Not so today.

The Bible says there will be a falling away from the faith in the last days. Our states are passing laws that are contrary to God’s will. We are paying the price of rejecting the God of Creation; 2 Timothy 3 says in the last days (today for us) mankind will be lovers of themselves, blasphemers, disobedient to parents (authority), unthankful, unholy despisers of those that are good, false accusers, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God, plus much more. Read it yourself. That is today!

It also says we will be as Sodom was, Gen 18, 19 – learn. When we walk away from God, ungodly spirits move in and control. It also says the day would come when evil is called good and good is called evil. Today in Canada if a preacher teaches what God says about homosexuality, they will put you in jail. Things are heading that way here.

People love to blaspheme God. Homosexuals will on day control things and we’ll have to bow to their demands.

Read the following: Tel Aviv voted the best gay city of 2011 on the LGBT website; gay couple receives congrats from Obama for their wedding, home schoolers can’t be taught gay sex is sinful, LGBT lawyers sue pastor for crimes against humanity, Obama says he supports same-sex marriage (so much for the hand on the Bible stuff), federal judge finds Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, appeals court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act, Pentagon holds first gay pride event, chaplains can’t pray in Jesus’ name, Muslims can probably pray in Allah’s name.

I believe our serious weather issues – Sandy – is a warning from God. We as a nation are paying the price for rebellion. We are a long way from where we started.

Passing gun laws will not stop what’s happening. It will only diminish our rights and promote dictatorship. Rejecting God has always resulted in depraved criminal minds. Look at prisons, druggies.

Jesus is our friend. Rejecting Him continually – chaos. Your choice is important – think.

Bob McCracken, The Dalles


j 5 years, 10 months ago

the problem is this, there is no prove that times are "more" violent the fact is however that we as people now have access to knowing all isn't well everywhere. I might say the "dark ages" when christians and catholics were killing people for not believe in THEIR savior. pretty rough times and of course each zealous murderer said the same thing, its the sign the god will come soon. then you bring up JUDGING Gays and Lesbians well, Sir God directs you not to care to blast them and to only love them , where is the love you wonder way they cant understand you its because you say to them that hell is the only option. god "says" he loves his children yet he destroys them when he feels necessary because they longer understood his love. merciful. then he decides to send his "son" to forget about all the time he spent killing his kids and say sorry now there is a new covenant now and he wont kill his kids for not having faith so citing what was said in the old testament then saying its relevant to the new doesn't make any sense god aid in the bible that all sins are the same in his eyes so why is homosexually a topic for you hate on a group of poeple?? I see no love from you toward fellow man kinda only caring about your agenda and what you believe your go says and thinks. its tell you directly to be a witness to of jesus, jesus spent his time as far as we know talking with the lowest of low lives the poeple all the "rich" hated they hated jesus for talking and being nice to the gays, prostitutes and thieves. he idnt go up to a group of poeple and start out saying by the way your going to hell you need to change now if yuur going to cite "end times" described from revelations, a few things here, not at ANY point does it mention anything about "TECHNOLOGY" wow yea that thing that i'm using right now you'd think that the writer would have somehow said something about that.....the closest thing however is when it says it will destroy 1/3 of the ships at sea....what a minute ship at sea we hardly ever use them these days and if you look at history you would find that at the time written there would have been at least 3 x more ships out at sea so god will allow that demon to desroy what 20 ships out at sea. in the bible there are many talking animals and other talking things that occur these are sun dried dessert dwellers that are wrote this a lot of things that were said in the bible can simply be chalked up within science talking animals, strange visions, bright lights would mean that they were hallucinating off something. why are none of the writers that wrote the citing of jesus never met him? further more the accounts on what happened with him from birth to death to accention they are not the same by any means simply different stories. with 1500 versions of christianity floating around out there and thousands more other religions


j 5 years, 10 months ago

i'm sure the next argument would be well in my church we have the holy spirit and he comes and gives us al faith peace and direction. well ive seen the the holy laughter and slang in the spirit etc ie seen preacher push people over and say they are rejecting god...but that isnt my point the point is that tribes in Africa that christains would say are witchs or devil worshipers the same EXACT thing happens and they call it the same sorta of out of body experience that an evangelistic would call it too. by here is the thing genetic's have found what they are calling the god gene, all the people tested for this gene happen to be religious one way or anther either it being a every sunday service or just simply saying they are spiritual. so if god sends his spirit to churches why does he also send his spirit to tribes that REJECT that there is one god and still they have the same peace that comes fro this experience not hate.


ec 5 years, 10 months ago

here's the thing, bob. not everyone believes in your god. or any god at all, for that matter. you rant about having to "bow down" to the "homosexual agenda", yet seem to have no problem pushing your beliefs on everyone else.


butterflycrying 5 years, 9 months ago

The idea that this country was "founded" on God is up for debate, but lets say that it is true. God (note that I am adding the upper case G out of respect for your beliefs) is no more powerful than my Dieties, or Buddha, Mohammad, Turtle Spirit, etc. In my teachings of the Christian faith, it is said to love thy neighbor like thy own. That means regardless of if your neighbor is gay, transgendered, Muslim, Hindu, WHATEVER. Respect all, and you will receive respect, deny respect, and you sir will not get any.


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