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Letter to the Editor: Leave it to patriots

— Leave it to patriots

To the editor:

The people who created this country understood the problems with government very well. They came from where a supreme government supremely ruled.

While they formed our government, they knew that by definition government itself is anti-freedom. With our constitution and its amendments, they did their best to ensure the future people of this country their freedom.

Likely the most important of all freedoms is the right to own and bear arms. We weren’t given that right so Daniel Boone could legally hunt deer. We were given that right so we could always defend all our other freedoms from threats, both foreign and domestic.

Back then, gun owners in America were known as patriots. Today, us flag-waving patriots are known as gun owners. We are here to attend, or not, the church of our choice, to peacefully assemble and protest and hopefully own and live on our own land.

Just as the United States has a strong military to deter any foreign threat, a well-armed citizen deters any domestic threat. That is hard to do with 22s and shotguns, hence the need for assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.

Some think government can be trusted to protect our rights. They don’t mind being strip-searched and herded into airplanes like cattle. They don’t mind that, thanks to the anti-patriot act, Big Brother needs no authority from the court to snoop on your electronic communications or library records. Your rights are fading, but you want to be safe.

I want to live free and in the history of our country being free doesn’t necessarily mean safe. Without freedom, our nation won’t last; therefore, neither will safety. Our wise forefathers knew all this.

The one thing we’re missing to curb gun violence is keeping our guns locked up. Experiences in my life, as well as seeing these recent tragedies, show that stopping unauthorized access would go a long way in stopping such tragedies.

Keep your guns secured and away from your children, even adult children who shouldn’t have access to them. Keep them away from thieves. To protect our rights, our lives and our guns, a good gun safe is a must. The rest can be left to sensible laws, our Constitution and patriots.

Dennis James

The Dalles


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