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Letter to the Editor: Roman superstition

— Roman superstition

To the editor:

Many people are aware of that uncomfortable aura emitting from churches creating that “stay away” warning. What is that? That strange aura is a mixture of boastful arrogance and pastor-induced ignorance. The arrogance gives pastors license to improve or ignore the Bible and the audacity to correct the Creator. Their ignorance of Bible history blinds them to their insulting disloyalty towards the Jewish Son.

With rude arrogance pastors imply that “g-o-d” is stupid. Pastors possess the superior “ordained” knowledge needed to correct the Creator’s mistakes.

“Dummy” left out how, when, with what and why we “must” “celebrate” the birth of the Jewish Man annually. All four gospels omit any information about “celebrating it.” The book of Acts covers the first 40 years of the believer’s history from Christ’s departure. No “celebration.” Paul, Peter, John and James write 22 letters giving believers Divine guidance in all aspects of life and worship. No “celebration

Two rules define wrongful Bible teaching from our churches. One, it will always degrade the Divine Creator. Two, it will elevate the desires and demands of human flesh

Flesh devises a “religion” of self-satisfaction, never one that complies with that which has been appointed by a “stupid g-o-d.”

Reading, understanding and believing in the miraculous birth “is important” but deliberately “celebrating” it is the arrogance of self-worship. Our “sacred” churches frown on the humility and meekness the Creator seeks in men in order to instruct them to have faith or trust in His decisions.

The ignorance surrounding this non-existent “celebration” from the Bible exposes the cowardliness of today’s “Christians.” When the Roman Legions invaded the nation of Israel they brought along their “god.” As they destroyed Israel they called on their “god.” After they “won” they thanked their “god.”

It was called Mithra the Roman Sun God. Thousands of Gentile believers of Jesus’ Jewish religion living within the Roman Empire were nailed to stakes or fed to lions at the Coliseum. Why? They would not deny Jesus the Hebrew Man and give allegiance to Mithra.

As Yahshua, King of the Jews hung on that stake Pontius Pilot and his Romans worshiped Mithra. When did the pagan Romans “celebrate” the birthday of Mithra? No!! Oh yea precisely!

Church “Christians” are socially ashamed to show honor and respect to the Jewish Christ, the Hebrew King. They avoid the “lions” and cowardly “celebrate” with the superstitious Roman world.

Gary Fischer,

The Dalles


ec 5 years, 9 months ago

seriously, what is the point of this letter??? can we please keep the letters page free from religious rantings?


jmcdowell 5 years, 9 months ago

EC, the letters to the editor section of a newspaper is designed to be an open forum where members of the community can express their opinions on any topic (limited to one letter a month). It wouldn't be right to censor religious letters because they annoy you, any more than it would be fair to censor a letter on evolution because it would annoy some religious people.


ec 5 years, 9 months ago

i understand what the letters to the editor section is all about - i grew up reading the washington post, new york times and wall street journal. this is the first publication that i have read that routinely runs religious rantings and yes, i do find it annoying. moving to the dalles has been quite the culture shock.


LK 5 years, 9 months ago

How about just not printing these types of letters? They have nothing to do with the community at large. It would be better to read only about actual issues concerning The Gorge, not just general letters that make no real sense.


AML 5 years, 9 months ago

ec, Welcome to a small community, take advantage of what it has to offer and what it can teach you. I do find it interesting that your move to The Dalles has caused you distress because you do not like the 'religious' letters to the editor. Now, if I don't like what is printed, I just don't read it - or I may choose to comment on it. I don't particularly care for Mr. Fischer's comments myself, I believe he is wrong in many ways, but, he has the right to his opinion, no matter how absurd; I rarely read more than a line or two realize it is from him and stop. For some reason you chose to become part of the community, now you are complaining because another part of the community wishes to express their opinions, the paper allows it and you want the paper to stop printing them because YOU don't like it. Hhhhmmmm? ..... but that is your right to protest. What if the Chronicle chose NOT to allow your comments to be on this format, because some of us don't like them? Can't have it both ways. If you want to have other issues discussed in the letters to the editor site, then I would suggest you start commenting on what you believe is pertinent to The Dalles, not complain because the religious comments to not meet with your approval. Who knows, maybe that large city, back east newspaper mentality might improve the section.


ec 5 years, 9 months ago

i am here due to a family obligation - you bet as soon as i can i will be out of here and back to where people work for a living and bother to get dressed before they leave the house, where i don't have to side-step piles of vomit on the sidewalk on my way to work, where people aren't taking dumps in the bushes at the library, where men don't spit snot everywhere..... all i can say is, it's no wonder this place is referred to as "the bowels"


butterflycrying 5 years, 9 months ago

I think that you may be a little harsh. I work daily, get dressed every morning, don't procedure bodily functions, nor do a lot of people I know that live there. With any town (especially larger cities) there are homeless, those without the same benefits as others. Also a big issue not just here but everyone is the usage of Meth.


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