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Christian beliefs and Christmas

To the editor:

In regard to recent letters to the editor concerning Christian beliefs and Christmas:

Last night we celebrated the birth of two of our daughters. It was not the date of their birth – it was close, but not the exact date. We celebrated last night because that was convenient for everyone and we wanted to honor the two ladies.

As with most people who work(ed) in professions that do not recognize that holidays are to be taken off, we learned to celebrate the important events of our lives when the most people could be there, which, unfortunately, may not be the exact date of the occurrence.

The fact Christ was born is important. It would be nice if we had the exact date of His birth, but we do not. What we do have is a chronological and factual account of how He was born, why He was to be born, His lineage, where He was born, and the events leading up to His birth and how all that was foretold in scriptures thousands of years before. He was the promise given by God to Adam and Eve, reaffirmed by Old Testament Prophets with even more information, and thus to all of us.

The celebration of the birth of Christ is important — even if it is not the exact date — because it allows us to review, on at least an annual basis, what led up to His birth — and recall the Joy of our Salvation. But just as importantly, it gives Christians another opportunity to share their faith, their hope and joy with others when they are most receptive to that information and the importance of His death on the cross and His resurrection — an event commercialized and true reasons camouflaged by some. Yes, the birth of Christ is also over-commercialized and yes, many people don’t really understand what Christmas is truly all about, but it gives the Believer in Christ an opportunity to tell them that — to give them the truth; there will be some people that will listen and grasp that information, taking it to their hearts.

Christ was and is a real person. He lived, fulfilling prophecy, that He might share the Love of God, be the teacher and example of righteousness and be the Sacrificial Lamb to all who believe on Him and His resurrection. That is the focal point of Christian belief, the exact time of His birth is unimportant, the fact it fulfills Old Testament Prophecy is and it is worthy of celebration — even if it is not on the exact date.

Art Labrousse

The Dalles


ec 5 years, 9 months ago

i would like to see a separate page for the religious letters to the editor, please. some of these letters are just a bit too preachy. thank you.


j 5 years, 9 months ago

Is the Dalles Chronicle a religious organization? I agree with ec there have seem to have been a lot of articles of the religious nature in the past, but Ive haven't been able to find one written about evolution or anything else that isn't in sync with a religious beliefs...


markbgibson 5 years, 9 months ago

The Dalles Chronicle, like many newspapers, runs letters from all who care to contribute, provided the letter is not libelous or in very poor taste. Unlike many forums, which cater to specific areas of interest or filter results by the users own preferances, this open forum creates a dialog that runs the full spectrum of human interaction.


ec 5 years, 9 months ago

i have read many newspapers from all over the country, and this is the only one that regularly prints religious rants. it's preaching to the rest of us - has nothing to do with local or current events, and it gets rather old. people around here need to understand that not everyone is christian.


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