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Letter to the Editor: Trust's definition

— Trust’s definition

To the editor:

Webster’s Dictionary defines trust as the firm belief of honesty, reliability of another. Faith.

I have not lost faith in America, but I have lost faith in many I should trust to take care of Her. Not since the unscrupulous shenanigans of the Nixon administration has my trust in this great country’s leadership been so shaken. It is one thing to disagree with an administration’s socialistic politics; quite another to lose faith in its honesty.

First there was “Fast and Furious,” an ambiguous BATFE scheme placing thousands of firearms in the hands of felonious Mexican cartels. This is insanity. I suspect the reason was to back up Obama and Mexican politicos that disingenuously blamed America for illegal firearms in Mexico. All this led to the deaths of Mexican citizens and a border patrolman. Obama called Trayvon Martin’s folks; but he has not called our patrolman’s parents. As yet unresolved.

Second was the Benghazi terrorist attack. A story was fabricated to blame an anti-Muslim video as the cause despite the fact the administration knew it was an orchestrated terrorist effort. Four Americans were murdered in that attack. One was our ambassador. As yet unresolved, but according to Jay Carney, that was long ago. And no, I don’t know where the former secretary of state is. Do you?

Third is the AG’s assault on the First Amendment and the press by wire-tapping and covert surveillance of various reporters and news operatives. There are so many ins and outs to this scurrilous operation that even the Attorney General has lost track of what happened or might have happened or could have happened. At least that is what he said or might have said or could have said. Who’s on first? He isn’t real sure. But I am sure there is a weasel in the hen house in this one.

Fourth (note that I did not say last) revelation is of that stalwart agency, the IRS, targeting various religious and/or conservative organizations to the point of pernicious probes that covered anything from reading material to past-life fraternal affiliations. The current list of approved, yet incomprehensible tax sheltered organizations staggers the imagination. But outfits like the Tea Party and other suspected conservative organizations drew years-long scrutiny unlike anything this side of applications by Hezbollah funding operations.

What is next?

Glenn Summers

The Dalles


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