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Riverside gymnasts rock MAC Open

Riverside Gymnastics Academy competing girls and boys team members pose for a team picture during practice at the Riverside facility in The Dalles. The members reprsetned are the Girls Level 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 along with the Boys Level 4. Both teams were in action last month and the girls level 5 group grabbed first place in beam and the level 4 boys secured third place.

Stan Hinatsu/Contributed photo
Riverside Gymnastics Academy competing girls and boys team members pose for a team picture during practice at the Riverside facility in The Dalles. The members reprsetned are the Girls Level 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 along with the Boys Level 4. Both teams were in action last month and the girls level 5 group grabbed first place in beam and the level 4 boys secured third place.

Meet Results

The MAC Open, Feb. 15-17, 2013

Riverside Gymnastics Academy Meet Results

Level 8

Audrey Hinatsu: vault-1st,, 9.05; bars-8.75; beam- 9.4; floor-h, 9.125; all around-10th, 36.325.

Taylor Sugg: vault-3rd, 8.7; bars-7th, 9.0; beam-8th, 8.95; floor, 10th, 9.0; all around-5th, 35.65.

Cedar Wiley: vault-11th, 8.1; bars-6.65; beam-10th, 8.9; floor-8.85; all around-32.5.

Level 7

5th Place Team Trophy

Bailey Coyner: beam-2nd, 9.2; vault-2nd, 9.275.

Hannah Hinshaw: beam-1st, 9.3; vault-4th, 9.025.

Elena Cardosi: vault-9th, 9.0;, bars, 9th, 8.6; beam-7th, 9.3; floor-8.8, all around- 9th, 35.7.

Emma Smith: vault-9th, 9.05; bars-7.6; beam-8.8; floor-9.0, all around- 34.35.

Courtney Hert: vault-8.6; bars-8.3; beam-8.2.

Hannah Caracciolo: bars-7.15; beam-8th, 9.0.

Level 6

McKenna Bailey: vault-8.6; bars- 8.25; beam-10th, 8.775; floor- 7.725, all around- 33.35.

Kendyl Kumm: vault-1st, 9.65; beam-10th, 8.725; floor- 6th, 8.825.

Level 5

3rd Place Team Trophy

1st Place Team on Beam

Peyton Wojtecki: vault-1st, 9.35; bars-3rd, 9.3; beam-3rd, 9.25; floor-1st, 9.275, all around-1st, 37.175.

Alexa Baldy: vault-8.5; bars-6th, 9.05; beam-6th, 9.35; floor-3rd, 9.35; all around-5th, 36.25.

Sydney Rains: vault-6th , 8.75; bars-5th, 9.0; beam-1st, 9.55; floor 7th, 8.875; all around- 3rd, 36.175.

Celia Peterson: vault-6th, 9.0; bars-8.7; beam-8th, 8.3; floor-8.85; all around- 7th, 35.85.

Halle Haskins: vault-8.65; bars-8.6; beam-8.825; floor-8th, 9.125; all around-35.2.

Emily Adams: vault-5th, 8.9; bars-7th, 8.85; beam-8.5; floor-7th, 8.65; all around-7th, 34.9.

Meara Crawford: vault- 8.8; bars-8.75; beam-8.625; floor-8.45; all around- 34.625.

Willow Drake: vault-8.55; bars-8.05; beam-8.575; floor-8.5; all around-33.675.

Level 4

4th Place Team Trophy

Zoe Dunn: vault-4th, 9.3; bars-4th, 9.2; beam-5th, 8.9; floor-6th, 9.3; all around- 4th, 36.7.

Aleksei Uhalde: vault-4th, 9.35; bars-10th, 9.1; beam-9.0; floor-9.0; all around- 7th, 36.45.

Ashley Quisenbury: vault-9.125; bars-7th, 9.2; beam-8.85; floor-8th, 9.25; all around- 9th, 36.425.

Griffin LaVigne: vault-10th, 9.25; bars-8.85; beam-8.85; floor-9.0; all around- 35.95.

Gabbe Haskins: vault- 8.95; bars-9th, 8.8; beam-2nd, 9.35; floor- 8.6, all around-8th, 35.7.

Margo Mayo: vault-5th, 9.325; bars-8.8; beam-8.65; floor-8.8; all around- 35.575.

Charlie May: vault-6th, 9.3; bars-8.1; beam-5th, 9.25; floor-8.7, all around-35.35.

Abby Beal: vault-9.0; bars-8.55; beam-7.95; floor-9.0; all around- 34.5.

Sakari Bova: vault-2nd, 9.2; bars-7th, 8.65; beam-10th, 8.5; floor-8.1; all around-8th, 34.45.

Krissy Carter: vault-7th, 9.0; bars-5th, 8.85; beam-8.1; floor-10th, 8.2, all around-10th, 34.15.

Annika Baumgarten: vault-6th, 9.225; bars-7.95; beam-8.575; floor-8.4; all around- 34.15.

Madison Stembridge: vault-8th, 9.2; bars-8.55; beam-7.675; floor-8.6; all around-34.025.

Mackenzie Smith: vault-10th,8.8; bars-10th, 8.4; beam-8.4; floor-10th, 8.2; all around-33.8.

Karla Hernandez: vault-8.75; bars-8.15; beam-7.625; floor-7.7; all around- 32.025.

Ahnikah Rubio: vault-8.65; bars-7.2; beam-6.8; floor-8.75; all around-31.4.

Level 4 Boys

3rd Place Team Trophy

Jaxon Pullen: floor-8th, 9.5; pommel-8th, 9.0; ring-9th, 10.2; vault-2nd, 10.1; parallel bars-4th, 9.8; high bar-2nd, 10.8; all around-3rd, 59.4.

Layne Ellison-Brown: floor-4th, 9.7; pommel-7.2; rings-10.1; vault-7th, 9.9; parallel bars-9.4; high bar-6th, 10.4; all around-10th, 56.7.

Harry Proctor: floor-3rd, 9.7; pommel-7.9; rings-9.3; vault-1st, 10.1; parallel bars-9.0; high bar-8th, 10.2; all around-12th, 56.2.

Kayden McCavic: floor-8.5; pommel-.7.7; rings-9.5; vault-9.7; parallel bars-9th, 9.5; high bar-4th, 10.5; all around-14th, 55.4.

James Stanley: floor-8.8; pommel-8.4; rings-9.2; vault-5th, 10.0; parallel bars-7.3; high bar-10.1; all around-22nd, 53.8

— When it comes to competitive gymnastic meets, the MAC Open raises eyebrows.

For springtime, it pits the best of the best in the Northwest.

And Feb 15-17 was no different.

Riverside Gymnastics Academy, with a record 39 competitors, staked its ground early in the event. And they found themselves retracing their steps to the top of the podium.

In all, Riverside took home four team trophies - two for third place, and one each for fourth and fifth places.

Coaches Mike, Candy and Sarah Smith and Deidre Baumgarten and Ronelle Masters were beside themselves as individual athletes scored out some personal best scores and buoyed overall totals to get their teams into the winner’s circle.

Individually, athletes scored 21 medals – eight first place finishes, six second place and seven for third place.

Riverside’s level 4 boys team, in its first season, continued to mature, knocking out a third place team finish with first-place team scores on both vault and high bar.

Jaxon Pullen, Layne Ellison-Brown, Harry Proctor, James Stanley and Kayden McCavic all pulled their weight in the win.

Proctor scored a first place on vault while Pullen hammered out second place finishes on both vault and high bar.

The level 5 girls team also got their hands on a third-place team trophy, leading all teams on beam and locking down a third place on vault.

Peyton Wojtecki, Celia Peterson, Emily Adams, Alexa Baldy, Sydney Rains and Halle Haskins contributed to the team score. Wojtecki led her teammates with an all-around first place finish with a scorching 37.175 total.

She took first on both vault and floor in her rotation.

Sydney Rains also found her self atop the podium with a first-place beam routine that landed a 9.55.

The level 4 girls team took fourth place with a second-place team finish on vault and a third place on uneven bars.

Aleksei Uhalde, Margo Mayo, Zoe Dunn, Ashley Quisenbury, Gabbe Haskins and Charlie May crunched the numbers for the fourth spot.

Dunn led all teammates with an all-around fourth place with 36.7. Haskins turned up the heat with a second-place beam routine that scored 9.35.

Uhalde matched that score on vault to get a fourth place. Sakari Bova also stood out with a second-place vault routine, registering a 9.2

At level 7, Bailey Coyner, Elena Cardosi, Emma Smith, Courtney Hert and Hannah Hinshaw hammered together for a fifth-place trophy. Cardosi led the team with an all-around 9th place with a 35.7.

Hinshaw showed grace on the beam, knocking down a first-place with a 9.3.

And Coyner chipped in two second place scores on beam and vault - 9.2 amd 9.275 respectively.

At level 8, Riverside’s most elite made their presence known.

Audrey Hinatsu, Taylor Sugg and Cedar Wiley combined for a seventh place team finish.

Hinatsu led the team with a 36.325 all around score.

She stuck a 9.05 vault for first place. Sugg went fifth all around and grabbed a third on vault with an 8.7

At level 6, Kendyl Kumm continued her dominance on vault with a first place 9.65.

Riverside teams will be back in action in Redmond and Portland the weekend of March 2.

Riverside Gymnastics Academy is a nonprofit offering recreational and competitive programs for boys and girls at 2221 River Road, The Dalles.

For more information on the club or to sign up, call 541-993-8625 or go to


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