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Letter to the Editor: Reality?

— On April 19, 1995, a demented veteran parked a truck loaded with fertilizer, oil and explosives next to the Federal Building in Oklahoma City and created a blast that damaged a 16-block radius and killed 619 people, including 19 babies under the age of 6. Murder and mayhem does not require firearms. On April 16, 2007, a deranged student killed 33 and wounded 21 others at Virginia Tech. No semi-automatic rifle was involved. The shooter ignored existing gun laws. All of these perpetrators were unbalanced, out of touch with reality. In a word, insane.

Old Choctaw friends taught me that anyone committing a heinous, inhuman act should never have their names spoken aloud. So be it.

Anti-gun factions have rallied on the recent Connecticut shooting. The shooter’s actions broke existing laws. No gun laws prevented the bombing in Oklahoma. Firearms are not needed to kill or maim innocents. Reform of the Federal Privacy Act would be a start to ascertain who is mentally defective and dangerous to the public.

Bloomberg’s anti-gun Mayors Association urges passage of more anti-gun laws. I find that contradictory. Entities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D. C. and New York City have the most stringent gun controls in America — for the honest citizen, that is. Yet those cities rank highest in murder rates by firearms. Laws, rules or regulation does not bind criminals or the insane. Is there reality in more gun regulation?

The massacre in Newtown, Conn., set the anti-gun factions aflame. They insist on bans on semi-auto rifles, pistols and shotguns. (Those include your Grandpa’s old duck gun.) Semi-auto rifles are seldom used in crimes. Notable exceptions would be conflagrations occurring at Norco, Calif., in 1980 and Miami, Florida in 1986.

President Obama and his anti-Second Amendment followers urge further gun restrictions that criminals and the insane will simply ignore. Too, he supports the United Nations Small Arms Treaty that will let the U.N. regulate gun ownership in America. This is his reality. Is it yours?

Any new gun laws passed will be enforced by the BATFE. That’s the stalwart government agency that brought us “Fast and Furious,” the Mexican gun-running scheme that put hundreds of illegal guns across the border and into the hands of the drug cartels. Really? Really.

Glenn Dee Summers

The Dalles


stevio55 5 years, 8 months ago

Mr. Summers' letter plays on the emotion of readers, and is based on fuzzy logic or not quite complete representations of the facts.

He's correct that fertilizer bombs are not guns, but he neglects to mention that four times as many people have died since Newtown alone than died in Oklahoma City. He also fails to mention that the shooter at Virginia Tech in 2007 used a semi-automatic 22 caliber pistol and a semi-automatic 9mm pistol, and had 17 10- and 15-round magazines he used to kill fellow students.

Facts make a difference. Overly-emotional half-truths do not - instead, they serve to inflame. There is no evidence that President Obama has anything against firearms -- he simply believes that possession of semi-automatic firearms should be much more regulated. As for the mayors, governors, sheriffs and police chiefs around the country wanting the same thing, there is good reason: semi-automatic weapons KILL people. And the most vocal individuals decrying the use of such weapons since Newtown is made mostly of parents, school officials and children's advocates around the country and, if you read newspapers from other countries, around the world.

I'm not sure what Mr. Summers' goal was in writing his letter, and I don't mean to suggest he's being purposefully dishonest. I am sure that people on both sides of this issue need to be aware what the truth is, and to learn more so that they can make informed decisions before sharing their opinions, casting their votes, or urging their lawmakers.


butterflycrying 5 years, 8 months ago

I have seen these arguments and figures from many individuals who will or can not look at the other side. Worlds change, nations change, and with that comes cultural changes. These cultural changes are hard in some cases, and in others they are not. Our nation is still so young compared to other countries around the world, countries that have looked at what weapons can do and decided to control access much more than The United States does.

What frustrates me the most about many on the far left or far right is that they will only listen to their political "champions" and not look at facts or middle of the road news and opinions.


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