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Letter to the Editor: Jesus' truth

— Jesus’ truth

To the editor:

We are about to celebrate the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus and the world has tied this to the Easter holiday where new life and new growth is celebrated with chickens and rabbits. They are two separate things.

I have been walking with and love the Lord for 52 years and we have always been taught Jesus was crucified on Friday and rose Sunday morning. We even have a tradition in town acting out this event.

John 19:31 speaks of a high day and also a day of preparation. The High Day was a feast day and the preparation day was spent in preparation for the feast.

Jesus and the two thieves were crucified on the day of preparation and would have been on their crosses on the feast day, which was a feast Sabbath. They also had the Saturday Sabbath. So that week, there were two Sabbaths.

That is why they sent the army to break the legs of those crucified, so they would hang by their hands and suffocate. If they didn’t, they would be alive yet on feast day and that was a big non-no. That’s why they were surprised to find Jesus already dead.

The reformation has never addressed this issue. Jesus was probably crucified on Wednesday, buried Wednesday about 6 p.m., the end of the Jewish day at that time; in the tomb three days (72 hours) and resurrected Saturday eve (maybe). Nobody knows for sure.

That totally destroys the Good Friday doctrine. Any first grader can tell you there are not 72 hours between Friday at about 6 p.m. and sometime Sunday morning before daylight. I’ve heard he could have died Thursday, but we know it wasn’t Friday.

We need to find the courage to teach the truth, rather than this incorrect doctrine from Rome.

Rome found the courage in 1962 at the Vatican II Council to change calling us Protestants heretics worthy of death to separated brethren. We Protestants should be willing to teach the truth on this issue.

How many pastors are willing to teach the truth and quit promoting this false teaching. It takes nothing away from Jesus to teach the truth. So now you have a choice — one of the other. Truth or falsehood.

We know Jesus’ sacrifice is sufficient, if we embrace Him as Lord of our life and repent of our worldly ways. He will be coming back, so I encourage you to get to know this Jesus who died for you.

Bob McCracken

The Dalles


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