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Letter to the Editor: Nothing eternal

— Nothing eternal

To the editor:

I appear to be screaming madly that the sky is falling.

“Oh pastors are lying and deceiving people.” Prove it! Last week a man wrote a letter and quoted a “supposed” Bible passage. Mark 8:36, “What is the profit for one to gain the whole (work, world?) if it causes the loss of his eternal soul?” The word “eternal” is not in this Bible passage. I looked in six different versions, no eternal. Called some friends for other versions, no eternal.

The common King James version reads, “lose his own soul.” Other versions read, “lose his life,” “lose his soul,” “forfeit his soul,” and “forfeit his life.”

“Soul” is an English word for the Greek word psuche. It means breath. You breathe, you’re alive, you have life.

Why did the man want people to think the word eternal was in this passage? He is promoting the lie that humans live after they die. Ask yourself what is the point?

If we “never” die then what is the point in the Bible, “g-o-d” or the Jewish boy?

What is the point of him dying to “save” us if we never die? What is the point?

What was the point in the Creator stating “in the day that thou eatest thereof dying thou shalt die?” Just an idle threat? What a stupid “g-o-d” not knowing we never die, regardless of this useless threat.

Adam and Eve ate and sinned, but never died anyway? It must be me! What is the meaning of the difficult words dead, die or death? The “immortal soul” teaching is a lie. It is a pagan superstition. It is from the Greek culture not the Hebrew scriptures. In order to convince superstitious church goers who love this lie pastors must resort to deceptions like this. Look at this closely and you will see this man has made a fool of himself by attempting to trick people into thinking that the Bible promotes pagan superstitions.

How does one “lose” something that is “supposedly an eternal” part of them? The arrogance and audacity to actually insert a word in a “Bible” passage is typical of pastor trickery in order to promote pagan superstitions. The words eternal and immortal are never seen with the word soul (breath) in the Bible. Never.

Gary Fischer

The Dalles


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