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To the editor:

America is sick with a disease, a disease called complacency. Please bear with me a moment.

Let’s look back to the Nixon administration. It is July 1972. A couple of young reporters by the names of Woodward and Bernstein publicized a break-in at the Democratic Headquarters and a conspiracy to damage the free election process of the United States. No one died as a result of Nixon’s illegal efforts. Despite that, justifiably, the end result was the resignation of a president of the United States, the only such happening on record. By the way, those reporters worked for a major media source.

Not so long ago it became known that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tax, Firearms and Explosives, a branch of the Federal Justice Dept., was involved in a boondoggle that was aptly named “Fast and Furious.”

Federal agents illegally pushed firearms to various Mexican drug dealers, under the guise of tracking those guns. Records are unclear if any guns were ever tracked. No one knows for sure how many illegal guns went to Mexico. Or where they are. And no one is responsible. We know that an American border patrolman was murdered with one of those illegal firearms.

No major media reporters discovered the “Fast and Furious” gun scheme. No, the National Rifle Association first reported that incident. The NRA had magazines telling about “F&F” on the national bookracks before AG Holder reported that he knew about it.

More important is the recent deaths of four Americans, including an ambassador, in the terror attack in Benghazi. As she barked back at Congress on the issue, “Does it make any difference?” Obama whisked Secretary of State Clinton out of sight before the smoke cleared. The Democratic pick for the 2016 presidential candidate needed some distance from those wanting better answers than, “I don’t know, about that.”

Now add the AP and Fox News phone tapping by the Justice Dept. Throw in the IRS investigations and intimidation of conservative organizations. Obama’s administration knows no shame.

Where are the investigative reporters we so desperately need? Where are the mainstream media reports on Fast and Furious or the Benghazi debacle? Where is the outcry from the public for answers to the deaths of these Americans?

Is America that enamored of a Black President? Why is the public so complacent? Shame on us all.

Glenn Dee Summers

The Dalles


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