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Letter to th Editor: ‘Real’ shutdown?

— To the editor:

Was there a real shutdown? Does a shutdown still have an income? On Oct. 15, during a government shutdown using a government website, I paid $4,900 in federal payroll taxes. I believe it can be documented that there was no shutdown on receiving money from employers.

Our president had the executive power to pick and choose winners and losers during this shutdown. Our president chose theatrics, keeping veterans from their open-air memorials and death benefits from our fallen, whilst an immigration rally next door had our president’s full support.

Does it not give you pause that the barricades, the signs and the security were ready the hour and day of the shutdown? Was the goal to inflict the most pain on us citizens? When else has the government moved so fast?

Does it not give you pause that our president and attorney general claim they knew nothing about Fast and Furious, and with a border agent dead, our president claims executive privilege? The cover-up and misleading statements on Benghazi with four Americans dead? Or the IRS targeting people because of their conservative political beliefs? Or vilifying the Tea Party who protested peacefully about our $17 trillion debt and did not want a healthcare bill passed just so we the people could find out what is actually in it.

Will the end justify the means? Will the end of the deceit and crisis be single-payer healthcare? The Tea Party exercised peaceful assembly, went home and worked to get candidates elected who would represent them. That’s bad?

Are the QE’s by the fed printing money and buying securities just making the rich richer and actually destroying the middle class and wasn’t the fed alive and well during the depression? Isn’t the sequester working and aren’t federal revenues at an all-time high, but still the call for more revenue and more regulations for and from government is unrelenting.

I want a constitution, We the People republic, not a secular progressive collective, acting as Santa Claus, who is actually an unsustainable Grinch. Our founding fathers recognized the need for government and developed an instrument to protect us from tyranny. We the people need to ask ourselves, what does the Constitution say, because we the people are getting and will get the government we deserve. I support Greg Walden.

Dean McAllister

The Dalles


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