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Letter to the Editor: Church ‘lies’

— To the editor:

Pastor Jerry: The greatest show of courage by men and women in history was during the Reformation of the 1500’s. What was being reformed? The most evil organization on earth, the holy Roman Catholic Church.

The Reformation began once the printing press made bibles available. People began reading the bible for themselves and discovered the Roman church was lying about everything. The most truth-distorting lie was that man possessed an immortal soul.

This lie ruthlessly empowered Popes for centuries. The church of Rome was so evil (as they still are today) that they convinced their ignorant church customers that their pope had the power to direct their soul to different locations. The church used this lie to control the lives and pockets of king and serf. It works well on the sophisticated masses of today, too.

People who personally read the “entire” bible began to leave the church. The church panicked. They arrested, tortured, and killed tens of thousands of people who exposed their lies. A bible truth need not be “taught” by killing people. A lie is “enforced” by killing people. You are of Rome. Instead of killing people to enforce the immortal soul lie, you simply keep them out of Genesis.

Genesis establishes the fact that man is mortal. He dies. There is no continuing conscious existence after death. This is what Genesis teaches. It teaches this truth in a very direct, simple manner as any opening chapter of a book would. You prefer to confuse, deceive, and stupefy men with the more advanced “spiritual” passages of the New which you dishonestly “interpret” to fit pagan superstitions. This way you don’t have to teach anything because your customers come into your business already “knowing” everything. They “know” they have an immortal soul.

I am presenting an open, honest view of the bible by “pushing” Genesis. You are literally selling superstitious lies. Without the foundation establishing information contained in Genesis, lazy, opportunist men are able to sell their customers what they want: superstitious lies.

Ignorant, superstitious people are drawn to churches because they live in fear of “where” their immortal soul might go. You play this card. This lie destroys the common sense the bible offers, replacing it with stupid superstitions. The immortal soul lie has saturated and dominated American society. Movies, TV shows, books, magazines and newspapers love it. Next letter: this lie teaches that the bible’s “g-o-d” is a liar.

Gary Fischer

The Dalles


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