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Letter to the Editor: Downhill run

— To the editor:

If you are a rabid Obama fan and haven’t read the children’s book about the Emperor’s Clothes, drop by the library and grab a copy. It is relevant on Obama’s phony “fix” for Obamacare.

The mainstream media has finally awakened to the fact that Obama and his team of re-election experts, have been running this country downhill in a fog of misrepresentation. Obama’s priority plan was to get re-elected and get more Democrats elected so he can continue on his quest to socialize America. His most recent ploy of the “Affordable” Care Act emphasizes a fact that I have written about before: Obama has no business acumen and apparently neither do the authors of Obamacare. This is amply displayed in Obamacare.

Now the mainstream media has finally realized they failed to honestly report Obama’s actions. Note that many Democrats are now bailing on Obama’s ship of socialistic reform with hopes that their constituents will forget they voted for Obamacare. The thinly veiled truth of the Affordable Care Act is its blatant damage to the economy, capitalism and that it represents the biggest step toward socialism since FDR.

We should recall some of the disgrace that represents Obama’s contributions of the past five years. Remember this: Obama believes that his people are not responsible for his or her own actions. Hillary Clinton’s attitude about failing her responsibilities as secretary of state in the Benghazi massacre was her retort to congressional query, “What difference does it make?” Obama plans for her to be the next president.

AG Holder denied knowledge of the now infamous Fast and Furious Mexican gunrunning scheme and the death of a border patrolman and Mexican nationals after the story previously appeared on public magazine racks.

The IRS prejudiced operation against conservative organizations reminds me of the old Bud Abbott-Lew Costello comedy skit, “Who’s on First” because even the IRS doesn’t know who did what to who, when or how. And they could care less.

The NSA revelations, the concealed ATF gun treaty, terrorists in civil court … oh why go on? The hope and promise of Obama has been so divisive and delusionary.

Maybe, like the mainstream media that no regrets shamelessly promoting Obama, the people of America will wake up.

G.D. Summers

The Dalles


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