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Letter to the Editor: Deserving pity

— Deserving pity

To the editor:

I’m responding to your editorial of Nov. 19, regarding the SNAP program. You do realize that you cannot buy toilet paper with SNAP funds, correct? So the pop-can buyer in your story could (theoretically, though probably not) be reduced to having to exchange cans for that?

Someone who’s life has been reduced to that wretched state is deserving of our pity, not actively figuring out ways to make it worse.

Tycho Granville

The Dalles


1954bluebird 4 years, 5 months ago

To the editor: I am responding to your editorial of Nov.19th, regarding the SNAP program. All of my life (and my husband's) we have worked hard to put food on the table, pay our bills, have a few luxuries, helped our family when needed, went on vacation once a year, had a comfortable, not extravagant lifestyle, NEVER having to ask for a hand out and we were happy. We built our first home ten years ago. Nothing I ever dreamed we would be able to do. Then we found out my husband had Advanced Prostate Cancer. We got to live in that beautiful home for one year before we had to sell it. Our lives changed dramatically. After healing from surgery to remove his prostate, my husband went back to work, had a very serious on the job accident which was inoperable due to his cancer. We had to relocate more than a 1000 miles to be closer to doctors, hospital and family. For several years now my husband has been disabled. Medically I have been unable to work for the last two years. Now, here we are in our 60's, living on my husband's small SSD pension, renting our home, depending on the food bank and small amount of SNAP we receive each month (savings depleted years ago) Not by choice, we depend on this supplement to get through the month. I am GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL for what we receive. I am not looking for PITY by any means!!!! I am trying to make a point, there are many, many people in the same position in one way or the other, sometimes the unexpected happens and you have no choice. I understand that there are those who are dishonest and there are those who have depended on it all their lives because they have never been taught differently. It makes it hard for those of us that need it. I am hoping after healing from my recent surgery, that I can find a job and go back to work. I just ask that people have some compassion in their hearts and not be so quick to judge others.


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