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Letter to the Editor: Peter Principle

— To the editor:

A business concept fostered a few years ago was described as “The Peter Principle.” It was a simple concept and stated that “in business a person always rises to their highest level of incompetency.”

Those of us that have strived in the business world could attest that the concept is true.

Over the years, that idea has also been applied to those with political ambitions. One would have no trouble applying the Peter Principle designation to several of Obama’s primary supporters such as Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder and the bureaucratic wonders that thought up the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scheme that led to the death of one border patrolman. And no one is responsible.

In past letters to the editor, I have repeatedly stated that I believe Barack Obama to be inept for the position of president. If the past week’s political maneuvering concerning Syria and the Middle East does not prove that to Obama’s supporters, then nothing else will. When elected to the presidency, Obama had only a modest amount of political experience and almost no personal knowledge of leadership. Most of his “experience” was social reform and charity work to finance it.

Obama’s handling of the Syria situation has been pathetic. Leaders of the Middle Eastern countries are joking about his weakness, his “red line” threats, his posturing and Rose Garden speeches and his failure to be able to gain allies for his plans. Few want to join efforts to retaliate against Syria with half-witted plans that will surely fail to accomplish anything.

Not many national leaders would propose a retaliatory attack on another nation by telling them what to expect — and then give giving them a couple of weeks to get ready.

Remember that Senator Obama (and “tail-gunner” Joe Biden) publicly stated a president did not have the authority to attack another nation without congressional approval. Since he failed to get allied support, he has decided to hang his plans around the neck of Congress.

Please note, he is really not concerned about Congress. In the past several months he has been making “law” by presidential decrees, right, left and upside down. Regulations on gun control, rules on drug prosecution and so on. Get a grip, Mr. President. Congress? Really!

Glenn Dee Summers

The Dalles


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