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Letter to the editor: Old habits

Honor Jesus

To the editor:

We have just gone through the celebration of Easter. We will never be able to thank Jesus enough for dying once, so we won’t have to die twice. So nobody should get me wrong. Greater love has no man than He lay down His life for His friends.

It is important that we get the Word of God correct. We celebrate Good Friday and nothing is good about it. John 19:31 tells us about the week of the crucifixion. It involves the feast of the Passover, which was a “high day” and was treated as a Sabbath. (If we have July 4 fall in mid-week, it is honored separately from the weekend.) It was called a Sabbath and treated as such. It appears that Thursday was the high day and Wednesday was the day of preparation for the feast day or high day on Thursday.

It appears that Jesus and the two thieves were crucified on Wednesday and had to be down from the cross from the cross for the feast day (feast of Passover) so soldiers were sent to break their legs so they couldn’t lift their body and would suffocate. When one hangs by their hands, they can’t breathe.

Jesus was already dead and we know the story. He was probably buried about 6 p.m. or so the end of the Jewish day. (Now it is 12 midnight for the day’s end.)

He was in the tomb from Wednesday night to Saturday night. He was not killed on Friday, spent three days and three nights in the tomb and raised Sunday. That week had two Sabbaths — feast Sabbath and the Saturday Sabbath. When will the church teach that truth? I simply must say this. Church, are you teaching the truth on this issue? Why not?

At the time Jesus died, Easter was a secular celebration each year for new growth, new life and somehow someone added Jesus years later to that secular event and He is still stuck with it. When he returns, he will change that, I’m sure.

I don’t believe He wants to share a day with chickens, rabbits and eggs and it doesn’t appear the church will change their teaching on it either.

Who will honor Jesus and be first. Truth, please. It’s hard to change old habits — hundreds of years of it.

Bob McCracken

The Dalles


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