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Letter to the editor: Almost horrific

To the editor:

To the careless driver who almost caused a horrific accident:

Yesterday, Aug. 14, about 1:10 p.m., I was traveling west on East 14th Street toward the intersection of 14th and Washington streets, when a white car, traveling about 30 mph along 14th, came around the “zig-zag” curve at the top of Washington Street. The woman driver was on the wrong side of the street (my side) and didn’t even try to get on her side of the street! I stopped completely half a block back to give her plenty of room, but she just kept barreling toward us, and I thought we were going to have a head-on collision. About 30 feet in front of us, she suddenly saw my car and swerved to avoid us, but didn’t slow down one bit, just continued at her 30 mph or more speed down the street, headed east.

I wish I could have had time to catch her license number and would have called the police — she certainly needed to be ticketed.

Now, you careless woman driver, here are my comments to you: In my car were my only two grandchildren and one of my sons as well as myself. You scared the wits out of all of us because of your dangerous behavior. I don’t know if you’d just had a liquid lunch and couldn’t see straight, or were having an argument with your boyfriend on your cell phone, or texting on your phone, or thought you had an emergency at the hospital (you certainly almost caused one), but my suggestion to you would be to sober up, hang up and keep your hands off the phone when you’re driving.

People like you are not needed on our streets, and especially not on a narrow street like East 14th is in that area. Maybe you thought because there aren’t any yellow lines in the middle of the road, that allowed you to drive anywhere on the street you pleased. Maybe you were mad at the world and didn’t care if you hurt anyone else, I don’t know, but you are a menace and hopefully someone will get your driver’s license before you cause a horrible crash. And, you didn’t even look at me as you went zooming by, still speeding. Obviously, you didn’t care.

Diana Weston

The Dalle


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