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Riverside Gymnastic's level 3 team pictured above took home an impressive second-place finish at the state event earlier this month in Clackamas at the Oregon Compulsory Gymnastics Championship. The gymnastics team was led by Hailey Birch, who secured first all-around amongst the field, making her tops overall in the state. 	  			                                                                  Contributed photo

Riverside Gymnastic's level 3 team pictured above took home an impressive second-place finish at the state event earlier this month in Clackamas at the Oregon Compulsory Gymnastics Championship. The gymnastics team was led by Hailey Birch, who secured first all-around amongst the field, making her tops overall in the state. Contributed photo


SAMANTHA STANLEY, of Riverside Gymnastics, seen here working her bars routine recently took first place at state for a 9.55 score on her vault. Her level 5 team secured fourth-place recognition during the competition held in Hillsboro. Contributed photo

Riverside results

Riverside Gymnastics at Oregon State Compulsory Championships

Clackamas, OR. Dec 5-7, 2014

Level 5

Alexa Baldy: Vault 9.05; bars-4th, 9.15; beam-6th, 9.025; floor-5th, 9.125; all around-3rd, 36.35

Celia Peterson: Vault 9.0; bars 8.35; beam 8.225; floor 8.975; all around 34.55

Emily Adams: Vault-4th, 9.125; bars-3rd, 9.2; beam-3rd, 9.075; floor-3rd, 9.15; all around 1st, 36.6

Griffin LaVigne: Vault-8.775, bars-6th, 8.625; beam-3rd, 9.225; floor-8.8; all around-7th, 35.425

Krissy Carter: Vault-8.675; bars 8.6; beam-3rd, 9.1; floor- 7th, 9.1; all around-9th, 35.475

Poppy Miller: Vault 8.575; bars-6th, 8.825; beam 8.125; floor 8.375; all around 33.9

Samantha Stanley: Vault-1st, 9.55; bars 8.575; beam-3rd, 9.1; floor-7th, 9.1; all around-4th, 36.325

Sofia Blair: Vault 8.55; bars 8.425; beam-7th, 9.0; floor 9.125; all around 34.1

Level 4

Abby Beal: Vault-2nd, 9.2; bars-2nd, 9.475; beam-2nd, 9.175; floor-2nd, 9.175; all around-2nd, 37.175

Daisy Morales: Vault 8.775; bars 8.625; beam 9.0; floor 9.05; all around 35.45

Gabbe Haskins: Vault-4th, 9.0; bars 8.125; beam9.075; floor 8.925; all around 35.125

Halle Haskins: Vault-2nd, 9.275; bars-6th, 8.85; beam-3rd, 9.45; floor-5th, 9.275; all around-3rd, 36.85

Jacy Johnston: Vault-5th, 9.175; bars-7th, 8.75; beam 8.475; floor-3rd, 9.175; all around-6th, 35.575

Maddie Stembridge: Vault 8.425; bars 7.725; beam 8.4; floor 8.9; all around 33.45

Margo Mayo: Vault-1st, 9.375; bars-3rd, 8.825; beam-4th, 9.225; floor-2nd, 9.175; all around-2nd, 36.6

Nina Sanchez Macias: Vault-2nd, 9.4; bars-2nd, 9.275; beam-4th, 9.25; floor-5th, 9.2; all around-1st, 37.125

Zoe Dunn: Vault-4th, 9.075; bars 8.825; beam-2nd 9.2; floor-9th, 8.975; all around-3rd, 36.075

Level 3

Annika Baumgarten: Vault-3rd, 9.425; bars 8.7; beam-5th, 9.075; floor 9.1; all around 36.3

Ava Krentz: Vault 9.225; bars 9.325; beam 8.55; floor 8.4; all around 35.5

Hailey Birch: Vault-1st, 9.65; bars-7th, 8.955; beam-1st, 9.275; floor-1st, 9.475; all around-1st, 37.355

Marissa Baldy: Vault-7th, 9.3; bars-7th, 9.0; beam-2nd, 9.4; floor-2nd, 9.575; all around-4th, 37.275

McKaila Tyler: Vault-1st, 9.65; bars-4th, 9.35; beam 7.2; floor-6th, 9.3; all around 35.5

Shelly Slater: Vault-6th, 9.25; bars-1st, 9.525; beam 8.575; floor-4th, 9.25; all around-4th, 36.6

Sydney Stanley: Vault-7th, 9.175; bars8.475; beam-9th, 8.7; floor 8.85; all around 35.2

Northern Sectional Meet

Hillsboro, OR. Nov 21-23, 2014

Level 5 Team – 3rd Place

Alexa Baldy: Vault- 9.2, 3rd; bars-8.75, 7th; beam-8.9, 4th; floor-9.0, 5th; All Around-35.85, 3rd

Celia Peterson: Vault- 8.95,6th; bars-8.575; beam-9.3, 3rd; floor-8.775,8th; All Around- 35.6, 7th

Emily Adams: Vault-8.75, 9th; bars-8.925, 3rd; beam-8.45; floor-8.925, 8th; All Around-35.05, 8th

Griffin LaVigne: Vault-8.8, 7th; bars-7.5; beam-9.0, 3rd; floor-8.375; All Around-33.675

Krissy Carter: Vault-9.15, 4th; bars-8.275; beam-9.45, 1st; floor-915, 3rd ; All Around-36.025, 6th

Poppy Miller: Vault-8.7; bars-7.875; beam-8.8, 5th; floor-8.1; All Around-33.475

Samantha Stanley: Vault-9.45, 2nd; bars-9.25, 2nd; beam-9.3, 3rd; floor-9.25, 1st; All Around-37.25, 1st

Sofia Blair: Vault-8.3; bars-7.95; beam-8.675, 7th; floor, 7.625

Level 4

Abby Beal: Vault-8.675, 8th; bars-9.05, 8th; beam-9.3, 3rd; floor-8.825, 9th; All Around-35.8, 10th

Daisy Morales: Vault-8.125; bars-8.525; beam-9.175, 9th; floor-8.825, 9th; All Around-34.65

Gabbe Haskins: Vault-8.25, 9th; bars-8.0; beam-8.25; floor-8.525; All Around-33.025

Halle Haskins: Vault-8.85, 6th; bars- 8.65, 8th; beam-9.55, 4th; floor-9.0, 3rd; All Around-36.05, 5th

Jacy Johnston: Vault-7.85; bars-8.0; beam-8.6; floor-90, 3rd; All Around-33.45

Maddie Stembridge: Vault-8.6; bars-8.55; beam-8.3; floor-8.9, 9th; All Around-35.075

Margo Mayo: Vault-9.1, 2nd; bars-8.725, 6th; beam-8.75; floor-8.75; All Around-35.325, 7th

Regina Sanchez-Macias: Vault-9.1, 2nd; bars-9.175, 5th; beam-9.175,9th; floor-8.9, 8th; All Around-36.35, 3rd

Zoe Dunn: Vault-0.0, 3rd; bars-8.425; beam-9.65, 3rd; floor-8.9, 9th; All Around-35.975, 8th

Level 3 Team – 2nd Place

Annika Baumgarten: Vault-9.5, 5th; bars-8.95; beam-9.075, 4th; floor-9.5, 6th; All Around- 36.975, 6th

Audrey Fuentes: Vault- 8.7; bars-9.7, 1st; beam-8.25; floor-7.5; All Around-34.15

Ava Krentz: Vault-9.0; bars-9.575, 3rd; beam-8.65; floor-8.3; All Around-35.5

Hailey Birch: Vault-9.425, 5th; bars-9.85, 1st; beam-9.025, 3rd; floor-9.375, 2nd; All Around-37.675, 1st

Marissa Baldy: Vault-9.37, 7th; bars- 9.7, 2nd; beam-9.3, 3rd; floor- 9.375, 3rd; All Around – 37.725, 2nd

McKailla Tyler: Vault- 9.55, 3rd; bars- 9.7,1st; beam- 9.05, 1st; floor- 8.7; All Around- 37.0, 1st

Shelly Slater: Vault- 9.35, 7th; bars- 9.75, 2nd; beam- 8.525; floor- 9.0; All Around- 36.625, 4th

Sophia Riviello: Vault- 9.25, 11th; bars, 9.3, 7th; beam- 8.05; floor, 9.0, 5th; All Around, 35.2

Sydney Stanley: Vault-8.85; bars- 9.325, 3rd; beam-8.05; floor- 8.65, 7th; All Around- 35.225

Victoria Lee-Valkov: Vault- 8.6; bars-9.05, 6th; beam- 7.55; floor-8.625; All Around- 33.825

Riverside All Around State Champions

Emily Adams (L5) – 1st AA: 36.6

Nina Sanchez Macias (L4) – 1st AA: 37.125

Hailey Birch (L3) – 1st AA: 37.355

Individual Event State Champions

Samantha Stanley (L5) – Vault: 9.55

Margo Mayo (L4) – Vault: 9.375

Shelly Slater (L3) – Bars 9.525

McKailla Tyler (L3) – Vault: 9.65

Hailey Birch (L3) – Vault: 9.65; Beam: 9.275; Floor: 9.475

Sophia Riviello (L3) – Bars: 9.475

And then there were three.

Emily Adams, Nina Sanchez Macias and Hailey Birch.

The trio of local gymnasts squeezed big scores from the judges at the Oregon State Compulsory Gymnastics Championship in Clackamas in early December.

Each hammered out a rotation that had them climbing the podium to grab first- place all around gold.

Battling in level 5, Adams brought a well-rounded attack with scores never falling below a nine.

She took fourth on vault, third on bars, beam and floor for an overall 36.6 – the best in the state for her age.

At Level 4, Sanchez Macias joined the all-nines club, ringing up a 37.125 all around.

And Birch was just one event from running the tables, taking first on vault, beam and floor for a sizzling 37.355 all around.

Not only was hers the best all around score for Riverside, but more than enough to take best at state.

Birch said she was “surprised” when they called her name for first-place all around.

“I was expecting fifth or sixth place because I made a mistake on my bars routine,” she texted from her cell phone. “So first was shocking! I climbed the podium and smiled.”

It was the advice of Coach Smith that brought Birch to a higher level.

Her bars routine notched an 8.95 for seventh place.

Birch said she thought she was out of the fight.

“My coaches really helped me improve my gymnastics,” she said. “At the meet I fell on bars and after Mrs. Smith told me to make beam my best event.

She balanced her way to a 9.275 and combined it with a 9.65 vault to climb her way to the top.

Coaches Mike, Candy and Sarah Smith were nothing but smiles, with all three teams posting 52 top five finishes at the meet hosted by Peak Elite Gymnastics Club.

Among them were five other Riverside athletes that punched out championship performances.

Level 5’s Samantha Stanley took first on vault with a 9.55.

At level 4, Margo Mayo grabbed gold, landing a 9.375 on vault. And at Level 3, Shelly Slater and Sophia Riviello tapped out first place finishes with a 9.65 and 9.475, respectively on bars.

McKailla Tyler stuck a 9.65 vault to take gold.

With huge contributions coming from well rounded teams, additional trophies were in order.

The level 3 team took second place with a team score of 113.25.

Teammates Birch, Tyler, Riviello, Slater, Marissa Baldy, Ava Krentz and Annika Baumgarten all turned in performances to build the score.

Level 5 took fourth place with a total 106.75 points.

Stanley, Adams, Alexa Baldy, Poppy Miller, Griffin Lavigne, Krissy Carter and Sophia Blair all contributed to the score.

The level 4s took fifth place with 111.3 points.

Sanchez Macias, Mayo, Abby Beal, Halle Haskins, and Jacy Johnston combined top scores for the trophy.

Success at state was built on the teams work at the Northern Sectional qualifying meet in Hillsboro in late November.

At that meet, the level 5 team took third place.

Stanley led the team with a first place all around performance.

Krissy Carter took a first on floor. Alexa Baldy went third all around and had a third place on vault.

Celia Peterson and Griffin La Vigne both grabbed third on beam.

Highlights for level four included a third all around for Sanchez Macias, a second on vault for Mayo, a third on vault and beam for Zoe Dunn and a third on floor for Johnston.

At level 3, Birch and Tyler both went first-place all around.

Baldy took second all around.

Krentz and Sydney Stanley placed third on bars.

Audrey Fuentes and Slater went first and second on bars, respectively.

Riverside Gymnastics is a nonprofit with recreational and competitive programs for boys and girls.

For more information, go to or call 541-993-8625 or visit the gym at 2221 River Road, The Dalles.


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