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Letter to the editor: Obama devisive

— To the editor:

President Obama addressed the nation Jan. 28 with his State of the Union message. I did not waste my time listening to someone I no longer have faith in. I had plenty of company.

Obama’s main contribution to America has been divisiveness. To get elected for a second term the machinations of his administration diverted honest investigations of Benghazi murders with false rumors, said he had al Qaeda on the run (but failed to mention it was straight at us), ignored politicizing the IRS, allowed the BATFE to go awry, manufactured the “war on women” and spread divisiveness beyond belief.

Have you seen the “I hate Republicans” letters? Anything to win his second term.

Witness some facts. Upon initial election his Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate. And yet the only major personal agenda he successfully passed was his catastrophic and “phony” Affordable Care Act.

The ACA is a legislative nightmare that requires weekly, sometimes-daily unauthorized and likely unconstitutional manipulations to function. No great income equalizing budgets, no major gun control, no closure of Guantanamo … no nothing. Get the idea? He used his time apologizing to the world for personal imagined wrongs of American policy and demeaning America.

Weeks prior to his SOTU speech he spent threatening any recalcitrants, Democrats or Republicans that fail to fold to his socialistic wishes.

I would offer Obama a lesson I learned early in life. The three tough Irish brothers that lived up the lane from our little farm did not respond to my threats as I hoped they would. Threats are negative energy, like anger, and often fail to bring desired results.

Compromise is not in Obama’s vocabulary. It is his way or no way.

His acrimonious puppet Harry Reid refuses to bring to the Senate any legislation not generated by Obama. Yet Obama calls the Republicans obstructionists?

His SOTU speech will not bolster Hillary Clinton’s march to the presidency. That is under the table work.

Someone may have noticed that the only outstanding thing Hillary did during her term as secretary of state was to bungle her responsibilities to the four dead Americans in Benghazi.

I can readily call to mind four potential women with better presidential potential. In fact, any of those women, and possibly others, could do a better job than our current President.

Glenn Dee Summers

The Dalles


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