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Letter to the Editor: Missed the issues

— To the editor:

That’s right Jeffie, tax the so called rich and redistribute the wealth. Seems to me that has another name, Socialism.

Please show me one place in the world that it has worked. Europe is backing off on their form. And Russia is such a wonderful, successful example. And by the way, the top income people in this country pay over 90% of the taxes while just under 50% pay none. But lets redistribute the wealth so everyone can be less well off. Makes perfect sense to me.

And while we’re at it lets drag down American workers to the level of the rest of the world. That’s the plan going on with the President so it must be a really good idea. I can just see all the so called ‘idols’ of sports and film lining up and falling all over themselves to give up a chunk of their income as part of redistibution. Check your colleagues in Congress that are super rich (Reid, Wyden, Kerry, Warner, Pelosi, Feinstein and lots of others) and see what kind of reaction you’ll get from them when told they have to give up a big part of their wealth.

And when are you going to realize that the lost manufacturing jobs that went off shore are not coming back? With the current restrictions against manufacturing practices and future regulations from the EPA, DEQ and others, why in the world would they even try to rebuild here? Don’t forget that the President is fighting tooth and nail to destroy the coal industry and absolutely refuses to allow drilling on public land and then tell me that we will become an economy based on manufacturing. Ha.

Fat chance of that.

You, Mr. Senator, are trying everything you can think of to distance yourself from the real issues that are impacting us: Obamacare, the Federal debt, deficit spending, giving scads of money away to countries that hate us, and a bunch of other issues. Yet you give us this fluff about loving the middle class and jobs. The only thing you are interested in is getting re elected by avoiding the hard issues that you are, in part, responsible for and hoping we will forget about them come election time. Well good luck with that. Someone is going to hold your feet to the fire with some really tough questions and your voting record will become an issue, like it should be right now.

Ray Shepherd

The Dalles


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