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For the record, from June 24


JUNE 24, 2014

Hospital Admissions

June 20 — Carey T. Melcher, The Dalles.

June 21 — None authorized.

June 22 — Janet L. Painter, Dallesport.

June 23 — None authorized.

Hospital Dismissals

June 20 — Merideth L. Berkovich, The Dalles.

June 21 — Sharon K. Cassidy, The Dalles; Gwendoline L. Taylor, The Dalles; Taylor J. Wright, Condon.

June 22 — Inez R. Gilhousen, The Dalles.

June 23 — None authorized.


The Dalles City

June 20 1:30 p.m. – Two-vehicle, non-injury, crash, West Second and Webber streets. A man turned south from Second onto Webber and had a flashing yellow light. He didn’t see the eastbound driver on Second and collided with him.

June 21, 10:33 a.m. – Two-car, non-injury crash in Staples parking lot. One driver was crossing parking spaces and another driver was driving down the lane between parking spaces and the two collided.

Wasco County

June 20, 5:46 p.m. – Motorcycle accident, Highway 197, two miles north of Maupin. Minor injuries. Rider blown off road by gust of wind.

June 23, 1:07 p.m. – Single-vehicle crash, Dufur Valley Road/Wolf Run Road. Driver was tested for intoxicants and result was negative.

June 23, 8:47 p.m. – Two-vehicle crash, non-injury, reported on Mountain View Drive. Carl Lester Martin, 41, Hood River, was arrested and accused of driving under the influence of intoxicants and seven counts of reckless endangering.

Oregon State Police

June 21, 5:59 p.m. – One-car injury crash, Interstate 84, milepost 110 eastbound. Vehicle tire blew out and the vehicle rolled. The driver and four passengers, all of whom were wearing seat belts, were taken to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

June 23, 3:07 p.m. – Vehicle southbound on US 97 at milepost 58 lost control and drove into a ditch.

June 23, 10:45 p.m. – Vehicle heading eastbound on Interstate 84 at milepost 92 rolled his car after swerving to avoid an elk in the middle of the road. No injuries reported. The vehicle was towed.


Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue

June 20, 10:48 a.m. – Crews responded to a report of a fire in the flower bed at a restaurant in the 1700 block of W. 6th St. On arrival, someone else had already dumped water on the one-foot square fire and put it out.

June 21, 8:04 a.m. – Crews responded to the regional jail on a reported fire in a dryer. Jail staff smelled smoke as the dryer was going, pulled out the lint trap and it was on fire, as was a blanket in the dryer. Both were extinguished with a dry chemical extinguisher.

June 22, 7:31 a.m. – Crews responded to the 800 block of Trevitt Street on a report of a carbon monoxide monitor alarm. It was found the battery was low in the alarm.

June 23, 7:39 a.m. – Crews dispatched to a report of a hayfield fire in the 5900 block of Cherry Heights Road. Crews found a hay baler with light smoke coming from it. Units returned to quarters.

The agency responded to five calls for emergency medical services on Friday, five on Saturday, six on Sunday and 10 on Monday.

Police Reports

The Dalles

A search warrant for drugs was executed at an undisclosed location Friday morning.

A man staying at a motel in The Dalles reported going outside and seeing two men “hustle away” from his car as he approached. He found contents of his glove compartment strewn around. He gave police the license of the vehicle the men were in. Report taken.

Police took a report Friday afternoon for a stalking order violation.

Police responded to a disturbance Friday evening and placed a man on a police officer’s mental health hold. A bed could not be found for the man, and a friend offered to take him, but could not watch him all the time. It was agreed to keep the man at the hospital.

A teen was walking a pony down the middle of the road at Third Place and Trevitt Friday afternoon and was getting honked at and was arguing with drivers. Police asked the girl to stick to the sidewalks.

A caller reported her back door was kicked in Friday afternoon and her vehicle was stolen.

A woman reported her phone that had been stolen from a local bar a month earlier and Friday afternoon she received a call from a female saying she’d found the phone and wondered if there was a reward for its return. The woman told the person who called her that she’d filed a police report and she wouldn’t press charges if the phone was returned. That woman continued to talk about a reward, then hung up. Police called the number of the woman who sought the reward, and the woman who answered said she didn’t know anything about a lost phone and that lots of people used her phone throughout the day. Police told her if a phone was found it needed to be turned in.

Michael Allen Naujoks, 44, 118 W. 4th St., was arrested Friday evening for probation violation.

A man called Friday evening to report he just saw another man steal a two-foot drill bit from his porch. Police couldn’t find the suspect. The victim said he’d call police if he saw the suspect again.

An older man was trespassed from a fast food location Friday night on West Sixth Street after he was screaming and yelling at customers.

A worker at a fast food restaurant Friday night reported a man walked to the drive-through and scared her. He was standing in front of vehicles.

Three people had called throughout the day Friday on a man who is yelling to himself in the area of West Seventh and Pleasant Court. When police went to his home, he wouldn’t answer the door, and they didn’t hear him making noise.

Leticia Carina Herrera, 20, 2115 W. 10th St., was arrested Sunday morning in the 1500 block of Sixth Street on a warrant for two counts of probation violation.

Police took a report Saturday afternoon of a man hitting a woman.

Alejandro Amezquita, 25, Portland, was arrested in the 600 block of East 12th Street and is accused of second-degree disorderly conduct, probation violation and harassment.

A “really drunk” man was hanging around the track Saturday evening while the Relay for Life was going on. He was asked to move on.

A caller reported a man knocked on his door Saturday night wanting to know where the cop was who lived in that area. The man said the drug task force was messing with his kids. Another caller who lives by the officer said a man went to the officer’s house, then asked her for a pen and paper, and he “seemed unhinged.” The man left a threatening note on the officer’s door.

A woman called Saturday evening to report her vehicle was backed into at Kramer Field. A Little League official said several Goldendale parents were unhappy with officiating and the passenger in the vehicle accused of hitting the other car was the umpire. A witness said there was no contact between the vehicles and the officer saw no evidence of contact. He assisted with exchange of information.

A downtown bar reported Saturday night a homeless man was blocking the entrance. Police asked him to move on and he did.

A man called police Saturday night to say his roommate slapped him. The man said he was just giving his roommate a “loving hug.” The roommate said the man crawled into bed with him and touched him inappropriately and he shoved him, but didn’t slap him. The roommate moved out.

Corey G. Kirby, 43, 907 W. Pomona, Apt. C, was arrested Sunday morning on a charge of second-degree disorderly conduct.

Jerry Leroy Billings, 43, Wishram, was arrested in the 400 block of Washington Street early Sunday on a warrant for probation violation.

A woman reported Monday morning a man was lying facedown near the skatepark. Medics handled the call.

A handyman working on a project reported Monday morning a large amount of marijuana was found in a dumpster. Officer found a half ounce of marijuana and advised him to pour liquid on the particles if he was concerned about it remaining in the dumpster.

A man living at a local motel Monday repeatedly called dispatchers and had gone to the sheriff’s office to report a woman being kidnapped in his motel. He’s been told repeatedly to stop calling.

A caller reported Monday afternoon a van hit and knocked down a stop sign at Second and Pentland streets and drove off.

A woman called Monday evening to report she was given three $100 bills and now they are gone. She had a bunch of people over for a birthday party and thinks one of them took the money. She said she understood it would be difficult to investigate and decided against making a report.

Kody Mitchell Eastman, 20, general delivery, The Dalles, was arrested Monday evening at Eighth and Garrison on a charge of probation violation.

A man reported Monday evening someone cut into the ragtop of his vehicle.

A woman called from a church Monday evening and reported seeing a man put garbage in the church’s dumpster and said it was the second time he’d done it and he’d been warned before not to do it. Levi Nicholas Lewis, 53, 2436 Old Dufur Rd., was booked and released on a charge of theft of services.

Wasco County

A person who was attending What the Festival was found camping on private property Friday because they couldn’t get onto the festival site because it closed at midnight. The person was directed to Forest Service property.

A man complaining of speeders in front of his house Friday night said it was ongoing and was threatening to take care of the problem himself with a 2 by 4. Deputies spoke to the man’s wife.

Security confiscated a firearm and drugs from a guest of What the Festival. Abigail Rose Sherman, 20, Eugene, was arrested early Saturday morning for possession and delivery of MDMA (ecstasy) and psilocybin mushrooms.

Yesenia Marysol Ackerman, 37, 719 E. 13th St., was arrested early Saturday morning at 12th and Washington streets on a charge of driving under the influence of intoxicants.

A guest at What the Festival reported Saturday afternoon that gear taken from a tent during the night. Similar looking gear was reported to be in another car parked a half mile away.

A caller from Pine Hollow Resort Saturday evening reported a very intoxicated woman was hitting people and pushing them. Deputies warned the woman about her behavior and she said she was leaving the next day.

Security at What the Festival reported Sunday afternoon a man tried to enter the festival with a loaded gun and no concealed carry permit. Gun and drugs were confiscated from the man. The man was trespassed from the festival and given his gun back at the front gate.

Security at What the Festival reported Sunday afternoon they have a woman detained for possession of drugs.

A trooper reported Sunday evening a man injured his wife the previous night. Michael Lee Ingram, MP 16, Hwy 218, Antelope, was arrested at his home and is accused of fourth degree assault.

A woman at a hotel at the east end of The Dalles reported Sunday people were working on a car and keeping guests awake early Monday morning. Officers contacted a woman who had warrants for her arrest. Kristin Ashlie Windy Cloud, 29, Wishram, was arrested at a gas station on warrants for being a fugitive from another state.

Christopher Daniel Williams, 33, Lafayette, Ore., was arrested early Monday morning in the east end of The Dalles on a warrant for post-prison supervision sanctions.

David Damon McConville, 48, 110 E. 10th St., was arrested early Monday morning at Highway 197 and Lone Pine Drive and is accused of criminal driving while suspended/revoked.

A woman reported Monday evening another woman at Dufur City Park hit her small children, ages 6 and 4, a couple of times and was cussing and screaming at them. Another witness saw the woman kick the 4-year-old. Deputies responded and interviewed the woman and her children and advised Department of Human Services. DHS advised since there were no apparent injuries to the children they could go home with their mom tonight and DHS will follow up.

Caller reported a vehicle off the road on Highway 216 and Endersby Road Monday evening. Ernest Ray Brookins, 63, 77744 Hwy 216, Maupin, was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence of intoxicants.

Oregon State Police

Troopers responded to the 7000 block of Highway 30 Sunday on a complaint a deer was shot. They determined the doe was illegally killed and left to waste. Two handgun shell casings were located and one bullet was recovered from the deer. Investigation is ongoing.

Troopers responded to Mayer State Park Sunday afternoon where a caller said their vehicle was broken into and a purse was stolen.

A trooper contacted a hitchhiker on Interstate 84, milepost 87 westbound and he was found to have a warrant. David C. Shippentower, 56, Portland, was arrested on a warrant for failure to appear.

Regional Jail

Oscar Garcia, 35, 1930 Cherry Heights Rd., was remanded to jail Friday evening on three counts of probation violation.

Trevor John King, 19, Weston, was arrested Saturday evening in the 600 block of East 12th Street for menacing.

Rhonda Jean Collins, 1106 Emerson Dr. No. 13, was remanded to the regional jail Friday evening and was booked on two counts of probation violation.

David William Spadt, 31, 2404 W. 10th, No. 23, was arrested at the regional jail Friday evening on a warrant for failure to pay fines.

Rebecca Lynn Muro, 32, 615 Pentland, was arrested Friday in a Sherman County court on charge of criminal driving while suspended.

Sky Morgan, 42, 805 E. 11th St., was sent to the jail Friday from Wasco County Circuit Court on a charge of driving under the influence of intoxicants.

Joshua Alan Miller, 20, 1422 E. 12th St., was remanded to the regional jail on charges of first-degree burglary and second-degree theft.

Michael Gordon Powell, 33, no address, The Dalles, was booked and released on a charge of failure to register as a sex offender.


Wednesday - Port of The Dalles budget hearing, 4:30 p.m., Port offices, 3636 Klindt Drive, The Dalles. Agenda: budget hearing, budget resolution.

Thursday - Wasco County/City of The Dalles Museum Commission, 7 p.m., Fort Dalles Museum. Agenda: commission bylaws, grounds rental agreement, new policies and procedures, grounds and building maintenance.



Friday, June 20

Mega Millions — 1, 22, 25, 29, 56, MB 03, Megaplier 5

Pick 4 – 1 p.m., 0, 6, 4, 7; 4 p.m., 4, 7, 4, 4; 7 p.m., 4, 9, 1, 3; 10 p.m., 0, 6, 4, 7

Lucky Lines – 4, 5, 12, 15, 20, 23, 28

Saturday, June 21

Megabucks – 19, 22, 26, 29, 31, 42

Powerball – 5, 6, 37, 41, 54, PB 26, Power Play Multiplier 3

Win for Life – 17, 25, 62, 71

Pick 4 – 1 p.m. 0, 8, 0, 9; 4 p.m., 3, 9, 5, 1; 7 p.m., 7, 9, 1, 3; 10 p.m., 5, 1, 8 1

Lucky Lines – 1, 8, 10, 16, 17, 22, 28, 32

Sunday, June 22

Lucky Lines – 3, 7, 9, 15, 18, 21, 26, 30

Pick 4 – 1 p.m. 5, 2, 9, 4; 4 p.m., 9, 5, 2, 4; 7 p.m., 9, 6, 1, 3; 10 p.m., 7, 7, 7, 3

Monday, June 23

Megabucks – 6, 9, 23, 29, 32, 36

Win for Life – 1, 7, 18, 54

Lucky Lines – 3, 8, 9, 13, 18, 23, 26, 31

Pick 4 – 1 p.m., 9, 7, 3, 6; 4 p.m., 7, 4, 5, 0; 7 p.m., 0, 1, 6, 8; 10 p.m., 9, 3, 6, 7


Friday, June 20

Mega Millions 1, 22, 25, 29, 56, Mega Ball 3, Megaplier 5

Match 4 – 4, 13, 17, 24

Daily Game – 9, 5, 1

Daily Keno — 06-12-17-23-27-36-39-40-44-46-47-55-60-67-69-70-71-76-77-80

Saturday, June 21

Powerball — 05-06-37-41-54 Powerball=26 PowerPlay=03

Lotto — 16-25-26-33-43-46

Hit 5 — 03-06-11-26-39

Match 4 – 5, 6, 8, 18

The Daily Game – 3, 2, 4

Daily Keno — 02-07-08-14-16-21-25-27-28-32-36-39-41-42-49-50-53-55-75-77

Sunday, June 22

Match 4 – 5, 10, 14, 19

The Daily Game – 8, 4, 3

Daily Keno — 03-10-11-13-15-19-24-25-26-28-33-37-40-47-53-56-62-67-73-78

Monday, June 23

Lotto — 09-16-24-30-46-49

Hit 5 — 01-06-26-28-33

Match 4 — 12-15-17-20

The Daily Game — 3-5-8

Daily Keno — 01-13-20-21-29-30-31-32-33-42-45-47-50-55-57-65-70-72-74-79


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