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Letter to the Editor: Fabrication nation

To the editor:

In the past I wrote that political lying in America has become pandemic. It is worse than that. There are two definitions of lying. A straight statement or answer that is a fabrication is a lie by commission. The refusal to answer to a direct statement or question is a lie by omission. A few examples;

Major media’s ABC, NBC or CBS continue to avoid printing any discouraging words about the many scandals of Obama’s administration, lying by omission. Their fear of being labeled racist has allowed them to forget their primary role in America is to keep the people informed. And that means everything about government. If they had ignored Nixon’s criminal efforts for re-election that crook would have continued to be President. It was two liberal writers for a liberal Washington Post that first reported to America on Nixon’s attempt to rig an election.

Millions have lost their medical insurance due to Obama Care. According to Obama’s puppet Harry Reid, all these people are liars. Aw Harry, what a whopper! And this in spite of the known fact that President Obama is almost daily changing Obama Care, a law, rearranging deadlines, regulations and timelines that will make his law more palatable to the voting public before the next, or the next, election. This is lying by commission.

President Obama has been and is becoming the chief liar by commission for his administration. Only if you patronize ABC, NBC or CBS are you unaware of this. The lies he told about having Al Qaeda on the run (before the last election), multiplied by the lies he told about Obama Care being fixed, that you can have your doctor, your insurance and on, ad infinitum. And his lie that, “there was not a ‘smidgeon’ of criminal action in the IRS’s restrictions of conservative political organizations such as the Tea Party. Kindly note those actions by the IRS were done before the last election. If there was no criminal wrong doing why is the main figure of the IRS, Lois Lerner, repeatedly, smugly pleading the Fifth, stating she did nothing wrong? This is lying by omission.

The Benghazi murders loom over Obama’s administration like a tainted cloud that colors all he does. Where is the trust?

Glen D. Summers

The Dalles


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