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letter to the Editor: Puppet leader

— Puppet leader

To the editor:

(Edited for length.)

Scrolling through the past letters to the editor, I cannot help but notice all of the letters regarding Obama, good or bad, right or wrong, whether the media covers him responsibly. This is all a false dichotomy meant to distract and divide.

Do we all not realize yet that our country was hijacked long ago by people that own the Federal Reserve and that Obama is puppet to them? Do we not realize that the Federal Reserve is a privately owned for profit money laundering scam? Our money is worthless, not even worth the paper it’s printed on.

The mainstream news and everything you could possibly watch on TV, most newspapers and radio stations, at least in this country, if you follow the chain upwards, you will find are owned by five corporations. That news is about as close to propaganda as you can get to swing the majority towards an outcome that the richest of the rich benefit from (let’s not forget that our “leaders” take us to war based on lies and that war is very profitable) and the rest of us pay for through blood, sweat and most abundantly, tears.

Do you not ever stop to ask why election after election we get different people but the same bad things keep occurring and even get worse? It’s because it’s all the illusion of choice to keep us busy and arguing amongst ourselves, while very different agendas are checked off.

Did you know that most selected (because that’s what they are) presidents come from very elite secret societies and that many of them are related to British Royalty? Didn’t we go to war to separate from British rule and now here we are, a blip in history later, our presidents are getting knighted by them and they are our closest ally? Kerry and Bush were both from the secret order of the Skull and Bones. That should raise some alarm bells.

If you want to know who is really steering this country, and very much for their own interests most certainly not in the interests of the average person like you or I, look to the Council on Foreign Relations. Look to the Trilateral Commission. Look to the board members of the Federal Reserve. To argue over what a puppet is doing is absurd, it is time to start observing those that pull the strings.

Kristy Wallen

The Dalles


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