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Letter to the Editor: Miracles here


The April 1 letter “Miracles Here” by Tom Lexow incorrectly listed the name of the telescope used by Edwin Hubble to see stars beyond the Milky Way. It was the Hooker Telescope on Mt. Wilson.

To the editor:

According to the TV news I saw on Tuesday evening, March 18, scientists have finally developed such telescopic instrumentation to have successfully viewed back into time to actually see some of the earliest moments of the space-time inflationary creation event they say happened 13.8 billion years ago.

Even displaying the new gravitational waves expanding, which further confirms scientist Albert Einstein’s predictions found in his 1915 publication, “Gravitational Theories in Space-time.”

Scientists tell us that before the creation event there really wasn’t anything, and then, in a few inflationary moments, space-time and all of the energy and mass still here today just began!

Any event of this magnitude, as confirmed with scientific certainty, deserves front page acclimation by every newspaper around the globe. If nothing else, at least to congratulate those men and women of vision who worked unreservedly to achieve such an “impossible” goal.

Until 1922, everyone on earth believed our Milky Way Galaxy was the only galaxy in space. But then Edwin Hubble, peering through the new Palomar Telescope on California’s Mt. Wilson, was astonished to see stars beyond the Milky Way and they appeared to be rushing away from some central point. Hubble had discovered the expanding universe, which eventually led to ideas of the Big Bang” creation event.

Scientists explain another brain-busting mystery: “Humans know only about 4 percent of everything that exists, and that 96 percent of all existence is presently undetectable and unknown, except by mathematical calculation.”

Albert Einstein’s science has stood the test of time, amazing scientists for over a century. Ongoing research and advanced instrumentation proves that Einstein’s theories and mathematics apply even into the farthest reaches of space.

I appreciate Einstein also for spiritual conclusions he shares from his studies and research into the laws of nature, space-time and the universe, such as: “My studies of the order and harmony in all of nature and the universe reveal an intellect so superior that all human thinking and systems are utter insignificant reflection.” He also shared: “There are only two ways to live life, one is as if nothing is a miracle, the other is as if everything is a miracle.”

It is harder for me to believe our existence is accidental and without purpose than to believe in a Creator-God, who I believe loves us and sustains us in this beautiful creation, which we need to take better care of. I say, “Thank you, God.”

Tom Lexow

The Dalles


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