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Southeast Zone fishing report, May 10


Weekend fishing opportunities:

Largemouth bass fishing is picking up in Willow Valley Reservoir.

Lake of the Woods was stocked recently and trout fishing should be good.

The Wood River, one of the best brown trout fisheries in the state, is open for fishing.

Today’s undersized fish are tomorrow’s trophies

This time of year angler often hook small, undersized fish in fisheries where fingerling (smaller than legal-sized) stocking is the norm. Please be kind to these young fish and release them carefully – they could be next year’s trophies!

Send ODFW your fishing report

We’d love to hear about your recent fishing experience. Send us your own fishing report through ODFW Fishing Reports -- the information will be forwarded to the local biologist who may use it to update various ODFW resources such as the Weekly Recreation Report.

2014 trout stocking

The 2014 trout stocking schedule for the High Desert districts have been posted on-line.

ANA RESERVOIR: hatchery rainbow trout

The water level is rising at the reservoir and is currently 5 feet below full pool.  The boat ramp is useable and boats can be launched. Fish can be caught using bait, lures, and flies from shore or boats.

ANA RIVER: hatchery rainbow trout

The water level is at full pool. The boat ramp is useable and boats can be launched. Fish can be caught using bait, lures, and flies from shore or boats.

ANNIE CREEK: brook trout, brown trout and rainbow trout

Rainbow trout are active throughout the year in the river and anglers have been catching fish with bait, flies or lures.

BALM CREEK RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, crappie

Balm Creek Reservoir was completely drained this fall and all fish were lost. The reservoir will be restocked in May 2014.

BEULAH RESERVOIR: redband trout, hatchery rainbow trout, whitefish, bull trout

Recent fishing reports indicate catch rates are fair. Average size of trout range from 12 to 18-inches. The reservoir water has increased to 64 percent full and inflows were 208 cfs (April 15). The boat ramp is usable again.

USBR crews have been tagging fish populations in the reservoir over the last several years. If you catch a tagged trout report it to the Hines office at 541-573-6582.


Fishing for 8 to 10-inch trout has been good on Bridge Creek and upper Blitzen River. Anglers have not yet reported catching large redband trout in the lower river this spring. Flows in the Blitzen River averaged 158 cfs on April 22. Water temperatures at Page Springs gauge ranged from 44˚F to 54˚F. The Blitzen River and tributaries are catch-and-release only for trout until May 24. The Little Blitzen River is catch-and-release for trout all year.

BULLY CREEK RESERVOIR:bass, crappie, yellow perch, catfish, and trout.

The reservoir water level has increased; it was 73 percent full on April 22. Fishing for trout has been fair; crappie fishing has been slow.

BURNS POND: trout, bass

Fishing for trout has been fair. Legal-sized rainbow trout will be stocked in late April. Anglers have recently caught largemouth bass and a large channel catfish. Twenty tagged fish are in the pond. If you capture a tagged fish return the tag to the Hines office (237 Hwy 20 S) for a prize.

CAMPBELL LAKE: brook trout, rainbow trout

Vehicles can’t access Campbell and Deadhorse lakes.

CHEWAUCAN RIVER: redband trout

THE RIVER IS CLOSED DOWNSTREAM OF THE HIGHWAY 31 BRIDGE IN PAISLEY. The river upstream of Hwy 31 remains open and the use of bait is PROHIBITED! The river is flowing around 220 cfs with water temperatures in the low 50s.


The reservoir is around a third full, free of ice, and very turbid. The boat dock is usable and anglers have been catching holdover trout using bait.

COTTONWOOD MEADOWS: rainbow trout, brook trout

Local anglers began accessing the lake and fishing within the last few weeks. The OSP game officer reported good fishing success at the lake recently.

COW LAKES: largemouth bass, white crappie, brown bullheads, rainbow trout

The upper lake is full and the lower one is dry. As of 2013, the lakes will no longer be stocked with rainbow trout due to poor habitat quality. Ice fisherman reported poor success for warm water species and trout.

DEADHORSE LAKE: rainbow trout

Vehicles can’t access Campbell and Deadhorse lakes.


The road is rutted in snow and ice in several locations. The lake is free of ice, fishing has been good on holdover trout (April 22). Ice fishing is not recommended.

DEMING CREEK: redband trout and bull trout

Closed to fishing until May 24 to protect large spawning redband trout.

DEVILS LAKE (FISHHOLE CREEK): largemouth bass, black crappie, yellow perch, brown bullhead

Fishing at Devils Lake is likely slow for warmwater fish but should improve with very warm weather expected this week. Sampling in 2012 showed good numbers of 10 to 11-inch crappie. There also should be a good age class of 4 year old largemouth bass that average 10-inches.

DOG LAKE: largemouth bass, yellow perch, black crappie, brown bullhead

The few reports from anglers suggest that fishing is currently slow at the reservoir. Water temperatures are in the mid-50s and fishing for most species should improve over the next month. Focus on efforts for panfish near the back of coves and bay where water is less than 3 feet deep. This water warms faster and fish in these areas are more active. Bass and panfish species will move towards shallow water as the water warms to begin spawning. Sampling last week captured many brown bullhead catfish suggesting that they are the most abundant species currently…but sampling efforts are planned for June and July that may provide a different picture.

DUNCAN RESERVOIR: rainbow trout

Water temperatures have warmed to the low 50s. Anglers might consider fishing this reservoir later in the day when water temperatures have warmed and fish are likely to be the most active.

FISH LAKE (Steens Mountain): rainbow trout, brook trout

The lake is covered in ice of unknown depth. The North and South Steens Loop access roads are closed. Contact Burns BLM for updates on road access this spring (541 573-4400).

FOURMILE CREEK (tributary to Agency Lake): Brook trout, brown trout and redband trout.

Fourmile Creek off Westside road just north of Cherry Creek is open all year with bait allowed. Fishing should be good for brook trout. A few large brown trout occur in the stream. Currently, this area is very wet thus fishing from a canoe or float tube is recommended.

FOURMILE LAKE: rainbow trout, lake trout, kokanee, brook trout

Access to the lake and conditions on the lake is unknown. The road into Fourmile Lake might be closed to reduce damage to the road. Contact the Fremont-Winema National Forest for further information at 541-883-6714.

GERBER RESERVOIR: crappie, yellow perch, brown bullhead and largemouth bass

Fishing is very slow. The lake is very low and 1/9 full which makes launching boats challenging if even possible.

HAINES POND: rainbow

The first stocking of legal-sized rainbow trout is scheduled for April 30.

HEART LAKE: rainbow trout, kokanee

The lake is ice-free and water temperatures are around 43 °F. Water temperatures will warm and anglers should expect good to excellent fishing when temperatures reach 50 °F in 2-4 weeks.


Local anglers have reported spotty success with some days providing good fishing while others are fair or poor.

HWY 203 POND: trout, bass, bluegill

The pond was stocked with legal-sized rainbow trout mid-April. Fishing should be good.

J.C. BOYLE RESERVOIR (Topsy Reservoir): Largemouth bass, yellow perch, brown bullhead, pumpkinseed, crappie, goldfish

Fishing will improve this week with warmer weather. The reservoir is turbid therefore anglers should try lures with high visibility and scent. Access is great here with a BLM campground with fishing pier. The campground will open just before Memorial Weekend. Boats can be launched in several locations in the reservoir. Unimproved ramps occur just north and south of the bridge crossing. No fees are required to launch at these locations.

Fishing for crappie and pumpkinseed will improve with warmer weather. Try the bay just south of the BLM campground for crappie and pumpkinseed.

Water temperatures on the shoreline were peaking at 56 degrees last week and should exceed 60 degrees later in the week. Goldfish dominate the fish assemblage in the reservoir. Anglers should match the goldfish with bronze or copper lures or plugs to catch largemouth bass in the reservoir.

JUNIPER LAKE: cutthroat trout

The lake is very low (reduced to two small pools) but ice-free. The lake can be accessed on public land off the East Steens Loop Rd. on the SE side. A large portion of the lake is privately owned, as indicated by the fence lines; however, bank access is permitted. Please be respectful of private property.

KLAMATH AND AGENCY LAKES: redband trout and yellow perch

Water clarity has been reduced due to the windy weather. Fishing will improve this week if water clarity improves. The Herald and News Trophy Trout Derby occurs on May 3. Expect most of the boat ramps to be full. In addition to the derby the Redband Rodeo (a celebration of native fish) will occur at Moore Park on May 3. ODFW will be answering questions about fishing in the Klamath area during the celebration.

Fishing is generally slow with catch rates averaging 7 hours per redband from boat and 30 hours per redband from the shore. The most popular bank angling areas are at Howard and Shoalwater Bays. Most bank anglers are fishing with dead minnows. Water temperatures have declined to a low of 50 degrees which decreases redband trout activity. Trolling lures and plugs from boat will be slow this week. The lake is 1 foot below full pool. All boat ramps are accessible. ODFW encourages catch and release as this fishery is managed for trophy trout. Redband trout captured should not be removed from the water, resuscitated by cradling and pumping gills by moving fish back and forth through the water. It is unlawful to continue to fish for the same type of fish after taking and retaining a catch or possession limit.

KLAMATH RIVER: native rainbow-redband trout

The section from Keno Dam to J.C. Boyle Reservoir (Topsy Reservoir) opened on Oct. 1. Angling for redband trout is good as larger redband trout have completed spawning. Flows are currently near ideal (807 cfs) for a successful spring outing. The river is turbid. Anglers fishing this stretch should come prepared for difficult wading. Wading boot with studs, wading belt, and wading staff are highly recommended. Look for caddis hatches in the afternoon and be prepared to match the caddis pupae. Fish the caddis pupae imitation on the dead drift near the bottom for best success. Mayflies are also hatching and can be matched well with tungsten bead headed pheasant tails. There is an abundance of food in this reach therefore fish rarely rise to flies on the surface. Flies and lures imitating minnows and sculpins can be very effective. Water temperatures have continued to decline to a low of 51 degrees. Expect water temperatures to increase this week. Water temperatures in this reach were very warm this summer thus some mortality of redband trout might have occurred.

The Klamath River between JC Boyle Dam to JC Boyle Powerhouse offers excellent spinner fishing as well as good dry fly fishing with small flies. Most fish in this section are small and average 10 inches. Below the springs this section remains near a constant 360 cfs of flow. Fishing is best below the spring inputs. The most effective method this time of year is dead drifting stonefly, pheasant tail and midge patterns. Fishing with dry flies is improving. This section of river requires a hike down steep grade to the river with the exception of the area just above the powerhouse.

Below the JC Boyle powerhouse the fish get slightly larger than the aforementioned reach and average 12 inches but rarely exceed sixteen inches. River flows in this section are typically quite high during the day. Fishing trips should be planned when flows are lower.

Check current flow levels here. If flows are 900 cfs or lower the river is fishable. Dead drifting rubber legged stonefly patterns and/or bead head pheasant tails can be good. Blue winged olive mayflies are hatching around 1 p.m. and can continue to hatch sporadically until dusk. Look for rising trout in the slow backwater areas near tailouts of pools or in back eddies along foam lines. A few trout can be caught using small dry flies (size 16-18) that match blue winged olive mayflies. Most fish are in the 6-8 inch range but numerous 12 inch fish can be caught with 16 inches the maximum. Currently, operation at the hydro system below the powerhouse has operated with high flows 1670 cfs for most daylight hours. However, anglers should keep an eye on flow releases as low flow occurred all day on April 14. Flow release estimates by PacifiCorp have been discontinued until May 2014. Fishing will be slow due to high flows.

KRUMBO RESERVOIR: trout and largemouth bass

Fishing opened April 26 at Krumbo Reservoir. The reservoir is a little low, but fishing is expected to be good for both bass and trout.

LAKE OF THE WOODS: hatchery rainbow trout, kokanee, hatchery brown trout, yellow perch, brown bullhead, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, crappie, tui chub

The lake is ice-free. Call Lake of the Woods Resort for recent reports Toll Free at 866-201-4194. Lake of the Woods was stocked with legal and trophy rainbow trout last week. Fishing should be good from both the bank and boat. Some kokanee can also be caught while trolling from a boat in the early morning and late evening. Fishing for brown bullhead and yellow perch is a good backup plan if the trout are not cooperating. Small lures and bait will catch the numerous stunted yellow perch in the lake. Smallmouth bass should be active but most will be less than 14 inches as bass grow very slowly in the lake.

LOFTON RESERVOIR: rainbow trout

Lofton Reservoir currently has no fish available for anglers to catch due to the rotenone treatment last fall. The reservoir is scheduled to be stocked in mid-May. This stocking date was set last fall when biologists assumed that access to the reservoir will not be possible until mid to late May. ODFW realizes that anglers can currently access the reservoir but, at this time, is not able to reschedule the trout stocking due to hatchery commitments at other water bodies. The reservoir may be stocked earlier if a day frees up on the hatchery stocking calendar.

LOST RIVER: largemouth bass, brown bullhead, yellow perch

Fishing is slow for warmwater fish but should be improving with increasing water temperatures. Public access is available at Crystal Springs day use area. Anglers can fish from the specifically designed bridge for fishing at this location. Boats can be launched from an improved boat ramp at Crystal Springs.

MALHEUR RESERVOIR: hatchery rainbow trout

The reservoir is ice free and around 50 percent full. Anglers have been catching a lot of fish in the 8 to 10-inch range, and a few over 18-inches. Please handle smaller fish with care when releasing them, they are next year’s holdover trout.

MALHEUR RIVER (Warm Springs Reservoir downstream to South Fork Malheur River): redband trout and hatchery rainbow trout

Water releases from Warm Springs Reservoir remain at or around 0 cfs. Fishing the upper river area is expected to be poor due to turbidity and few holdover trout. Perch and smallmouth bass have been caught in the pool below the dam.

MALHEUR RIVER (from the South Fork Malheur River near Riverside, downstream to Gold Creek): redband trout and hatchery rainbow trout.

Discharge at Juntura averaged 209 cfs on April 22. Fishing has been slow for anglers, but is improving with warmer weather and warmer water temperatures. Spring fishing near Riverside is expected to be fair this year.

MALHEUR RIVER, NORTH FORK: redband trout, whitefish, and bull trout

Fishing for redband trout should be slow; access is challenging due to snow drifting and ice.

MALHEUR RIVER, MIDDLE FORK: redband trout, brook trout, and bull trout

Fishing for trout is poor; access is challenging due to snow drifting and ice.

MANN LAKE: trout

Anglers are still catching good numbers of large cutthroat trout in Mann Lake. The lake is completely ice free and both boat ramps are usable. The reservoir is turbid from wind action and spring run-off from the tributaries off Steens Mountain. Most fish are 14 to 16-inches long, with several over 20-inches being caught.

MILLER LAKE: brown trout, kokanee, rainbow trout

Conditions on the lake are unknown. Please report any circular wounds on trout that might be caused by lamprey to the Klamath Falls ODFW office at 541-883-5732.

MOON RESERVOIR: bass, trout

The reservoir is increasing and is currently near full pool. Carp are plentiful in the reservoir. Trout numbers are expected to be low, but bass still persist in the reservoir as well.

MUD LAKE: trout

This reservoir is ice-free with water temperatures in the low 50s. The road is dry making access to this reservoir easy. This water should warm faster because of the muddy water, making fish more active and easier to catch than other reservoirs.


Stocking of legal-sized rainbows is planned for April 28.

NORTH POWDER POND: rainbow trout

There was a significant winter kill of fish in the pond. The first stocking of legal-sized rainbow trout is scheduled for April 30.

OVERTON RESERVOIR: rainbow trout

Snow is blocking access to this reservoir at this time.

OWYHEE RESERVOIR: largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, black crappie, yellow perch, catfish

The water level in the reservoir is 27 percent of full and inflows averaged 241 cfs (April 22).

Two boat ramps appear usable on the Bureau of Reclamation web page;

OWYHEE RIVER (Lower): brown trout and hatchery rainbow trout

Fishing has been good for brown trout this spring. Water releases below Owyhee Dam have increased for irrigation season. Current flows are recorded at 136 cfs on April 22. Please use ethical angling practices; be respectful of other fisherman, use barbless hooks, land fish quickly and keep fish in the water at all times.

OWYHEE RIVER (Upper): smallmouth bass and channel catfish

Owyhee River flows averaged 241 cfs on April 22. Fishing for smallmouth is improving and still slow for channel catfish. The river is low but remains turbid, watch for debris.


The reservoir is at 50 percent of capacity. Tiger muskie were released into the reservoir in the spring of 2013. Anglers are reminded that tiger muskie are restricted to catch and release only. No harvest or removal from the reservoir is allowed. Legal-sized rainbows were released in late March and another release is planned for early May. Fishing for legal-sized rainbows should be fair to good. A release of approximately 7,500 tiger trout is also planned for early May. These fish will be 8-10 inches when released and should be much larger by fall. As with the tiger muskie, fishing for tiger trout is restricted to catch and release only.

PILCHER RESERVOIR: trout, crappie

The reservoir is about 80 percent full. The high water boat launch is operational. Fishing for 10-14 inch rainbow trout is expected to be fair to good.

POISON CREEK RESERVOIR: hatchery rainbow trout

Trout fishing has been good for fish 16 to 18-inches. The limit is 2 per day, please be respectful of the angling regulations for the reservoir.

POLE CREEK RESERVOIR: hatchery rainbow trout

The reservoir is near half-full. Catch rates remain fair for holdover trout; however, several fish up to 17-inches have been caught recently using bait.

POWDER RIVER: trout, spring Chinook

Stocking of rainbow trout below Mason Dam is planned for late May. The river immediately below Thief Valley dam can be very productive for rainbow trout. Anglers are reminded that only the 1000 feet of river immediately below the dam is open to public access.

PRIDAY RESERVOIR: hatchery rainbow trout

This reservoir is ice-free and the road was dry during the week of March 3 making access to this reservoir easy. This reservoir was stocked on March 21 with large trout (14-inches long). The water temperature was 53 °F. Fish should be active and anglers are encouraged to keep a limit of fish.

SAND AND SCOTT CREEKS: Brook trout and brown trout

Sand and Scott Creeks are very small spring fed streams west of Hwy 97 near the Silver Lake highway junction. Fishing on these small streams is open year-round with bait allowed. Most fish are less than 8-inches long.

SEVENMILE CREEK: brook trout, brown trout, redband trout

Flows will be low and ideal for a successful fishing outing. Access is available to the public upstream of Nicholson Road. ODFW encourages the harvest of brook trout in the stream.

SKY LAKES AND MOUNTAIN LAKE WILDERNESS: brook trout and rainbow trout

Most wilderness lakes are likely frozen.


This reservoir is ice-free with water temperatures in the low 40s. The road was dry during the week of March 3 making access to this reservoir easy. This water should warm faster because of the muddy water, making fish more active and easier to catch than other reservoirs.

SPENCER CREEK: redband trout, brook trout.

Closed to fishing until May 24.

SPRAGUE RIVER: wild redband trout, brown trout, yellow perch, brown bullhead, largemouth bass

Fishing should be good above Saddle Mountain Pit Road as flows will be low and visibility will be good. Public access is available near the town of Sprague River, two county parks off Drews Road and just upstream of Beatty. Small boats can be launched at all these locations. Closed to fishing until May 24 below Saddle Mountain Pit Road.

NORTH FORK SPRAGUE RIVER AND ALL TRIBUTARIES: wild redband trout, brown trout, brook trout

Fishing will be slow above the first 3411 road crossing as the high gradient section will have high velocities. If accessing the area at Sandhill and Lee Thomas crossings, fishing is not recommended at this time but should be good once access is available. Brook and brown trout dominate the catch above Lee Thomas Crossing while redband trout dominate the catch above the first 3411 crossing. Large brown trout are available near the first 3411 crossing.

SOUTH FORK SPRAGUE RIVER AND ALL TRIBUTARIES: redband trout, brook trout, brown trout

Angling will be slow due to low fish numbers from drought in the years 2009-2010 and 2012-2013. Access to the South Fork Sprague occurs at a very nice picnic area off highway 140 and near Corral Creek campground. Flows will be ideal for fishing.

SPRING CREEK: redband trout, brown trout, brook trout

Closed to fishing until May 24 to protect large spawning redband trout.

SUN CREEK: brook trout, brown trout, bull trout

Opened to fishing April 26. The road into Sun Creek is closed to all motor vehicles until June 30. Anglers need to concentrate efforts below the bridge crossing on Sun Creek as the area above the road was treated in 2012 and 2013 to remove brook trout. The section of Sun Creek above the barriers upstream of the road crossing had bull trout only. Angling for bull trout is closed in the Klamath Basin. Anglers should be able to identify brook, brown and bull trout. Various signs and trout identification cards are available around the Wood River and Sun Creek access points.

SYCAN RIVER: wild redband trout, brook trout, brown trout

Fishing was slow to fair for redband trout below the marsh due to low fish density caused by the 2013 drought. The Sycan River above Pikes crossing should be fair for brook trout and redband trout. Expect flows to be low and ideal.

THOMPSON RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, largemouth bass

The reservoir is accessible. Fishing for trout can be very good at this reservoir from ice-off through June and anglers have reported catching large fish here during that time period.


The reservoir was drained by the Lower Powder River Irrigation District in early September 2013, meaning a near 100 percent loss of trout in the reservoir. The reservoir currently is at 100 percent of capacity and is ice-free. The reservoir was restocked with sub-legal sized rainbow trout the first week of November 2013. These fish are not expected to be up to harvestable size until the spring of 2014. Sampling to determine average size will occur in April or May. A short section of dock has been installed at the boat launch.

UNITY RESERVOIR: trout, bass, crappie

The reservoir is at 98 percent of capacity and is ice-free. Anglers are reminded that a new regulation restricts the harvest of bass to those under 15-inches long. No recent fishing reports.

VEE LAKE: rainbow trout

Snow is blocking access to this reservoir at this time.

WARM SPRINGS RESERVOIR: smallmouth bass, white crappie, catfish, perch, and hatchery rainbow trout

The reservoir was 33 percent full and inflows averaged 175 cfs (April 22). The river and the reservoir are very turbid. The boat ramp is out of the water by a significant distance. No recent fishing reports.

UPPER WILLIAMSON RIVER: wild redband trout, brook trout

Fishing will be slow as the Upper Williamson is a slow, meandering spring fed river. The best time to fish is when fish are rising steadily to insect hatches. Numerous small mayflies are hatching on the Williamson River with 6-8 inch brook and redband trout rising. Anglers can pay to fish Yamsi or Sand Creek Ranches and the fishing is exceptional especially for abundant brook trout. A few large redband trout exceeding 20-inches are also available. River flows are low.

LOWER WILLIAMSON RIVER: wild redband trout, brown trout

Closed to fishing until May 24 to protect large spawning redband trout.

WILLOW VALLEY RESERVOIR: largemouth bass, crappie, yellow perch, bluegill

Fishing has slowed for largemouth bass but should improve with warmer weather. Try the Antelope Creek channel for best success. Bass will also be in the shallow flats next to the dam. The reservoir is turbid. Bluegill are abundant but small in size. Crappie are scarce but can be abundant at the many habitat structures placed in the reservoir by Klamath Bassmasters, BLM and ODFW. A good fish finder can locate these structures. Some structures can be observed protruding from the water’s surface. There is a concrete boat ramp and the outhouse has been repaired. Water levels are low; therefore, launching boats might be challenging.

WOLF CREEK RESERVOIR: crappie, trout

The reservoir is ice-free and the boat launch is functional, but the dock is in need of repairs and will not be installed until repairs can be made. No recent fishing reports.

WOOD RIVER and all tributaries: wild redband trout, brown trout, brook trout

Wood River is one of the best brown trout fisheries in the state. Fishing should be good on the Wood River with low flows and good insect hatches. Numerous mayflies, stoneflies and caddis flies are hatching especially on warmer overcast days. Past ODFW studies have shown brown trout consuming large numbers of earthworms during the spring below weed road. Bait is not allowed but imitations of earthworms such as San Juan worm flies should work well. The highest density of brown trout in the river occurs below Weed Road in the early season. Anglers should also have success fishing spoons and plugs in the deep pools for brown trout. Anglers should concentrate their efforts from Fort Klamath to the mouth. Most anglers use a low profile boat to float under and portage around the many obstacles on the river. A typical drift boat can be used from Weed Road to mouth. Bank access is limited but public property is available on BLM property at the BLM wetland and the USFS Day use area above Fort Klamath. Small boats can be launched at Kimball State Park (breathtaking headwaters), USFS day use area, Highway 62 bridge crossing and Weed Road.


Ice is off and spring fishing for holdover trout has been good.


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