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Letter to the editor: Racist coverage

To the editor:

It is my belief that the sorry coverage of the many boondoggles, mistakes and scandals of the Obama administration by the major media has been caused by the fear of being labeled racist. The word racist is not only nasty, filthy and derogatory, but demeaning and used liberally by Democrats and those that support Obama’s every whim and whimper to silence any detractors. People that apparently are not able to discuss or debate any political question intelligently without pointing their finger and saying, “racist.”

That silence by the major media is criminal because in remaining silent they not only fail their charter to report the truth to the citizenry, but that silence gives carte blanche to an administration that seems to stumble at every turn in the trail. Under present media conduct Watergate would never have happened.

Let’s examine the trail of tears the Obama administration has led us on the past five years. Creation of a massive and unbelievable debt exceeding 17 trillion dollars. A government sponsored gun running scheme to smuggle illegal arms to Mexican drug cartels that led to the death of at least one border patrolman and unknown numbers of Mexican Nationals.

At least 23 Executive Orders devised to control legitimate firearms ownership. Under the table support by Obama and Secretary of State Clinton for the UN small arms treaty which allows the do-nothing United Nations to dictate gun control to the United States. Various IRS schemes and efforts to control conservative political groups prior to elections. The Benghazi terrorist attack and death of an Ambassador and three other Americans mislabeled and misconstrued by the administration. Currently the inept operation of the VA bureau with serious problems previously known and the failure to correct same.

This is like watching a bad play or a worse movie, no one seems to leave unless they choose to retire on an exceedingly lucrative pension or get promoted (the Ol’ Peter Principle.) I believe that Obama refuses to fire anyone feeling that since he appointed them it will prove he made a mistake. And yes, I do believe he is that egoistic and arrogant.

Glenn D. Summers

The Dalles


GuyFox 3 years, 10 months ago

The fear of being labeled 'racist' may be part of the problem but what is more apparent is that virtually ALL of the mainstream media: print, radio, TV, etc is owned and controlled by the same six corporations. And these corporations dovetail with other corporations through interlocking boards of directors and interconnected wealth. They also control governmental legislation to benefit their own agendas and bottom lines. Corporations that serve the military industrial complex, Big Pharma, the petrochemical industry, and Big Agra. You are not likely to get the real truth from any mainstream news outlet. CNN = FOX.

The obscenely wealthy oligarchs don't care who's in office. When one controls the nation's money supply, one does not care who makes the laws. They support both sides and the 'left vs right' divide is an illusion. Republican - Democrat? Two wings of the same evil bird and no matter which side is in power, the flight path never changes. If voting changed anything, they would make it illegal.

Obama (real name Barry Davis) is just following the orders of those who put him in power. He is a sock puppet for the 'New World Order' and in terms of eviscerating our Liberties and selling our nation down the river, he is like George Bush on steroids. But the die-hard Democrats would reelect him again in a NY minute...just cuz he's a Democrat. The sad part is that Mitt Romney would have been just as bad...and so will Jeb (Scherff) Bush in 2016.

Unfortunately our nation has been stealthily and incrementally conquered from within and unless millions of Americans wake up...well I shudder at the thought of what's coming. Mr and Mrs America, please wake up and turn off your TV. It is propaganda and corporate lies.

Guy Fox The Dalles


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