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Riverside gymnasts show love on Valentine’s Day

RIVERSIDE Gymnastics athletes from the girls team gather around for a group shot during practice in The Dalles. On Feb. 14 at the Multnomah Athletic Club Open in Portland, the boys and girls put out some solid numbers with 14 members amassing first-place finishes against some top-flight competition from across the northwest.                                                                                                                         Contributed photo

RIVERSIDE Gymnastics athletes from the girls team gather around for a group shot during practice in The Dalles. On Feb. 14 at the Multnomah Athletic Club Open in Portland, the boys and girls put out some solid numbers with 14 members amassing first-place finishes against some top-flight competition from across the northwest. Contributed photo


Riverside Gymnastics Results

Multnomah Athletic Club Open

Feb 14, 2015 in Portland

Level 5

Harry Proctor: floor-10.5, 4th; pommel- 9; rings- 10, 8th; vault- 10.4, 1st; p-bars- 8.8, 10th; high bars- 9.7, 5th; All Around- 58.4, 7th

Jaxon Pullen: floor-10.2, 2nd; pommel- 8.8, 5th; rings- 9.3, 8th; vault- 10.2, 1st; p-bars- 8.1, 10th; high bars- 9, 8th; All Around- 55.6, 5th

Kayden McCavic: floor-9.5, 11th; pommel- 7.6; rings- 9.7, 11th; vault- 9.7, 11th; p-bars- 9.5, 7th; high bars- 9.1, 10th; All Around- 55.1, 11th

Layne Ellison-Brown: floor-10.3, 6th; pommel- 6.7; rings- 9; vault- 9.6; p-bars- 8.6; high bars- 8.4; All Around- 52.6,

Nick Keilman: floor-9.2, 6th; pommel- 7.8, 8th; rings- 9.5, 7th; vault- 9.5, 6th; p-bars- 8.3, 6th; high bars- 10.5, 1st; All Around- 54.8, 6th

Steven Stanley: floor-9.6, 4th; pommel- 10.8, 2nd; rings- 10.1, 4th; vault- 10, 4th; p-bars- 9.4, 4th; high bars- 9.3, 6th; All Around- 59.2, 3rd

Level 4

Nolan Donivan: floor-8.4; pommel- 8.5; rings- 9.8; vault- 9.6; p-bars- 9.5; high bars- 10.1, 9th; All Around- 55.9

Reece Holycross: floor-7.7; pommel- 9.5, 11th; rings- 8.6; vault- 9.2; p-bars- 7.6; high bars- 9; All Around- 51.6

Sawyer Baker: floor-7; pommel- 7; rings- 9.1; vault- 9; p-bars- 8.1; high bars- 9.7; All Around- 49.9

Sterling Coburn: floor-8.5; pommel- 7.5; rings- 9.4; vault- 9.1; p-bars- 8.9; high bars- 9; All Around- 52.4

Tate Hattenhauer: floor-9; pommel- 8.4; rings- 9.9, 11th; vault- 9.5; p-bars- 9.8; bars- 8.2; All Around- 54.8

Taylor Morehouse: floor-8.2; pommel- 8.1; rings- 9; vault- 9.2; p-bars- 8.8; high bars- 9.7; All Around- 53

Level 9

Audrey Hinatsu: vault-8.825, 4th; bars- 9.225, 2nd; beam- 9.15, 3rd; floor- 8.65; All Around- 35.82, 2nd

Level 8

Bailey Coyner: beam- 8.7, 4th

Ellie Cardosi: vault-8.55, 5th; bars- 9.425, 2nd; beam- 8.9, 6th; floor- 8.875, 3rd; All Around- 35.775, 3rd

Level 7

Courtney Hert: vault-9.025, 1st; bars- 8.5, 6th; beam- 9.1, 3rd; floor- 9, ; All Around- 35.625, 4th

Emma Smith: vault-9, 2nd; bars- 8.3, 4th; beam- 8.525; floor- 9.2, 6th; All Around- 35.025, 4th

Hannah Caracciolo: vault-8.925, 2nd; bars- 6.85; beam- 9.3, 1st; floor- 9.05, 2nd; All Around- 34.125, 2nd

Samantha Stanley: vault-9.175, 1st; bars- 8.05; beam- 8.325

Level 6

Alexa Baldy: vault-8.45; bars- 8.55; beam- 9.325, 2nd; floor- 8.9; All Around- 35.225

Celia Peterson: vault-9.05, 6th; bars- 8.65, 6th; beam- 8.35; floor- 8.875; All Around- 34.925

Emily Adams: vault-9.3, 3rd; bars- 8.475; beam- 9.225, 3rd; floor- 9; All Around- 36, 4th

Griffin LaVigne: vault-8.85; bars- 8.05; beam- 9; floor- 8.95; All Around- 34.85

Poppy Miller: vault-8.75; bars- 8.65, 6th; beam- 7.8; floor- 8.95; All Around- 34.15

Level 5

Sofia Blair: vault-8.7, 3rd; bars- 8.35, 1st; beam- 8.35, 2nd

Level 4

Ashley Quisenberry: vault-8.7, 5th; bars- 9.35, 1st; beam- 8.675, 6th; floor- 9.3, 1st; All Around- 36.025, 4th

Daisy Morales: vault-8.2; bars- 8.75, 5th; beam- 8.55, 6th; floor- 8.75; All Around- 34.25, 7th

Gabbe Haskins: vault-7.85; bars- 7.75; beam- 8.9, 5th; floor- 8.9, 6th; All Around- 33.4, 6th

Halle Haskins: vault-9.375, 1st; bars- 8.55; beam- 9.525, 3rd; floor- 9.05, 4th; All Around- 36.475, 1st

Jacy Johnston: vault-8.9, 3rd; bars- 9, 4th; beam- 9.325, 2nd; floor- 9, 4th; All Around- 36.225, 3rd

Margo Mayo: vault-9.175, 2nd; bars- 8.8, 4th; beam- 8.55, 6th; floor- 8.8; All Around- 35.325, 4th

Marissa Baldy: vault-7.6, 5th; bars- 8.25, 6th; beam- 8.85, 1st

McKailla Tyler: vault-8.55; bars- 8.425; beam- 8.55, 6th

Regina Sanchez Macias: vault-8.85, 4th; bars- 9.125, 3rd; beam- 9.1, 3rd; floor- 9.3, 1st; All Around- 36.375, 2nd

Sophia Riviello: vault-9.25, 2nd; bars- 8.35, 6th; beam- 7.75; floor- 8.05; All Around- 33.4, 6th

Zoe Dunn: vault-9.45, 1st; bars- 9.15, 2nd; beam- 9.35, 1st; floor- 9.125, 3rd; All Around- 37.075, 1st

Level 3:

Annika Baumgarten: vault-9.425, 1st; bars- 8.875, 3rd; beam- 9.125, 2nd; floor- 9.325, 2nd; All Around- 36.75, 2nd

Audrey Fuentes: vault-9.25, 2nd; bars- 9.5, 1st; beam- 9.4, 1st; floor- 9.325, 2nd; All Around- 37.475, 1st

Aurora Baker: vault-9.25, 2nd; bars- 8.1; beam- 8.3, ; floor- 7; All Around- 32.65, 9th

Ava Krentz: vault-9.25, 2nd; bars- 8.45; beam- 8.75, 5th; floor- 8.5, 6th; All Around- 34.95, 5th

Gigi Hiser: vault-8.3; bars- 8.625; beam- 7.75; floor- 6.15; All Around- 30.825

Sydney Stanley: vault-9.05; bars- 9.3, 2nd; beam- 8.85; floor- 9.025; All Around- 36.225, 4th

Victoria Lee-Valkov: vault-8.85; bars- 8.55; beam- 8.025; floor- 8.25; All Around- 34.075

PORTLAND – It was lucky number 14 on Valentines’ weekend.

And Riverside Gymnastics was showing the love.

The Dalles-based academy flipped 14 athletes into first place finishes at the Multnomah Athletic Club Open in Portland, which features some of the stiffest competition from around the Northwest.

Riverside brought everything it had — with all boys and girls competitive team athletes in action.

And it showed.

Audrey Fuentes, Zoe Dunn and Halle Haskins put together the best balanced attack, earning first place all-around finishes. Fuentes, at level 3, took first places in both bars and beam on her way to punching out a team-high 37.475.

Dunn, at level 4, captured first on vault and beam and totalled 37.075, and Haskins landed a 9.375 vault on her way to a 36.475 finish.

Throughout the meet, 11 more Riverside Athletes would take top honors and first-place medals.

On vault, Harry Proctor, Jaxon Pullen, Annika Baumgarten, Samantha Stanley and Courtney Hert all climbed to the podium for executing their vaults.

Nick Keilman owned the high bars with a score of 10.5 and Sofia Blair on uneven bars also took a first with an 8.35

On beam Hannah Caracciolo, at level 7, landed a 9.3 for first and Marissa Baldy at level 4 also took top honors with an 8.85.

Regina Sanchez Macias put it together on floor in level 4, scoring a 9.3 for first place.

Boys Coaches Mark McCavic and Brent Cyphers were proud of their athletes as the Level 5 team took fourth place and had the best team score on vault, besting 16 others from around the Pacific Northwest.

The team also grabbed third place on floor and high bar.

Riverside Gymnastics Academy is a nonprofit organization with recreational and competitive programs for boys and girls.

For more information, go to or call 993-8625 or visit the gym at 2221 River Road, The Dalles.


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