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Letter to the Editor: Attacks on Republicans

To the editor:

Anyone who was surprised by the shooting attack on Republican lawmakers in Virginia must have their head in the sand. I cannot remember the last time I heard, read or saw anything from any Democrat of consequence that wasn’t vitriolic about President Trump.

The most vicious, hateful and demeaning statements by Schumer, Pelosi, the New York Times and CNN have become old hat. Even our “home boy,” Merkley, had to get his licks in with an under his breath mention that “he would have liked to have an adult’s hands” on one of Trumps moves. See, even the bottom rung of the Democrats had to take a swing at President Trump.

And there was no limit. President Trump’s wife, daughter and family were subject to harassment and slurs. Of course the Hollywood celebrity corps fell into line with far leftist Democratic jabs and hateful evaluations, as if they knew better than anyone else the difference between right or wrong. Even a second-rate late night comedian got filthy and nasty with his remarks about Trump’s activities.

Oh sure, I know Obama wasn’t open for criticism or evaluation of his political agendas. Lord help anyone that would dare to critique Obama about anything. I found out that I was a racist when I wrote about Obama’s failures and his toady AG Holder’s reluctance to deal with the “Fast and Furious Mexican Gun Running Deal.”‘

Come to think of it, I can’t remember anything that Holder did deal with, can you?

And now, to top it all off, we have a main line theatrical production of what is claimed to be “Julius Caesar.” It is a modern setting and just happens to have an actor who looks like Trump in the lead. Heaven forbid anyone questioning the arts and “freedom of speech” to put on a play that actually promotes the assassination of the president. I’m sure the ACLU is waiting in the wings to sue anyone or everyone that would question that production.

All of the radical, far left Democrats should go to work, go to Congress and see what they can do to run this country. I’m sure that Trump will make plenty of mistakes, but with some help from the rest of the politicians that run America, he might do some good.

G. D. Summers

The Dalles


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