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Letter to the Editor: Corruption is deep

To the editor:

The Republicans rigged the presidential election of 2016. The Russians intruded into the election with the knowledge and participation of the Trump campaign. The FBI deliberately interfered with the process and affected the outcome.

The House Committee Chairmen Nunes and Gowdy spent years investigating the Benghazi attack without a single adverse finding. They have deep biases which favor conservatives.

Senator McConnell and House Speaker Ryan knew of Russian cyber-attacks yet blocked a bipartisan revelation of those attacks. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was an active and integral player in the Trump campaign. General Flynn has already resigned, a new record, because of Russian connections. The present U. S. Government did not legitimately win the election and does not reflect the consent of the governed.

Stealing the office of President and falsely obtaining congressional majorities is the greatest crime of all time!

Trump has a short connection between his brain and his mouth. If he thinks it, he says it. Trump is also a person with malignant narcissism, a perfect specimen for a naïve stool pigeon. Russia could have multiple clandestine connections to Trump directly. He is not intelligent enough to recognize a Russian operative. He certainly lacks the discipline to control his loose lips. If he were not president, he could not get a security clearance.

In 1993 he was vigorously pursuing a connection with Putin hoping to meet him. Putin and the FSB did not let the unrelenting Trump attack on Obama’s citizenship go unexploited. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Ryabkov, has confirmed many connections with Trump campaign officials with multiple communications. Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Michael Cohen, General Flynn, Jeff Sessions, and Roger Stone all communicated with the FSB.

Putin has conducted a campaign of terror and consolidation in post-USSR Russia. He has assassinated opponents and accumulated their wealth. Russia is an Oligarchy of billionaires who have accumulated their wealth by supporting Putin’s political power. With the election of Trump, the U.S. has made a sudden, four-week, 180-degree reversal of 70 years of policy against the USSR/Russia.

The illegitimately elected Senate has confirmed our own cabinet of Russian puppet oligarchs. A new world order of U. S.-Russian oligarchs stand ready to manipulate the world economy.

This condition demands an independent prosecutor and commission. This corruption and betrayal is broad and deep.

Terry B. Armentrout

The Dalles


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