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Letter to the Editor: You win, we lose

To the editor:

Thank You Greg Walden:

• For repealing Obamacare when you heard loud and clear from town halls all throughout your district that your constituents did not want you to do so.

• For voting for the latest health care bill (AHCA) that allows states to opt out in the form of a “waiver” of covering preventive health care, prescription drug coverage, maternity care, mental health care etc.

• For voting for the AHCA that will cut health care services to the poorest adults and children in your district.

• For voting for the AHCA that sneaks in things like employers no longer have to cover employees and if they do, they can opt out of covering basic health care services (yes, even hospitalization coverage). Gee, I wonder which states our large, multi-state corporations will choose to base their coverage in? You got it, those with the waivers and therefore cheapest rates and worst coverage for their workers.

• For voting for the AHCA that says us taxpayers can pay for the expensive plans that cover those of us with pre-existing conditions instead of health insurance companies whose CEOs will continue to make their $30 million + yearly salaries (Aetna, 2015).

• For scrambling to vote for the AHCA before the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office did their usual review and scoring of financial and other impacts. Really?

• And lastly, for rushing this bill through Congress before your constituents had time to read it, understand it, and assess the impact to themselves and their families. Heck, even your D.C. staff could not answer any of the simplest questions related to this bill when I called two days before the vote.

Awesome work, Greg. Once again, it looks like you are working for Trump and Ryan and not for us. I hope they have a nice job for you in 2018 because I am hopeful that our district has had enough of your alignment with an administration obsessed with winning despite how much the rest of us lose.

Kathy Schwartz

The Dalles


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