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Cougar found at downtown TD motel

Wildlife officials remove and euthanize young, fearless cat

The Dalles Police Officer Koji Nagamatsu took this picture of a cougar that was tranquilized and euthanized after being found in a boiler room at the Oregon Motor Motel.

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The Dalles Police Officer Koji Nagamatsu took this picture of a cougar that was tranquilized and euthanized after being found in a boiler room at the Oregon Motor Motel.


The Dalles police officers Koji Nagamatsu, left, and Kris Wood encountered a cougar at the Oregon Motor Motel Tuesday morning. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife put down the cougar because of its apparent lack of fear in an urban setting.

A cougar was euthanized Tuesday morning at the Oregon Motor Motel after it was deemed a public safety risk...

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Allyson10 8 months, 3 weeks ago

It takes over $800,000 of Federal or State taxpayer dollars (our taxes pay for the grants, etc.) to protect almost 2 million privately owned cattle from 112 wolves. How much more are Oregonians spending to manage 6000 cougars, the population of which are missing the hallmarks of science? ODFW was only concerned about "public safety" killing of cougar after M18 banning the use of hound dogs, not before. Not using hound dogs would have created a financial loss for ODFW and their vested partners, so they had to create more reasons to kill cougar and gain financial support to do so - which included politically padded population numbers of them. Oregon does not have 6000 cougar, and may never have had that many even before Euro-Americans arrived here. Since the beginning of Oregon's government, we (early livestock farm owners, and later ODFW) have been managing our cougar from the perspective of financial gain, and that caused the extinction of wolf and near extinction of cougar. We are using the same tools, same perspectives, and same applications to "manage" them today. It did not work then, it will not work now.

ODFW’s cougar harvest targets have never been met, suggesting a scarcity rent from yearly accumulative increased hunting, inaccurate political population model counts, and inconsistent hallmarks of science research. On a total benefits cost curve, the harvest effort has been increased from 777 to over 900, which simultaneously increases the total cost of management minus the total benefits of cougar harvest targets, which have never been met. ODFW has only managed to increase the cost of managing cougar, rather than hitting computer generated harvest targets (Tietenberg 2016)." Hitting these target zones would be very detrimental to Oregon's ecosystems and carry a heavy financial burden for taxpayers. We have never managed the cougar for the benefits of the ecosystems; it has always been for financial gain. Managing cougar for the benefits of anthropocentric demands has been a tremendous ecological cost and public economic expense: Oregonians health (Lyme disease/deer auto collisions greatest where there are no cougar), ecosystem services (including climate change), and taxpayer expense.

Cougar are also some of the most vulnerable for the black market. Kittens are sold as pets, adult body organs sold as medicinal. Poaching is out of control. Cougar kittens can be immediately domesticated if taken young enough from the wild. This cougar most likely was not raised in the wild, but was raised around humans and may have even been released in or near the building. Even ODFW knows that cougars orphaned will have more conflict issues than cougar raised by their mother in the wild.

There are no good ethics in the management plan of our cougars or in the history of our killing them. Cougar have always been exploited for money, now in a whole new way. Any cougar conflict issue is a human made issue.


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