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Letter to the Editor: Vote them out!

To the Editor:

I am heartbroken for my beloved country and I do not understand why any decent human being would think that our commander in chief is anything but despicable and immoral and dangerous to the world and our children’s futures.

Why do 90 percent of elected Republicans not cry outrage at his lies and insults upon our allies while conspiring with our enemies to steal the democracy that I and countless vets have given years and lives to defend and all Americans should cherish? It’s time to vote them out!

I do not understand why any blue collar American supports a leader who has cheated by hundreds of millions on his taxes, (while we must pay ours!), hiding his returns from the public and at the same time the Republican party pushed his tax breaks for the wealthy that put our children in trillions of dollars in debt?

Why would any hard working person support a man who brags (in Art of the Deal) about cheating countless workers who have given their time and sweat by claiming bankruptcy while reaping millions in profits! It’s time to vote them out!

Why would anyone with children, or any young person, vote for the party that is bent on destroying the EPA and any chance of climate change reform by pulling out of the Paris Accord while obliterating imperative (and popular) environmental protections to line their pockets and those of multi-billion dollar corporations! It’s time to vote them out!

Why would any woman vote for the party that endorses and turns a blind eye to Trump’s insults and rhetoric towards them and not be outraged at his obvious lies about his (paid off) affairs and demeaning comments about their body parts and his access to them... caught on tape!

Why does the Religious Right support this man and his party? It’s time to vote them out!

Why would anyone who cares about the bond between mother and child support a party that still, to this day, continually separates crying and traumatized children from their heartbroken mothers with little or no regard to human rights. It’s time to vote them out!

Why would anyone who cares about justice in this country support the party that is going to extraordinary lengths to rapidly fill the courts with life-term judges that are not vetted beyond their extremist points of view? It’s time to vote them out!

Why would any minority vote for the party that supports a president who demeans them and calls them and their countries disgusting names with a sneer and racial slurs on his lips. It’s time to vote them out!

My parents were lifelong Republicans from the red state of Oklahoma who supported fiscal responsibility and decency while being in favor of strong social fabric and worldwide respect of all peoples. They would not recognize their party today. Indeed, they would be disgusted by the party that is in lock-step with this monster and vote them out!

I feel this is the most important election of our lives! Please vote! Young people, old people, women, minorities, disenfranchised, apathy is your enemy! You must vote if you want to vote them out!

Mike Rockwell



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