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Lady Hawks nipped in Pendleton

In what appears to be a recurring theme for The Dalles girl’s soccer team, No. 16-ranked Pendleton hit the back of the net in the opening 90 seconds of play and took hold of a 3-2 triumph in a Columbia River Conference matchup in Pendleton. “Three out of the last four games we have allowed a goal in the first 90 seconds, so that makes it difficult,” said TD head coach Colby Tonn.

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Riverhawks soar into playoffs

Boy’s soccer team shuts out Pendleton 5-0 to punch a state play-in berth

For the record, Oct. 23

Police, fire, medical and lottery reports from Oct. 23.

Letter to the editor: Runyon, Elliott, Brown

To the editor: Keep Rod Runyon! I have worked with him many years for baseball and when he says he’ll do something, he does.

Letter to the editor: Runyon not a leader

To the editor: I have served on the Wasco County Budget Committee for the last six years and would like to share my observations about Commissioner Rod Runyon. His primary concern after he got elected was to find new office space for him, initial estimates for remodeling were over $200,000. I reminded him in two different commission meetings that commissioner’s office remodel was not on any capital improvement list, not a priority, no money in the budget and frivolous.

Letter to the editor: Ostrye supports youth

To the editor: We encourage you to vote for Judge Karen Ostrye this November. She was appointed by the governor in June of this year and will run to retain her position in the upcoming general election.

Letter to the editor: Need transparency

To the editor: Let’s talk about a perceived conflict versus a real conflict. There is a misguided perception that it would be a conflict of interest for Bridget Bailey to serve as a county commissioner because her husband is district attorney. It is very simple. Bridget will be a county employee and her husband is a state employee.

Letter to the editor: Parties oppose M90

To the editor: As party leaders we tend to disagree a lot, that’s the nature of politics these days. But this election cycle, there’s one idea that’s so bad we have no difficulty agreeing. Both Parties oppose Measure 90.

Letter to the editor: Runyon honors vets

To the editor: I am a Vietnam veteran and have always had great respect for Wasco County Commissioner Rod Runyon’s support of those who have served.

Letter to the editor: Bailey endorsement

To the editor: Wasco County faces complex challenges. Likewise, there are opportunities as we grow and diversify our industrial base.

Editorial: M88 fixes system, M90 opens doors

The Dalles Chronicle Editorial Board is evenly split between political viewpoints and also includes Marilyn Roth, publisher. Following is a breakdown of our vote on two statewide measures that will be decided by Oregon voters Nov. 4. The remainder of the ballot issues, as well are our endorsement of state and federal candidates, will be addressed later this week.

Mt. Hood Film festival returns Nov. 7, HR

HOOD RIVER — Columbia Center for the Arts will present the third annual Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival in Hood River Nov. 7-9. Venues for the Film Festival include two theaters at Columbia Center for the Arts, Hood River Hotel downstairs and Andrew’s Skylight Theater. The festival will feature a segment of 3D films –the only film festival in the PNW featuring 3D. In addition to showcasing national and worldwide films, the festival features local and NW filmmakers and is supported almost entirely by community volunteers and local businesses.

Arts and entertainment calendar from Oct. 23

Arts and entertainment calendar from Oct. 23

Commentary: Creating a conflict that does not exist

In its Oct. 20 editorial, The Dalles Chronicle stated it could not overcome a concern that electing Bridget Bailey would muddy “the waters between the judicial and legislative branch” because we are married. This is unfounded. I work for neither the legislative nor judicial branch. The Chronicle knows this already: they have done extensive reporting and editorializing on my interactions with the judicial branch of government, and I do not work in the legislature. I am independent of both the legislative and judicial branches, and independent of Wasco County Commissioners. I would have been happy to remind anyone at the Chronicle of this, but no one called me.

Letter to the editor: Vicious political game

To the editor: Response to Laura (letter published Oct. 21) Hey kiddo that’s politics for you. Mr. Clark’s remarks are normal, that happens in the election crisis. To me politics is a vicious game centered on blasphemy, lewdness, indignity, mud-slinging and anything else one wants to call it just to get votes and I don’t buy it in the least.

Letter to the editor: M92 is about rights

To the editor: Millions of dollars are flooding into Oregon from out of state corporations trying to deny Oregonians the right to know if genetically modified (GM) crops are in the food we feed our families.

Assessment shows gorge work underfunded

Commission historically short-staffed, report says

Study finds gorge commission at odds

A recent study of the Gorge Commission found the regional body is at deep odds over a number of significant points, but it is also, interestingly, the most collegial commission in memory.

Mosier restores fire chief

Appleton has not yet said if he will stay on

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Pool work begins Oct. 28

Parks District will seek loan to cover $150,000 budget deficit


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