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Looking back from Sunday, July 31

Looking back on July 31, 2016, from the archives of The Dalles Chronicle.

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Aftermath: Mopping up the mess

Barbara Nearing’s house and everything in it burned to the ground July 13. But it is a testament to both a giving community and her deep faith that she asked a reporter writing about the fire to please “keep it positive.” As she told a harrowing story of losing everything, the word “blessed” kept coming up. There was Joyce Powell-Morin at Mid-Columbia Medical Center, where Nearing works, who took on the task of getting her a replacement birth certificate, which she needs to replace her driver’s license.

Letter to the editor: Trump's wall

To the editor: There should be a wall. This wall should be across the northern border of Texas, northern borders of New Mexico, and Arizona, the northern and eastern border of Nevada, and isolate all of California. Mexico should pay for it.

Editorial: City needs better funding plan

It appears the City of The Dalles is picking winners and losers in its underwriting of events with a methodology that is just plain baffling. A prime example of this inconsistency played out on Monday, July 25, when concert promoters Nolan Hare and Randy Haines reported the loss of almost $5,000 of city money that had been invested in a July 3 show.

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Journey has 'Twisted' end

Maria Muske started her journey to Oregon when she graduated from high school in Minnesota. “I wanted to see something different, I wanted to be on the West Coast,” she explained. California was too populated, Seattle too gloomy: Muske set her sights on Portland.

Share your favorite grandchild memory

The Mid-Columbia Senior Center invites grandparents to share their most memorable moments with grandchildren in an essay and possibly earn a prize for their efforts. Joan Silver, who is organizing the contest, said all entries must be received at the center, 1112 W. Ninth Street in The Dalles, by noon on Sept. 3. They can be emailed to and must be 200 words or less to qualify.

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Wyden hopeful about election

U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) has been camped out at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia most of the week, and in an exclusive interview with The Dalles Chronicle on Thursday, he said he’s happy with the way the convention has gone and with the party’s prospects for November.

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A bridge between cultures

It was a July that a group of high school students from The Dalles will never forget. Nine students and two chaperones headed off July 12 for Miyoshi City, the official “sister city” of The Dalles.

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Guard adopts cemetery

The Pioneer Cemetery got some TLC from the National Guard during a drill weekend in mid-July, and the local unit plans to “adopt” the historic site and care for it.

City unfazed by show loss

Despite the loss of nearly $5,000 on the first of three summer concerts, The Dalles City Council and promoters remain optimistic about the program to provide visitors and residents with entertainment in a social setting.

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Breaking free from cycle of crime

Wasco County Sheriff Lane Magill’s “community policing” policy is being incorporated into regional jail policies intended to lower the rate of recidivism and help people build meaningful lives.

Letter to the editor: Proactive department

To the editor: I recently read about the review of the Public Works Department and wanted to write about my experiences with it since I moved to The Dalles last year, both positive. In one case there was a dead animal on the street in front of my house.

Letter to the editor: Trump brings hope

To the editor: Election views: Donald Trump had his TV coverage and now it’s Hillary’s turn — what will the outcome be? What are the differences between the two? Trump started out with 17 candidates in the GOP race. Hillary started with two but ended up quickly with only Bernie Sanders.

Letter to the editor: Thank you, stranger

To the editor: I want to give a big thank you to one of your citizens, but I didn’t get his name at the time. My daughter and I were making a quick trip out to the coast, so she could see the Pacific Ocean and we could ride our cycles on the 101. I was letting her drive so I could get some sleep, second time pulling a trailer. One of your citizens and his wife waved to get her attention and get us to pull over.

Letter to the editor: Border wall needed

To the editor: Imagine a stranger walking into your home. Imagine that the stranger brought friends, none of whom you know. Imagine if those strangers stayed in your home without an invitation — eating all of your food, sleeping wherever they want to sleep, using up all of your resources and then finally taking your job. The common American household has at least four walls and locks on their doors. Why walls and locks? To keep out intruders, of course.

Letter to the editor: Appreciation

To the editor: I have to agree with the writer who appreciated Mark Gibson’s objectivity in his opinion pieces. This dichotomy between “inflammatory” and “thoughtful” styles seems to be present in all of these presentations. One is rational, the other skewed by the inflammatory rhetoric so prevalent in too much of our public discourse.

Crosstalk: How to survive the political season

How to survive the political season

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Local events fast approaching

TD youth football signups ending on Sunday; Hoops camp begins Monday

Local briefs from across the Greater Columbia Gorge

Columbia River salmon seasons start on Monday

A strong return of nearly one million Chinook is predicted

The popular Buoy 10 salmon fishery at the mouth of the Columbia River opens to Coho and Chinook fishing on Monday, Aug. 1, with another strong return of nearly 1 million fall Chinook predicted for local anglers. The Buoy 10 fishery is the first Columbia River fishery that will encounter these large returns.

TD’s 15U Babe Ruth loses third in a row

Team is eliminated from bracket play

The Dalles’ 15U Babe Ruth All Stars fell to 0-3 in regional action after a 10-3 loss Thursday to Montana in pool play baseball action in Camas, Wash.


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