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Ask Dr. K: Skin damage caused by sun

DEAR DOCTOR K: As I’ve entered my 40s, the skin on my hands and face has started to change. What happens to our skin as we age?

Ask Dr. K: New treatments hold promise for those with Hepatitis C

DEAR DOCTOR K: My son has a hepatitis C infection, based on a blood test. The doctor says he’s OK now, but could someday become seriously ill. I hear there are new treatments for hepatitis C. Is there reason for optimism?

Locals take hold of yoga classes

Going through everyday life brings its share of stress and anxiety, but yoga instructor Bert Wyatt has the perfect solution for those going through the ails with yoga classes every month with another free session scheduled from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Saturday at Pure Yoga, owned by Shannon Red Cloud, located on 102 East 2nd Street in The Dalles.

Smoke presents health dangers

As multiple fires continue to burn in the south Wasco County area, people with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly and children, are advised to stay indoors.

Ask Dr. K: Pacemaker is treatment for damaged sinus node

DEAR DOCTOR K: My doctor says I have “sick sinus syndrome.” What is it?

Ask Dr. K: Heart disease risk is not based on cholesterol alone

DEAR DOCTOR K: I am 71 years old. My LDL cholesterol is 160, but my HDL is 122. Does my high HDL cancel out concerns about my high LDL cholesterol?

Ask Dr. K: Heart attacks during sex are highly unlikely

DEAR DOCTOR K: I’m a man in my 60s. I had a heart attack a few months ago, and now I’m afraid to have sex. Is it too strenuous for my heart?

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Extension cord: Runners set out from college to tout health

This past Monday at 9:30 a.m. Jeremiah and Isaiah Godby left Oregon State University’s campus in Corvallis with much fanfare as they set off across the state of Oregon on foot.

Ask Dr. K: New knowledge can ease ulcerative colitis

DEAR DOCTOR K: I've recently been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. What causes it, and how is it treated?

Ask Dr. K: Red or brown urine should be checked by doctor

DEAR DOCTOR K: I sometimes have dark, strong-smelling urine. Should I be concerned?

Ask Dr. K: People with diabetes can lower risk of heart disease

DEAR DOCTOR K: When I was diagnosed with diabetes, my doctor said I am now also at increased risk for heart disease. What’s the connection?

Ask Dr. K: Stop drinking to prevent recurrence of pancreatitis

DEAR DOCTOR K: My doctor has diagnosed me with chronic pancreatitis. Could this be related to my drinking? Can this condition be reversed? DEAR READER: Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas, the large gland that lies behind the stomach. (I’ve put an illustration of the pancreas on my website,

Ask Dr. K: Laparoscopy involves smaller incision, faster recovery

DEAR DOCTOR K: I need to have surgery in my abdominal area. My surgeon said he can do it “laparoscopically.” What does that mean?

Ask Dr. K: Puberty brings physical, emotional changes

DEAR DOCTOR K: What can I expect when my son goes through puberty?

Ask Dr. K: Prevention is key to avoid developing dementia

DEAR DOCTOR K: What is vascular dementia? Can it be prevented? DEAR READER: The term “dementia” describes a serious impairment of mental function. It may include memory loss, confusion, personality changes and the dwindling ability to perform everyday activities. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia. The second most common is vascular dementia.


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