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Budget targets superbugs

WASHINGTON — Sounding an alarm about the growing threat of superbugs, the Obama administration is proposing a jump in spending to fight antibiotic-resistant germs in hospitals. Infections that can withstand some of the best antibiotics already are killing more than 23,000 Americans a year, and some bacteria are becoming resistant to drugs of last resort, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Ask Dr. K: People prone to addiction may be wired differently

DEAR DOCTOR K: Is it true that some people are more vulnerable to addiction than others? Why?

Ask Dr. K: Following paleo diet may require adding supplements

DEAR DOCTOR K: My daughter and several of her college friends are on the “paleo” diet. What is that? Is it healthy?

Ask Dr. K: Non-surgical approach can relieve carpal tunnel pain

DEAR DOCTOR K: I have carpal tunnel syndrome. How can I relieve the discomfort without drugs or surgery?

Study finds overdiagnosis of thyroid cancer

CHICAGO — A dramatic rise in thyroid cancer has resulted from overdiagnosis and treatment of tumors too small to ever cause harm, according to a study that found cases nearly tripled since 1975.

Ask Dr. K: Exams catch disease early

DEAR DOCTOR K: How often should I have my eyes examined? What will the doctor check for during the exam?

Ask Dr. K: Irritable bowel syndrome has many causes

DEAR DOCTOR K: I have irritable bowel syndrome. Can you explain what has caused it?

Ask Dr. K: Progress in human genetics leads to better diagnosis

In yesterday’s column, a reader asked whether she should be tested for genes linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Today, I thought I’d give you my view on the larger question: Will studies of our genes change the practice of medicine and improve our lives?

Ask Dr. K: Genes aren’t necessarily predictors of Alzheimer’s disease

DEAR DOCTOR K: Alzheimer’s runs in my family. Will it help to get gene testing for this disease?

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Cold, humidity increase stroke risks

Temperature swings can also play a role

Ask Dr. K: Breast enlargement in men is often reversible

DEAR DOCTOR K: I’m a man. Why are my breasts suddenly getting bigger?

All Go Red for Women events cancelled

Organizers have cancelled all Go Red for Women events scheduled for Friday and Saturday, Feb. 7 and 8.

Go Red talk tonight, poker walk Friday cancelled

Officials from Mid-Columbia Medical Center have cancelled tonight’s heart disease talk and related wine-tasting originally planned for tonight at Water’s Edge, citing the snowy weather as the reason.

Go Red cancels some of events

Go Red heart awareness event is cancelling some of its activities tonight and tomorrow

Feeling good inside and out is Go Red theme

Events focus on heart health


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