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Walk memorializes family loss in pregnancy, infancy

Gorge residents touched by the loss of pregnancy from miscarriage, ectopic, stillbirth or infant loss within the first year of life are invited to walk in memorial Oct. 3 in Hood River.

Ask Dr. K: There is no one test to diagnose Alzheimer’s

DEAR DOCTOR K: My husband’s doctor suspects that he has Alzheimer’s disease and wants him to have neuropsychological testing. What will these tests involve?

Ask Dr. K: Atrial fibrillation drugs have pros and cons

DEAR DOCTOR K: I’ve been taking warfarin without any problems for years to treat atrial fibrillation. Now my doctor wants me to switch to a different medicine. Should I?

Letter to the editor: Dr. K wrong

To the editor: I’m sure Dr. K meant well and much of his information about Essential Tremor is correct and helpful. But the part he got wrong is very wrong. His comments are damaging to the spirit of those who struggle with ET, and misinforms those who are looking for answers to their shakes.

Letter to the editor: ALS Walk

To the editor: The Ice Bucket Challenge has taken our nation by storm, bringing much needed attention to A.L.S. (Lou Gherig’s Disease).

Ask Dr. K: Women at risk for breast cancer need yearly MRI

DEAR DOCTOR K: I’m at high risk for breast cancer. Should I have screening mammograms, MRIs or both?

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Health fair offers distracted driving test

Event offers flu shots, information about preventing cancer with nutrition, exercise

Ask Dr. K: Essential tremor is aggravating but rarely serious

DEAR DOCTOR K: My father was recently diagnosed with essential tremor. Is this the same thing as Parkinson’s disease? If not, what is the difference?

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It’s Pig Bowl time again!

Police give fans an oinker of a show to help families

Ask Dr. K: Time is of the essence in treating heart attack

DEAR DOCTOR K: Can you tell me what happens when someone having a heart attack gets to the hospital?

Ask Dr. K: Antibiotics in animals is serious health issue

DEAR DOCTOR K: In a recent column on antibiotics, you didn’t mention their use in meat and poultry as a cause of antibiotic resistance. Hasn’t this contributed to the problem?

Ask Dr. K: Vaccine can reduce severity even after you’ve had shingles

DEAR DOCTOR K: I’ve already had shingles. Do I still need to get a shingles vaccine?

Ask Dr. K: Too much weight gain in pregnancy is bad

DEAR DOCTOR K: I am pregnant, and my doctor says that I’m gaining too much weight. I trust the doctor, but I’ve heard that it’s normal to gain weight during pregnancy. How much weight should a woman gain?

Ask Dr. K: Be careful — you could eat more than you should

DEAR DOCTOR K: Does eating several smaller meals throughout the day rather than three larger meals help with weight loss?

Ask Dr. K: Dehydration is often the culprit causing brittle nails

DEAR DOCTOR K: As I’ve gotten older, my fingernails have become very brittle. They chip, break and split easily. I’ve also noticed ridges. What can I do?


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