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Ask Dr. K: Treat peripheral artery disease with lifestyle changes

DEAR DOCTOR K: I have PAD. It sounds like coronary artery disease of the legs. Is the treatment similar too?

Ask Dr. K: Mediterranean diet is the healthy way to go

DEAR DOCTOR K: I want to go on a diet and am trying to decide between low-fat, low-carb and Mediterranean. What do you think?

Ask Dr. K: Drivers with Alzheimer’s should stay off the road

DEAR DOCTOR K: My father has Alzheimer’s disease. Is it unsafe for him to drive?

New bereavement group makes three

Heart of Hospice is starting a second Hood River bereavement group for adults. Grief support groups are often portrayed as being depressing, boring, or too much to bear. In fact, support groups strive to be dynamic, supportive, and informative. Heart of Hospice offers three bereavement groups for adults.

Ask Dr. K: Vaccine reduces shingles risk in adults over 60

DEAR DOCTOR K: I have never had chickenpox. Do I still need to get a shingles vaccine?

Ask Dr. K: Statins have benefits beyond lowering cholesterol

DEAR DOCTOR K: I had bypass surgery last year, and I’ve been on two different statins. But I had severe muscle and joint pain. Do I really need to be on a statin? The side effects are awful for me.

Letter to the editor: Fabulous fair

To the editor: I had the privilege to attend the Female and Fabulous Fair at Water’s Edge. What a wonderful event for the women of the community. The “Girl Talks” and the lectures were very informative. Breakfast was yummy. I also had a great massage thanks to Barbara Hicks, wine tasting and a cooking demonstration. All these events were free.

Ask Dr. K: Plan ahead to keep healthy meals and snacks ready to go

DEAR DOCTOR K: Between my job and kids, I rarely have time to prepare and sit down to a healthy meal. I’ve had my fill of fast food and energy bars. Any suggestions?

Ask Dr. K: You can keep a journal to manage your stress

DEAR DOCTOR K: My therapist told me that regularly writing in a journal might help ease my stress and improve my mood. Is there any evidence to back this up?

Ask Dr. K: Pacemakers have become smaller, more reliable

DEAR DOCTOR K: I’m scheduled to have a pacemaker inserted in a couple of weeks. Can you tell me what will happen during the procedure?

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Living with ALS

arianne Sansour has ALS. It will eventually kill her, but she’s facing down her diagnosis with a deep faith, a wicked sense of humor and a bouyant attitude.

Ask Dr. K: Corticosteroids reduce inflammation of eczema

DEAR DOCTOR K: My 21-month-old daughter has eczema. Is there any way to treat this condition without steroids?

Ask Dr. K: Weight loss, healthy diet are best medicine for diabetics

DEAR DOCTOR K: I have Type 2 diabetes. Is there anything I can do to cut down on my medications?

Ask Dr. K: ‘Superfoods’ offer heart-healthy protection

DEAR DOCTOR K: You’ve written about “superfoods” that deliver a lot of nutritional bang for their buck. Do you have a list of superfoods for heart health?

Health grant focuses on 'getting ready'

North Central Public Health District was recently notified that they will be awarded $14,000 from the Greater Oregon Chapter of the March of Dimes to launch “Healthy Women Get Ready” activities aimed at supporting women of reproductive age.


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