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Ask Dr. K: Home blood pressure monitor gives control

DEAR DOCTOR K: My doctor told me to check my blood pressure at home, but he didn’t give me many details. Could you provide some guidance? DEAR READER: Keeping your blood pressure in check is vital to maintaining heart health and preventing stroke. But the way most of us monitor our pressure — by trekking to the doctor’s office for occasional blood pressure checks — is far from ideal.

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Area prepared for Ebola

Vaccinations are a more pressing need

Ask Dr. K: Volunteering for a study can help you and others

DEAR DOCTOR K: I have a particular disease. A nearby medical school is recruiting people with my condition to participate in a research study. Should I volunteer? DEAR READER There are two good reasons to consider volunteering for a study: It might help you, and it might help others. In some types of studies, there also may be risks to you.

Ask Dr. K: Test recommended only for men of a certain age

DEAR DOCTOR K: I’ve heard so many conflicting opinions about whether or not to get screened for prostate cancer. Are there official guidelines? What do they recommend? DEAR READER: To say that prostate cancer screening has been controversial is an understatement. I spoke to my colleague Dr. Marc Garnick, clinical professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, to hear his thoughts.

Ask Dr. K: Safety of e-cigarettes has yet to be established

DEAR DOCTOR K: I caught my son and his friends smoking e-cigarettes. My son tells me I have no reason to worry, and that they’re safer than regular cigarettes. What exactly are e-cigarettes? Are they safe?

Pink Project gives comfort to women with cancer

The money raised by The Dalles High School students will help The Pink Project, a local charity, bring comfort to women diagnosed with cancer. Doreen Koch of The Dalles, a breast cancer survivor and founder of Project Pink, said her group averages one new comfort bag a week, and has given out 200 in the last three years.

Lifestyle changes ease discomfort of gerd

DEAR DOCTOR K: Can lifestyle changes help relieve my heartburn? DEAR READER: Heartburn is an uncomfortable burning sensation that radiates up the middle of your chest.

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Health Foundation receives $4,250

Fort Dalles Rodeo raises funds with ‘Tough Enough’ campaign

Correction: Lawsuits against two MCMC adminstrators dismissed before settlement

CORRECTION Lawsuits against Duane Francis and Diane Storby, two administrators at Mid-Columbia Medical Center, were dismissed before a settlement was reached this week between the hospital and four women who were sexually abused by a former anesthesiologist while they were sedated. The Chronicle incorrectly stated on Wednesday, Oct. 1, that lawsuits against Francis and Storby were part of the settlement.

Walk memorializes family loss in pregnancy, infancy

Gorge residents touched by the loss of pregnancy from miscarriage, ectopic, stillbirth or infant loss within the first year of life are invited to walk in memorial Oct. 3 in Hood River.

Ask Dr. K: There is no one test to diagnose Alzheimer’s

DEAR DOCTOR K: My husband’s doctor suspects that he has Alzheimer’s disease and wants him to have neuropsychological testing. What will these tests involve?

Ask Dr. K: Atrial fibrillation drugs have pros and cons

DEAR DOCTOR K: I’ve been taking warfarin without any problems for years to treat atrial fibrillation. Now my doctor wants me to switch to a different medicine. Should I?

Letter to the editor: Dr. K wrong

To the editor: I’m sure Dr. K meant well and much of his information about Essential Tremor is correct and helpful. But the part he got wrong is very wrong. His comments are damaging to the spirit of those who struggle with ET, and misinforms those who are looking for answers to their shakes.

Letter to the editor: ALS Walk

To the editor: The Ice Bucket Challenge has taken our nation by storm, bringing much needed attention to A.L.S. (Lou Gherig’s Disease).

Ask Dr. K: Women at risk for breast cancer need yearly MRI

DEAR DOCTOR K: I’m at high risk for breast cancer. Should I have screening mammograms, MRIs or both?


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