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Ask Dr. K: Exercise is the best feel-good step you can take

DEAR DOCTOR K: When I’m tired, the last thing I want to do is exercise. But my wife says that exercising will actually boost my energy. Is she right?

Flu cases strike the gorge

Cases of influenza have been reported to North Central Public Health District in recent weeks.

Ask Dr. K: Sexually active women must find right birth control pill

DEAR DOCTOR K: I've recently become sexually active and I'm planning to go on the pill. But there are so many different types of birth control pills. Which one is right for me?

Ask Dr. K: Light helps overcome seasonal affective disorder

DEAR DOCTOR K: I have seasonal affective disorder so I dread the approach of winter. What can I do?

Ditch Cover Oregon? Republican lawmaker says yes

SALEM — A Republican state lawmaker who’s running for governor said Friday that he plans to introduce legislation to shut down Oregon’s troubled health insurance exchange.

Ask Dr. K: Some foods pose choking threat

DEAR DOCTOR K: I have two young children. I know not to buy toys with small parts or keep coins within their reach. What other choking hazards should I be aware of?

Ask Dr. K: C-reactive protein test offers evidence of heart disease

DEAR DOCTOR K: A few years ago my doctor told me that C-reactive protein was an important indicator of heart disease risk. At my last checkup, he didn’t mention it at all. Is it still considered important?

Ask Dr. K: Safety of e-cigarettes has yet to be proved

DEAR DOCTOR K: After smoking for more than 15 years, I finally quit eight months ago. But I still miss my cigarettes. I recently heard about electronic cigarettes. Are they safe?

US: 4 years of slowing health care costs

WASHINGTON — Even as his health care law divided the nation, President Barack Obama’s first term saw historically low growth in health costs, government experts said in a new report Monday.

Portland hospitals report 7 flu deaths

The H1N1 virus is hitting hard enough to almost be pandemic

Ask Dr. K: Non-drug strategies to ease pain for Cirrhosis

DEAR DOCTOR K: I have cirrhosis of the liver. I also get tension headaches. What pain reliever can I take for my tension headaches?

Ask Dr. K: Here’s a simple solution for nosebleeds

DEAR DOCTOR K: My son suffers from occasional nosebleeds. What's the best way to stop a nosebleed? DEAR READER: Many people suffer from nosebleeds. I tend to get them this time of year when the air is cold and dry, as it irritates the normally warm, moist surfaces inside the nose.

Body clock may be to blame for bedtime woes when tots fight sleep

WASHINGTON — “Just one more story, please?” ‘’I need a glass of water.” ‘’Mom, I can’t sleep!” When youngsters continually struggle to fall asleep at night, new research suggests maybe their body clock doesn’t match their bedtime. That doesn’t mean tots should be up at all hours.

Ask Dr. K: Pregnancy with twins can be more challenging

DEAR DOCTOR K: I just found out I'm pregnant with twins. How will this pregnancy be different from my last one?

Ask Dr. K: Rest, heat and gentle exercises can ease neck pain

DEAR DOCTOR K: I’m often bothered by neck pain. What can I do to manage the pain when it strikes?


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