Letter to the Editor: More funding, not less

To the editor: Bill Gates recently stated, "…of all things that could kill more than 10 million people around the world, the most likely is an epidemic stemming from either natural causes or bioterrorism."

Letter to the Editor: GOP breaks promises

To the editor: Trump promised that he would not cut Medicaid. Republican House and Senate representatives promised to replace Obamacare with something better—they didn’t say they had in mind to make huge cuts to Medicaid and to throw many millions of us off health care insurance.

Crosstalk: A peek behind the curtain

A peek behind the curtain

Commentary: Parents: Stay engaged with teens, keep talking

For most of our kids, school’s out for summer! And as a parent, do you know where your teen is? As your police chief, I am becoming more and more concerned about the youth in our community.

Letter to the Editor: ‘Not Real News’ fan

To the editor: I really like your “Not Real News” section. Keep it up!

Letter to the Editor: Walden: Pay attention

To the editor: Yes, I am a progressive liberal. I can’t recall a policy I’ve agreed with Senator Ferrioli on…until now. Senator Ferrioli just voted to extend health care to all children in Oregon, including those without documentation, because it made economic sense but also because it was the right thing to do from a societal aspect. Mr. Walden would do well to pay attention to the actions just demonstrated by Senator Ferrioli and try, just once, to stand up and do the right thing whether or not it’s popular with his party and his donors.

Letter to the Editor: Trump violations

To the editor: When President Donald Trump met in secret with Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit he did not have independent witnesses or his own national security team present. It lasted for more than two hours and afterward it appeared that President Trump agreed with Putin's assertion that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election. What else was discussed?

Letter to the Editor: Not flawed

To the editor: In response to Scott Haanstad's letter to the editor commenting that it was a flawed decision to display fireworks in The Dalles on the Saturday prior to the 4th of July, I completely disagree.

Crosstalk: What to do about N. Korea?

What to do about N. Korea?

Letter to the Editor: What’s been done?

To the editor: So, what's been done to protect us from the next Russian attack?!

Letter to the Editor: Be an activist!

To the editor: "What unites us is stronger than our differences,” The Dalles Chronicle, Sunday July 2, 2017: It is ludicrous for Ms. Wilhelm to say she's an activist yet claim resisters are not. Protest is what made America! Resistance IS productive.

Letter to the Editor: Pool not open

To the editor: Why in the world was The Dalles public pool closed on July 4th? Why were our kids and adults denied the recreation and the cooling benefits of the new public pool on this national holiday?

Tease photo

Editorial: Celebrating July 4 is important

What happened in The Dalles? The Fort Dalles Fourth decided to honor America’s 241st birthday on July 1 instead of July 4.

Letter to the Editor: Flawed decision

To the editor: Sometimes decisions are made with the best intentions but turn out to be incorrect and flawed. Take The Dalles Independence Day fireworks display having been changed to Saturday, July 1, and not the actual signing date of July 4th.

Letter to the Editor: Harm to kittens

To the editor: This is a letter to the stupid, cruel individual who dumped innocent kittens on Highway 216 on approximately 23 June. They did not stand a chance. I cannot express the anger and hurt I feel for these young animals.



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