Letter to the Editor: Vote Smith for judge

To the editor: Let me begin by saying first of all I personally like our present court officials. I believe they are doing a good job. Although now with Judge Thompson retiring and his position open, we have candidates Mike Smith and Joe Dabulskis seeking to fill his position. The dilemma I see it is if Joe is elected we have to fill his vacancy with an appointment. That would mean we would have one member with little experience and one with no experience on a three-member court, leading our county.

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Letter to the Editor: Believe in the future

To the editor: Schools are a big part of most local communities. They are just as important here. It is something that folks can have pride in and support. My wife and I both graduated from The Dalles High School.

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Letter to the Editor: How can we afford it?

To the editor: There is no question that passing the North Wasco school bond 33-98 is a good thing. The question is how do residents living on fixed incomes afford the hundreds and hundreds of dollars in additional property taxes needed to support passage of this bond?

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Letter to the Editor: Excited about schools

To the editor: I plan to vote yes Nov. 6 on Measure 33-98 to replace the four oldest schools in North Wasco County School District. I’m excited about this opportunity to bring our schools into the 21st century and provide the advanced technology that our existing schools can’t.

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Letter to the Editor: Support Walden

To the editor: Years ago, an informational meeting was held at Spooky’s in the Dalles for state retirement employees. Our two state legislators, Rep. Greg Walden, a Republican, and Sen. Wayne Fawbush, a Democrat, were there to answer questions. Walden gave us solid facts, Fawbush got up and tried to be funny and said nothing. Walden has proven himself the right person to represent us in Congress.

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Letter to the Editor: Get engaged

To the editor: When Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Democrat candidate for the Oregon District 2 Congressional Seat, challenged incumbent Greg Walden to three debates, he agreed by saying “I look forward to debating you.” This verbal exchange was followed up with a letter hand-delivered by McLeod-Skinner to Rep. Walden’s office in Bend. The first “debate” was held in Medford on Friday, Aug. 31, however, Rep. Walden was absent. What is your part in the election as a constituent? Be informed, register, and vote.

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Letter to the Editor: Vote for Greg

To the editor: I am a 60-year resident of The Dalles, a registered Independent voter who is concerned about the criticism of Greg Walden’s record in Congress. He is a native Eastern Oregonian, while his opponent has only registered to vote in Oregon this year and has lived most of the past years in California.

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Letter to the Editor: ‘Deep State’ report

To the editor: If Rachel Maddow, or any other American for that matter, needs to really know “what’s going on,” all they have to do is read the documents assembled by the U.S. Congress that prove the Trump-Russia collusion “witch hunt” was instigated by a cabal of “Deep State,” officials buried within the Obama-Clinton Regime intent upon keeping Trump from becoming president.

September 14, 2018 2:43 p.m. read more..

Letter to the Editor: High alerts for toxins

To the editor: In my observation over the winter of 2017-18 at The Dalles Dam, there was a lot of dredging going on behind the dam. I am on high alert, for the reason that to disturb the build up would be a hazard for it contains years of accumulation of toxic chemicals from Hanford, the coal industry, toxic dumping, PCBs, neurotoxins and such.

September 14, 2018 2:42 p.m. read more..



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