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    Letter to the editor: Return Runyon

    To the editor: To the voters of Wasco county: This is the time to take a few minutes and look at who is running for positions for our county commissioners.

    Letter to the editor: Invasive wolves

    To the editor: There have been many opinions on the wolf status in Oregon, I figure I will get mine out there also.

    Letter to the editor: How many more?

    To the editor: Just wondering how many more local downtown businesses will have to close before the city decides to take action? With nothing new coming in, I see a ghost town in our future.

    Letter to the editor: Health burden

    To the editor: Whereas my parents lived during and managed to survive through The Great Depression of the 1930s; my children will be (thanks be to this Great Depressing Obamacare program and its regulations to cut home health care by 14 percent over a four-year period) challenged with my survival when my body loses its functions and requires home care.



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