Guest Commentary: Rural citizens sometimes feel like outsiders

One man’s idea to make Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington part of Idaho makes cultural sense. Politically and constitutionally, however, the scheme is unlikely.

Letter to the Editor: Corporate measure

On Saturday, Oct. 3,the Better Oregon campaign kicked off its signature drive to place an initiative measure on the Fall 2016 ballot. The measure will raise the corporate minimum tax on large corporations.

Crosstalk: Will Boehner’s departure bring change?

Will Boehner’s departure bring change?

Letter to the editor: City headed right way

To the editor: Here is what I have to say about former city councilor Carolyn Wood’s letter to the editor (Sept. 19) and the accompanying editorial regarding the city manager’s termination:

Editorial: When snitching is a good thing

The following editorial was published Sept. 28 in The News Review of Roseburg regarding the vital role “whistleblowers” play in societal accountability:

Guest Commentary: Key legislative races in 2016

It’s way too early to tell for sure, but a look at how the 2016 general election ballot is shaping up in Oregon suggests that the compelling races will not be at the top of the ballot.

Letter to the Editor: Carving out new jobs

Carving out new jobs

Letter to the Editor: Don’t need dictator

Don’t need dictator

Letter to the Editor: Earthquake readiness

Earthquake readiness

Letter to the Editor: Wonderful events

Wonderful events

Letter to the editor: Help for homeless

Help for homeless

Crosstalk: What is the value of exploring history?

What is the value of exploring history?

Letter to the Editor: Greater than the sum

Greater than the sum

Letter to the Editor: Lessons learned

Lessons learned

Letter to the Editor: We need Hillary

We need Hillary



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