Letter to the editor: Good neighbors

To the editor: An investment in Rural Oregon for nearly 60 years, Outdoor School has provided high-quality, place-based science education to generations of Oregon students. Launched in 1957 in southern Oregon, Outdoor School is a tradition that has enriched and inspired over one million Oregonians.

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Editorial cartoons from June 28

Editorial cartoons from June 28, 2015.

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Editorial: Support Fort Dalles Fourth: Show Up!

As the “oohs” and “aahs” of the crowd waft over the Lewis and Clark Festival Park during the local July 4 fireworks show, a small group of exhausted people will be smiling with satisfaction.

Letter to the editor: Visit TD mini-museum

Military exhibit downtown

Letter to the editor: Bad global situation

What is happening to the world I used to know?

Letter to the editor: Teacher compliments

Teachers work tirelessly

Letter to the editor: Take care of animals

Dogs have feelings, too


The best woman to feature on $10 bill

Commentary: Revitalize Main Street Act supports state, local economies

The dismissal of the Revitalize Main Street Act (SB 565) published by the Chronicle reflects a short-sighted view of the state’s role in the economic health and safety of communities, stating that any investment in the restoration of historic infrastructure takes money from schools. A more holistic view sees that schools and local services depend on healthy local economies – the very thing SB 565 strives to address.

Letter to the editor: Thanks for ALS help

To the editor: On June 9, an ALS benefit was held at Burgerville and we would like to thank the many businesses who donated prizes and helped make this benefit a huge success.



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