Letter to the Editor: Knowledge

To the editor: In the Oct. 10 Opinion column, “Tragedy revives gun argument,” Mark Gibson made a false statement. He wrote, “But AR stands for ‘assault rifle.’” It actually stands for Armalite, the company that produced it.

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Editorial: Fire fuels multi-prong debate

Fire fuels multi-prong debate

Guest Column: We can choose to bring positive change

We can choose to bring positive change

Letter to the Editor: Real reform

To the editor: Our 35 percent corporate tax rate encourages businesses to move profits and jobs to low-tax nations. At the same time, deductions and loopholes allow major companies like GE and Apple to avoid paying taxes. Done responsibly, there could be bipartisan support for corporate tax reform.

Letter to the Editor: Pay respects

To the editor: Regarding your editorial, “Compromise is becoming lost art.'” The late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said it best: "I have usually sought to avoid compromise, because it more often than not turns out to involve an abdication of principle," and "Consensus is the absence of leadership.”

Letter to the Editor: NFL question

To the editor: I have a question for those people boycotting the NFL because some players are not standing for the anthem, an action which you believe disrespects veterans, though that is clearly not their intent.

Letter to the Editor: Salmon challenges

To the editor: Attention fishermen! Columbia River salmon and steelhead are facing urgent challenges to avoid extinction.

Letter to the Editor: Cancer awareness

To the editor: This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's also a great time to remember those who are battling all forms of this dreaded disease and to celebrate those who have had or have cancer.

Crosstalk: Should Trump pare back EPA?

Should Trump pare back EPA?

Letter to the Editor: Civil gun discussion

To the editor: This is an open letter to gun owners in my community. I am confident that we are all alike in this way: We all feel great shock and sadness about the people who were recently killed and seriously injured in the Las Vegas shooting. We are different in this way: I do not own any guns. I don’t believe that this difference needs to divide us the way it has often done.

Letter to the Editor: It takes knowledge

To the editor: It is more difficult to engage a man with the word g-o-d than it is with a specific topic derived from the Scriptures. If I began a conversation with a man using the word g-o-d this and g-o-d that it would be a very short conversation. It is much more reasonable to say, “Did you know that the Hebrew prophet Jeremiah foretold of the Jewish people returning to their land after their dispersion by the Romans?”

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Editorial: Compromise is becoming lost art

Compromise is becoming lost art

Guest Column: Going from crappiness to happiness

Going from crappiness to happiness

Letter to the Editor: Beyond belief

To the editor: Let me begin by admitting that I am probably one of the “Leftists” that Ms. Ricarte is constantly blaming for just about every “problem” that American society has these days. But this time I feel compelled to respond to the diatribe she blames on “The Left.”

Letter to the Editor: U.S. has racist history

To the editor: The United States has a sordid history of oppressing blacks and minorities for over 400 years. Slavery began in the Virginia Colony in 1609. In 2017, we have yet to live out the true meaning of our creed “…that all men are created equal.”


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