Letter to the Editor: Walden works for veterans

To the Editor: Military is a family occupation. When someone serves their nation, it impacts their family as well. Through watching my loved ones serve, I have seen the importance of caring for our nation’s military and their families.

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Letter to the Editor: Listen to your heart and vote

To the Editor: It was March of 2017 when Greg Walden last hosted a public meeting at the Readiness Center here in The Dalles. This was over a year before our primary election took place. At that time, the name Jamie McLeod-Skinner was merely a whisper. Nearly 500 constituents of District 2 were in attendance, myself included. It was then I read aloud a letter I had written to Mr. Walden, and I quote from that letter now…

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Letter to the Editor: Vote them out!

To the Editor: I am heartbroken for my beloved country and I do not understand why any decent human being would think that our commander in chief is anything but despicable and immoral and dangerous to the world and our children’s futures. Why do 90 percent of elected Republicans not cry outrage at his lies and insults upon our allies while conspiring with our enemies to steal the democracy that I and countless vets have given years and lives to defend and all Americans should cherish? It’s time to vote them out!

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Letter to the Editor: Exchanging glory for grass

To the Editor: Psalm 106: 19-20: “They made a calf at Horeb and worshipped the molten image. They exchanged their glory for the image of an ox eating grass. They forgot God their Savior.” (Yashua). The word “pastor,” based on the word “pasture,” means: “grass eaten by cattle.” If we “graze,” that is, respond superficially to scripture and obey church teachings and reject our savior, then we will have exchanged this glory and our Divine Providence for grass.

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Letter to the Editor: Jamie listens, cares

To the Editor: Did you watch the debate between Greg Walden and Jamie McLeod-Skinner on KTVZ Oct. 5? I just did and I must say I was very impressed by Jamie, who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives against Walden. He did fine defending his record, as did McLeod- Skinner when she presented her ideas for change. She was articulate and in complete command of the issues.

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Letter to the Editor: Time for a change

To the Editor: Before I recently retired from the practice of orthopedic surgery in The Dalles, I had many patients come to me for care once they had access to health care, thanks to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). These were not Medicare patients; they were younger patients who were struggling to remain employed when they could hardly walk due to pain. I would ask them why they had waited so long to seek care and they would respond that they had been unable to afford health insurance until the passage of the ACA.

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Letter to the Editor: Keep Walden in D.C.

To the Editor: The West Coast of the United States is blessed with abundant forests that play an important role in keeping our air clean and providing critical habitat to an amazing variety of fish and wildlife. However, these forests are becoming increasingly threatened by larger and more numerous fires across the entire West Coast. Please vote for Greg Walden to keep our forest management activities on track.

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Letter to the Editor: Choose your community

To the Editor: Our educational system is boundless in its potential impact on our communities. Strong schools are the foundation of a strong community. Strengthening our schools strengthens our future workforce and develops strong talents right here in The Dalles.

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Letter to the Editor: Support McLeod-Skinner

To the Editor: I think the time has come to elect a new person to represent us in Congress. Jamie McLeod-Skinner has been traveling this sprawling district for nearly a year and a half, meeting, talking, and most importantly, listening to people all over to gain a thorough understanding of our concerns and needs.

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Letter to the Editor: Yes for strong schools

To the Editor: A healthy, thriving community requires strong health care services and strong schools. Our community has an opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of our children and for future generations through the North Wasco School District bond Measure 33-98 and the Dufur School District bond Measure 33-97. On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Mid-Columbia Medical Center, we are asking our community members to vote “YES” for both bond measures.

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Letter to the Editor: Value unborn children

To the Editor: I think we could all agree that killing children is a bad thing. But is the unborn child a baby to be valued, or a fetus to be terminated at will? In Oregon, we answer this with the question: Are they wanted?

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Letter to the Editor: Change political climate

To the Editor: The present political climate in these United States is not healthy for our republic. An essential component of a functioning democracy is political engagement — face to face discourse between citizens on issues of substance. But political engagement in our time has devolved into ideological jousting via social media, which serves only to harden the false divisions in a dysfunctional downward spiral.

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Letter to the Editor: Tax burden too great

On top of already paying some of the highest if not the highest property taxes in the state (WHY?) now we are going to be asked to add to them at a rate of $2.99 per thousand which will add at least for me another $600.00 plus dollars a year on said taxes. Are all the people not just homeowners but also renters whose already high rents will go up after their landlords pass the tax expense on to them going think we need to give the schools 235 million dollars to play with?

October 26, 2018 2:31 p.m. read more..

Letter to the Editor: Jamie represents values

To the editor: I’m voting for Jamie McLeod-Skinner for U.S. Congress because she represents the values of residents in this congressional district. Jamie is for integrity, hard work, and doing what is right.

October 26, 2018 2:30 p.m. read more..


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