Letter to the Editor: Origin of weeds

To the editor: What, according to Scripture, did the Creator create? He created Heaven and Earth and the laws therein. Everything producing according to its kind. So why the weeds, and where do they come from?

Letter to the Editor: Irony of ‘terror’ alert

To the editor: Fear is often associated with some perceived threat and often fuels racism and irrational thought. In “Filled by Terror” by Mr. John Taylor, he considers undocumented CGCC students who are pursuing a professional career a terror to “this land we inhabit.”

Letter to the Editor: Act today

To the editor: In 2010, my husband, Mark Nelson, was diagnosed with aggressive leukemia; after 13 months of extremely costly treatment (hundreds of thousands of dollars), he died. Thankfully, we had health insurance.

Letter to the Editor: Don’t bash

To the editor: Must you continually bash President Trump in your caricatures? I do not recall you doing it when Obama was elected.

Letter to the Editor: GOP wrong

To the editor: What has gone wrong in the hearts of so many Republicans in Congress? Leadership in both the House and Senate have made every effort to ram through a health care bill that is cruel, extremely unpopular with the American people, and guaranteed to pad the pockets of the rich. What can motivate human beings to rip away affordable health care from 23 million people?

Letter to the Editor: Compromise

To the editor: In respect to the editorial position of The Dalles Chronicle in regards to the Gorge Commission’s ruling to prohibit Union Pacific additional track in the Mosier area I suggest a compromise.

Letter to the Editor: Weeds are great evil

To the editor: Was pulling weeds… again. Thorns and thistles. Weeds help convince me that the g-o-d referred to in the Hebrew Scriptures exists.

Letter to the Editor: Another election?

To the editor: Just have a question ... Regardless of Trump’s involvement, shouldn’t we have another election, if it’s true another country altered the outcome of the election?

Crosstalk: U.S. heading down bad road

U.S. heading down bad road

Letter to the Editor: Media’s biased approach

Letter to the Editor: Media’s biased approach

Letter to the Editor: Attacks on Republicans

To the editor: Anyone who was surprised by the shooting attack on Republican lawmakers in Virginia must have their head in the sand. I cannot remember the last time I heard, read or saw anything from any Democrat of consequence that wasn’t vitriolic about President Trump.

Letter to the Editor: U.S. needs strong EPA

To the editor: On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to land on the moon. On June 22, 1969, the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio, caught fire for the 13th time in 100 years. While the scientists responsible for the moon landing were celebrated, scientists warning us about impending environmental disasters were largely ignored. The fire did help Congress to initiate the Environmental Protection Agency under President Nixon.

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Editorial: Railroads essential to commerce

It was hardly surprising that the politically-driven Columbia Gorge Commission decided last week to reject Union Pacific’s proposal to build an extended railroad siding at Mosier. UP attorneys rightfully questioned why their project was being seen in an almost totally different light by commission officials in 2017.

Letter to the Editor: Strike shock

To the editor: I saw the front-page news about the hunger strike at our local jail; I was shocked that the strike was based on the fact the inmates are only receiving one hot meal a day and cold meals the rest of the day.

Letter to the Editor: Get facts

To the editor: It is common knowledge that our country has been attacked, an attack on every person in every household in every part of the United States. Not with bombs or bullets and without a drop of blood shed. The attack came during our 2016 election process while the American public was distracted and engaged in a pompous reality show spectacle.



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