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Editorial: A link forged in a crucible

Members of the QLife board of directors served cupcakes at Sept. 22 The Dalles City Council meeting.

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Editorial: Paid sick leave long overdue

A coalition of activist organizations seeking to boost the minimum wage and require paid sick days for all workers has a better shot at the second goal, at least in Oregon.

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Editorial: Cutting the Gordian Knots

The Dalles City Council had a couple of opportunities at its Monday meeting to cause grief and strife in the life of local residents, and, to its credit, avoided doing so in both cases.

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Editorial: ‘Free’ isn’t on a platter

Oregon rolled out details of Gov. John Kitzhaber’s “free” college plan that is not quite the two years of college on a platter that some might envision.

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Editorial: Cover Oregon should disband

It is a failure. Its name should be permanently retired, to rest among the annals of worst-executed state projects. Its remaining work should be transferred to the Oregon Health Authority or other state agencies, providing a fresh start.

Brochure focuses on The Dalles history

In October 2012, the first-ever Reconnect to the River Festival was sponsored by The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce. The event was to celebrate the completion of the new city dock and the arrival of cruise ships to The Dalles.

Editorial: Oil trains add to disaster probability

Two largely silent collaborators in the transport of fossil fuels through the Columbia River Gorge spoke up Sept. 9 before the Columbia River Gorge Commission.

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Editorial: Balance needed in stream rules

The Oregon Board of Forestry took another step last week in its effort to keep small and midsize streams cool enough to meet the state’s Protecting Cold Water standards. The board voted Wednesday to move forward with rule-making that will apply largely to streams on privately owned timberland. Fortunately, neither the board nor the Oregon Department of Forestry it oversees appears willing to rush the process.

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Editorial cartoons from Sept. 9

Editorial cartoons from Sept. 9, 2014

Letter to the editor: Are you ok?

To the editor: When was the last time you asked someone if they were OK? A friend, neighbor, co-worker, family member, someone who seemed pretty down lately, lacking their usual demeanor? If we each did a little more asking and paying as much attention to one’s mental health as we do one’s physical ailments, we could reduce the high rate of suicide.

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Editorial: Subtract domestic and what do you have?

The truth came out this week in the domestic violence case of three-time NFL Pro Bowl running back Ray Rice and his fiance Janay Palmer.

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Editorial: Go, learn, get ready

On Saturday, Sept. 20, local emergency planners are hosting a Get Ready The Dalles event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue.

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Editorial: Focus on forest, not just plans

Disdain for the U.S. Forest Service’s draft plan for managing the Wallowa-Whitman, Umatilla and Malheur national forests is widespread.

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Editorial: Compounding the problem

If you’re feeling a sense of déjà vu these days when reading The Chronicle it’s no surprise, at least where The Dalles City Council stories are concerned.

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Editorial: Two-wheeled invasion

Yes, Wasco County will be invaded by around 2,200 bicyclists starting next weekend — but in a good way.



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