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Editorial: Easter is a time of faith, folklore

In true American style, Easter is not only Christianity’s most important holiday but, in the secular realm, a day when an iconic hare leaves baskets of candy for children and decorated eggs are hunted.

Crosstalk: Is right-to-work a good or bad idea?

I have never worked for a union shop, but several members of my family have, both in the public sector, which includes the most prominent unions today, and the private sector, where union membership, representing only 7 percent of America's workforce, is at its lowest level since the 1930s. In the private sector, it's hard to sympathize with, for example, the dock workers currently battling shipping companies at the Port of Portland.

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Editorial: Obamacare saves on charity care costs

The following editorial appeared in the Coos Bay World on March 19 regarding Obamacare benefits: We wonder if opponents to the Affordable Care Act — Obamacare — saw this one coming.

Crosstalk: How serious is Clinton email issue?

The questions being asked regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton use of a personal email account for government business are not new.

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Editorial: Don’t hide records behind high costs

Don’t hide records behind high costs

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Editorial: It’s time to stop wasteful dispute

The battle over a current public health district employee’s decision to paint his future office at the Wasco County Planning Department has become as ugly as the faux wood paneling he covered up.

Crosstalk: Global warming: Real or a power grab?

Crosstalk: Global warming: Real or a power grab?

Oregon needs more auditing capacity

What are the biggest differences between Oregon and Washington? They pump their own gas, and we don’t? They have a sales tax and we don’t? They have NFL and Major League franchises and we don’t? Yes, yes and yes. There is another significant distinction, which is glaring in the wake of the Cover Oregon fiasco and the departure of Gov. John Kitzhaber.

Crosstalk: GOP failing in its bid to curb Obama?

GOP failing in its bid to curb Obama

Editorial: Stop downplaying terrorism threat

President Barack Obama’s reluctance to tie the bloody actions of Islamic State terrorists to their ideology could be putting the U.S. and world in greater danger.

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Editorial: New food guidelines may do damage

Recommendations from a panel reviewing food guidelines were released last week, and it’s just as we feared: The new recommendations take into account not just the health impacts of your diet but also the environmental impacts of your food choices.

Crosstalk: What should be done with ‘kicker’?

What should be done with ‘kicker’?

Editorial: Fathers share a vital role in parenting

Kudos to Northern Wasco County Parks & Recreation District for joining the national initiative to promote strong family bonds with the annual Daughter Daddy Dance.

Editorial: ‘Upskirt’ bill needed, but it shouldn’t be

The following editorial ran Feb. 17 in the Albany Democrat-Herald regarding a photo privacy proposal in the Oregon Legislature: Now that at least some of the drama surrounding the governor’s office is starting to fade, we can expect the Legislature to work its way back to its normal early-session rhythms.

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Editorial: MCMC in ‘Catch-22’ due to fed program

What Mid-Columbia Medical Center and other hospitals in the same unfortunate position are going through right now belongs in the pages of a Kafka novel or Joseph Heller’s “Catch-22.” MCMC has very low infection rates. Effectively because of that, the hospital was penalized under a new federal program designed to improve patient safety. Yes, you read that right.



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