Editorial: Governor needs to focus on rural woes

Gov. John Kitzhaber took his oath of office on Jan. 12 to begin his unprecedented fourth term.

Crosstalk: What place does religion hold in America?

Crosstalk: What place does religion hold in America?

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Editorial: Invest more in colleges, schools

Four years ago, Gov. John Kitzhaber proposed the “40-40-20” goal to give Oregon a more skilled workforce. His vision was to attract high-tech firms and other businesses by offering them highly trained employees that could meet production needs.

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Editorial: Free speech can carry a terrible price

We all received a reminder last week that free speech sometimes comes at a terrible cost. Twelve people at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo paid that price Jan 7 when gunmen attacked their Paris office and opened fire.

Editorial: Police bring law and order

America’s law enforcement officers are the guardians of our way of life and, without them, chaos and crime would reign.

Editorial: Mail will suffer with more plant closures

A friend of mine from South Dakota noted that the U.S. Postal Service delivered a lump of coal to many small towns last Christmas when it proceeded to eliminate overnight mail in most of the nation in 2015.

Crosstalk: How much should guns be regulated?

How much should guns be regulated?

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Editorial: Join the ‘Shop Local’ challenge in 2015

Every year during the holiday season we repeatedly hear the phrase “Shop Local” from The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce and The Dalles Main Street.

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Editorial: County decision lacked transparency

Wasco County has been at odds with the North Central Public Health District almost since its inception five years ago, calling all along for more information and less defensiveness from its director.

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Editorial: Drop costly state clean fuels program

The Oregon Legislature seems likely to give yet another lease on life to the Oregon Clean Fuels Program, even though its best option would be to simply kill it — and it has an easy way to do exactly that.

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Editorial: Gorge panel funding should increase

The Columbia River Gorge Commission has long been a controversial agency, and there are many residents who would like to see it disbanded altogether.

Crosstalk: Should U.N. dictate Israeli policy?

Should U.N. dictate Israeli policy? Two views.

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Editorial cartoons from Dec. 7

Editorial cartoons from Dec. 7

Editorial: OR police face different complaint

The cities of Ferguson, Mo., and New York are grappling with massive protests over the deaths of black youth at the hands of white police officers that grand juries have ruled as justified.

Crosstalk: What lessons will protests impart?

What lessons will protests impart? Two views.


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