Editorial: OR police face different complaint

The cities of Ferguson, Mo., and New York are grappling with massive protests over the deaths of black youth at the hands of white police officers that grand juries have ruled as justified.

Crosstalk: What lessons will protests impart?

What lessons will protests impart? Two views.

Editorial: State should form ‘joint’ committee

Despite the jokes it’s bound to elicit, the Oregon Legislature clearly needs a “joint” committee to deal with numerous issues headed for lawmakers in the wake of voters’ approval of recreational marijuana.

Editorial: Remembering Thanksgiving highlights

Remembering Thanksgiving

Editorial: Don’t ignore poverty on your doorstep

In a world of economic crisis and growing poverty, charity needs to begin at home.

Editorial: Timber will have a role in economies

The New York Times ran a story in its Saturday editions about Sweet Home and the town’s attempts to redefine itself now that federal forests don’t produce nearly the level of timber that they have in the past. The story likely was of interest to the paper’s readers, but it probably didn’t tell Oregonians anything they don’t know.

Crosstalk: Defining America’s role in the world

The tremendous personal freedoms offered by America are a beacon of hope for oppressed people from around the world, many of whom have risked, or given, their lives to get to our shores.

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Editorial cartoons from Nov. 16

Editorial cartoons from Nov. 16

Editorial: Don’t trade Thanksgiving for bargains

Consumerism is starting to gobble up Thanksgiving Day and it is a sad trend for Americans to follow. Time with family and friends sharing thoughts of gratitude over a feast should not be traded for a holiday bargain.

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Good behavior can stop beach smoking ban

Well, just when you thought you’d never have occasion to use the phrases “common sense” and “state government” in the same sentence, along comes a news item to show you that perhaps some hope remains.

Crosstalk: Behind the storybook hero lies reality

As a boy my play featured myself as a soldier in World War II. It was something I knew a lot about. My father parachuted into Germany, his stories were compelling.

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Editorial: Rally to show support for vets Nov. 11

Every Nov. 11th in The Dalles, there is a Veterans Day parade to honor those who have served in one of America’s wars.

Editorial: Disrespecting the will of the people

Watching cities scramble to approve a local sales tax on recreational marijuana even before voters decide if it should be legal is reminiscent of children diving for the goodies when the piñata breaks at a birthday party.

Editorial: Yes on Merkley, Richardson, Walden

The Dalles Chronicle Editorial Board is evenly split between political viewpoints and also includes Marilyn Roth, publisher. Following is our endorsement of state and federal candidates in contested races:

Editorial: M88 fixes system, M90 opens doors

The Dalles Chronicle Editorial Board is evenly split between political viewpoints and also includes Marilyn Roth, publisher. Following is a breakdown of our vote on two statewide measures that will be decided by Oregon voters Nov. 4. The remainder of the ballot issues, as well are our endorsement of state and federal candidates, will be addressed later this week.


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