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Editorial: What price a cure?

A new hepatitis C treatment that costs $1,000 per pill and its affect on Medicaid budgets is raising the scrutiny of a pair of U.S. senators, including Oregon’s Sen. Ron Wyden with good reason.

Editorial: Finding perspective amid calamity

Children killed in Gaza, the ebola epidemic in Africa, armed conflicts across the globe, drug cartel violence in Central America, catastrophic plane crashes, children forced on long trecks to escape violence and poverty in their own lands, political corruption and influence-peddling — every day the news brings word of more tragedy and calamity around the world.

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Editorial: Feds effectively limit timber industry

The Oregon Department of Forestry’s annual report on timber production shows the need to increase logging on federal lands.

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Editorial: A Habitat landmark

The 20th Habitat for Humanity house in The Dalles area is now under construction on East 12th Street.

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Editorial: Sharpen pencils, then we’ll talk

The numbers were there in stark black-and-white — evidence that City of The Dalles water and sewer rates have climbed far beyond those of Eastern Oregon cities of comparable size.

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Editorial: Wake-up call on assaults

The University of Oregon’s inept, slow-motion initial response to a student’s allegations of sexual assault against three UO basketball players is part of a national pattern: Many U.S. colleges and universities fall short in how they investigate and resolve such claims.

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Editorial: Gathering at the river

Fort Dalles Days is officially in full swing this week, having kicked off (and we do mean kick) Friday evening with a chili cook-off at The Mint, followed by the big downtown shindig, Jammin’ July Street Fest July 12. Sweltering heat or not, this event always brings big crowds into downtown The Dalles with plenty of music, an old-fashioned shoot-out, some good-natured competition (via chalk and microphones) and plenty of food and libations.

Editorial: Their lives, our problem

How desperate must conditions be for parents to send their young children off to make their way alone in an inhospitable world?

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Editorial: Marijuana: learn from Wash. mistakes

Sales of marijuana for recreational use began Tuesday in Washington state and the people who will manage a similar program in Oregon — assuming voters here approve recreational use of pot at the November election — would do well to pay attention to what’s been happening to our northern neighbor.

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Editorial: A spirited celebration

Spectators weren’t disappointed in the outcome of the Fort Dalles Fourth celebration that brought liveliness to The Dalles on Independence Day for the first time in a long while.

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Editorial: Don’t cut out the public

If reactions around The Chronicle office are any indication, some North Wasco County School District board members were right to be concerned about the relatively abrupt manner in which a mascot option was brought before the board at its last meeting. Board members were given a single logo option to consider and asked to approve it at the same meeting. Understandably, board members had varying reactions to the proposed logo, just as the folks here at The Chronicle did.

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Editorial: One pot vote is plenty

Oregon might easily have joined Colorado and Washington state in voting to legalize marijuana two years ago. But the sponsors of Oregon’s legalization measure over-reached, presenting the voters with a proposal that crossed the line from legalization into advocacy. The initiative’s extreme language drove away the deep-pocketed national supporters who helped bankroll the marijuana legalization campaigns in Washington and Colorado, and Measure 80 won only 47 percent of the vote.

Editorial: Small town fun in a big way

Nothing speaks to Americana and good old-fashioned patriotism like a small-town Independence Day celebration.

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Editorial: The roar of promises

We can’t help being excited about the prospect of an art installation drawn from the mind of artist Maya Lin being located.

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Editorial: The games go on

Presidential detractors are adding a tick mark to the win column this week after the U.S. Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling saying Barack Obama overstepped his authority in deciding when the U.S. Senate was in recess and making recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board.


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