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Editorial: Plan ahead for Christmas alone

Plan ahead for Christmas alone

Crosstalk: Obamacare,‘tweak’ or repeal?

Obamacare: ‘Tweak’ or repeal?

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Editorial: Think community year-round

The generosity of Americans is never more evident than during the holiday season. The critics of the capitalist system in the U.S. are many, but when disaster strikes, the world depends on the unparalleled generosity of Americans.

Crosstalk: What is behind record gun sales in US?

What is behind record gun sales in US?

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Editorial: Huffman soars in right direction

Rep. John Huffman, R-The Dalles, has been headed in the right direction since the shift from military use of drones to civilian applications began several years ago. Concerned about balancing proactive use of the growing industry with people’s privacy, Huffman formed a special work group to research issues three years ago.

Crosstalk: Dealing with climate change

Dealing with climate change

Crosstalk: Should #BlackLivesMatter be watched?

Should #BlackLivesMatter be watched?

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Editorial: Wolf plan needs to be balanced

The looming court battle over the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission’s decision to remove gray wolves from the state endangered species list is a prime example of the growing disconnect between people in urban centers and food producers in rural areas.

Editorial: State needs different approach to prison management

Oregon needs different approach to prison management

Editorial: Oregon has room for improvement

Oregon's Gov. Kate Brown doesn't think 2016 is the right time to add more money to the state's ailing highway system. Rather, she wants to concentrate her effort on raising the state's minimum wage.

Crosstalk: No boots on the ground vow revoked

No boots on the ground vow revoked

Editorial: Bridging Oregon’s two cultures

Oregon is a big, diversified state on a number of levels. In a sense, two distinct cultures exist side-by-side. The size of the state, along with the sharp political divisions that endure, can create a gulf between perception and understanding.

Crosstalk: Is watching TV harmful or helpful?

Crosstalk: Is watching TV harmful or helpful?

Editorial: Students need to learn, not test

According to a recent news release, President Barack Obama plans to relax the current performance testing requirement for all students. At the advice of U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, the president is advocating to limit the amount of time students spend taking tests to measure their achievement.

Editorial: Wildlife collisions higher in fall

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife reports October is the busiest month for vehicle-wildlife collisions — and a short drive up Browns Creek and back to The Dalles via Cherry Heights Road bears out their warning: Six deer dead on the roadside, two together on one corner.


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