Editorial: ‘Upskirt’ bill needed, but it shouldn’t be

The following editorial ran Feb. 17 in the Albany Democrat-Herald regarding a photo privacy proposal in the Oregon Legislature: Now that at least some of the drama surrounding the governor’s office is starting to fade, we can expect the Legislature to work its way back to its normal early-session rhythms.

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Editorial: MCMC in ‘Catch-22’ due to fed program

What Mid-Columbia Medical Center and other hospitals in the same unfortunate position are going through right now belongs in the pages of a Kafka novel or Joseph Heller’s “Catch-22.” MCMC has very low infection rates. Effectively because of that, the hospital was penalized under a new federal program designed to improve patient safety. Yes, you read that right.

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Editorial: Police videos should be made public

The following editorial was published Feb. 11 in the Albany Democrat-Herald: One of the more intriguing issues the Oregon Legislature will try to settle during this session involves the use of body cameras by police officers. In general, we think the body cameras are terrific – and it’s worth noting that two Linn County police agencies already have started using the cameras, with good results. Other law enforcement agencies throughout the mid-valley are taking a careful look at the cameras.

Crosstalk: How much is ‘fair’ for wealthy to pay?

Crosstalk:How much is ‘fair’ for wealthy to pay?

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Editorial: When being right is not a good thing

There are times when we get it right — and wish we hadn’t. The credibility problems now swirling around Gov. John Kitzhaber are one of those occasions. The Oregonian, the state’s largest newspaper that endorsed Kitzhaber just weeks ago, and in three other elections, took the rare stand this week of calling for his resignation.

Letter to the editor: Pain in the neck

To the editor: Regarding the editorial give and take of Mark Gibson and RaeLynn Ricarte. On Jan. 27 they debated the GOP and President Obama.

Crosstalk: American Sniper sparks war debate

Hollywood should be getting a clue: five anti-war films bomb at the box office and American Sniper, a film that focuses on the sacrifices of a military family, is raking in big bucks and breaking records.

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Editorial: Oil train debate comes with an agenda

This week, The Dalles City Council belatedly hopped onboard the movement to stop crude oil transport via railroad

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Editorial: Time to allow industrial hemp farms?

The pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together to allow Oregon’s farmers to start planting what could become their next cash crop: industrial hemp. It’s about time.

Crosstalk: How should GOP interact with Obama?

Crosstalk: How should GOP interact with Obama?

Editorial: Term limits could stop D.C. gridlock

In the past decade, the American voters appear to be casting to and fro for balance in the federal government.

Editorial: Governor needs to focus on rural woes

Gov. John Kitzhaber took his oath of office on Jan. 12 to begin his unprecedented fourth term.

Crosstalk: What place does religion hold in America?

Crosstalk: What place does religion hold in America?

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Editorial: Invest more in colleges, schools

Four years ago, Gov. John Kitzhaber proposed the “40-40-20” goal to give Oregon a more skilled workforce. His vision was to attract high-tech firms and other businesses by offering them highly trained employees that could meet production needs.

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Editorial: Free speech can carry a terrible price

We all received a reminder last week that free speech sometimes comes at a terrible cost. Twelve people at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo paid that price Jan 7 when gunmen attacked their Paris office and opened fire.


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