Editorial: Volunteering aids your health

Volunteerism has been on the decline in the U.S. for years, due in part to a lack of available time as parents struggle to juggle career demands with family life.

Crosstalk: Why Benghazi matters, or does it?

Why Benghazi matters, or does it?

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Editorial: America celebrates 240 years

The Fourth of July is America’s annual birthday party that unites people across the nation in celebrations that include parades, barbecues and fireworks. The Dalles Chronicle staff would like to add to the festivities this year with a few fun and/or interesting facts about America’s early history and the the founding fathers who set up the greatest experiment in governance by the people that the world has ever known:

Crosstalk: Are superdelegates good for Dems?

Are superdelegates good for Dems?

Editorial: Stanford rape case screams injustice

To say the rape case involving a top Stanford athlete is disturbing is a little like saying the Titanic was just a boating accident.

Crosstalk: Is torture a necessary tool of war?

Is torture a necessary part of war?

Editorial: ‘Health’ months play out in real life

There are multiple “awareness” days and months in every year for social and health issues, many of which go unnoticed by people who don’t track the specific issues that are being spotlighted. A grand total of 157 health concerns are divided between the 12 months of 2016.

Response: Editorial was accurate

At Monday's meeting of The Dalles City Council, Councilor Tim McGlothlin made an erroneous statement claiming that our editorial on Sunday against the city investing $96,500 into a series of concerts contained a factual error. He demanded a correction and accused us of saying that the city was taking money out of the street fund to pay for the concerts. The editorial did not make that statement.

BOLI pulls bait-and-switch with minimum wage law

One of the lesser known steps in government “sausage making” happens after the Legislature passes new laws, when state agencies responsible for working out the details step in to determine how to implement and enforce them.

Editorial: City oversteps by funding concerts

The City of The Dalles is poised to spend $96,500 on a “want” — a series of three concerts — when there are clear “needs” that should be addressed with any extra money in the budget.

Crosstalk: Should soldier have allowed abuse?

Should soldier have allowed abuse?

Editorial: TDC editorial board votes Nichols

Some endorsements are easy and some are made more difficult because the candidates are well matched in qualifications or have a similar campaign platform that leads one to question the need for change. In the case of challenger Rodger Nichols and incumbent Steve Kramer, who are vying for Position 2 on the Wasco County Commission, there were distinct differences for The Dalles Chronicle’s Editorial Board to consider.

Crosstalk: Preparing ahead for an emergency

Preparing ahead for an emergency

Editorial: A look behind the scenes

The Dalles Chronicle recently launched its editorial board for 2016, selecting five community members to join management staff in the endorsement process.

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Editorial: A visible reminder of ugly issue

In less than two weeks, you will be seeing teal-colored ribbons displayed on lamp posts along streets in The Dalles.


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