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Editorial: Change is always coming

A glimpse of Diego Rivera’s 1930s “Detroit Industry” mural at right evokes the essence of the Motor City, right down to the layer of grime that comes along with being a hard-working manufacturing town.

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Editorial: Assure due process

Wasco County’s board of commissioners is set to conclude a public hearing June 25 on fee increases for the coming fiscal year.

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Editorial: No perfect solution to gun violence

Local officials are urging increased measures to make schools less vulnerable to intruders carrying guns. That’s a good idea, especially the recommendation of a school resource officer that districts in the area should standardize their emergency plans. But no one should get the idea that even the best precautions can guarantee everyone’s safety under all circumstances.

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Editorial: Graduation is just getting started

Hundreds of Mid-Columbia students were handed their diplomas over the past few weeks, signifying the completion of a stage of their education, either high school or college.

editorial: Standing on a precipice

As the world watched the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) sweep through major cities in Iraq this week, the political fingerpointing in Washington, D.C., has already begun.

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Editorial: Good reasons not to join State of Jefferson

Voters in two Northern California counties have declined to join the thundering herd calling for the formation of a new “state of Jefferson,” proving that common sense has not entirely departed from the region. Meanwhile, most of the clamor for secession seems to be coming from south of the state line, meaning Southern Oregonians apparently understand the futility of a gesture that would leave them worse off than they are now.

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Editorial: We are the public

The Society for Professional Journalists runs a lively Linkedin group about the issues that affect the news industry today.

Editorial: Many questions, limited facts

The definitive facts in the case of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, accused as a deserter and possible enemy collaborator by some of his former comrades and held for five years by the Taliban, may not come out until the full military investigation is completed — if ever. What passes for his story today has been jumped upon by political partisans and used as a bully pulpit to lash out at the president. Had Bergdahl not been recovered and died in captivity it is a veritable certainty that the same critics would be lashing out at the president under those circumstances, too.

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Editorial: Open meetings the right call on GMOs

The sun apparently will shine after all on the state task force appointed to study genetically modified crops, and that’s a good thing. Just as crops, GMO or non-GMO, need sunlight to grow, committees appointed to discuss public policy matters do their best work in the open.

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Editorial: Sexual violence against women an ongoing issue

We see it nearly every day in the news headlines: Schoolgirls abducted in Nigeria. Gang rape in India. Sexual violence in war zones. Shooting sprees targeting women.

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Editorial: Outrage isn’t enough

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki may have resigned Friday amid an uproar of criticism about a plague of delays in getting needed services to veterans, but that doesn’t mean the problems will be solved any time soon — not unless both political parties in Congress agree to put the country’s money where its promises are.

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Editorial: Farmers find GMOs’ weak spot

Three states, starting with Oregon in 2002, have voted on ballot measures to require labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms. All of those initiatives failed. But on Tuesday, voters in Jackson and Josephine counties overwhelmingly approved measures to ban genetically modified crops altogether. The Rogue Valley has redrawn the battle lines in the fight over GMOs in a way that allows opponents to claim the high ground.

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Editorial: Corporate CEO pay excessive

Blame a boom year on the stock market and a lax tax system for the sharp rise in corporate CEO pay.

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Editorial: They don’t need it. We do.

Pat Stone went to war in the steamy jungles of Vietnam almost four and a half decades ago, yet the sadness and horror of his combat experience remain fresh in his memories, emerging through the course of any average day.

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Editorial: Declining hunting has big impact on Oregon

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife appears to be stuck in a vicious cycle with implications that could go well beyond the state’s hunters and anglers.


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