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Editorial: Bad news, good news in circuit court

The bad news that Circuit Court Judge Paul Crowley plans to retire from the bench on July 1 was compounded this week when the filing deadline for candidacy on the May 20 primary election passed and no one had filed for his seat.

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Editorial: We need a solution to sea lion problem

Sea lions are fascinating to observe. Along with other maritime attractions such as close encounters with enormous ocean-going ships, sea lions are one of the features that make the Astoria waterfront so compelling. Most people never get to see these things and are willing to travel a great distance for the chance. But there can certainly be too much of a good thing. At the East End Mooring Basin, sea lions have become a nuisance for most people who live in the immediate vicinity. It is difficult to imagine having to endure their noise and smell for very long. The fecal matter on mooring basin facilities and in surrounding waters must be a health concern on some level; pity the poor sailor who falls in.

Editorial: Delay Cover Oregon deadline

It surely came as no surprise that Cover Oregon is unlikely to fix its troubled website in time to meet the March 31 deadline by which nearly all Americans must obtain insurance under the federal health care reform law.

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Editorial: Much ado over a tiny rooster

The saga of Dallas the rooster and his boon companion, soon to be 6-year-old Ayla Macnab of Dufur, offers more than a few cautionary tales for the participants and the people who have been following the story longer than any social media sensation can rightfully expect.

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Editorial: More defenses needed

Whether dwelling in a cubicle farm or on the open range, stress can be a major contributor to adverse health issues. In human beings, it can contibute to heart trouble, weight gain, sleep deprivation, high blood pressure, anxiety and a host of other problems.

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Editorial: Wildfire-fighting bill makes sense

Who would have thought it possible: A sensible measure to reform federal wildfire policy appears to be making headway in Washington, D.C.

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Editorial: Might is not on Russia’s side

The United States and its allies are threatening to send Putin’s Russia back into the frostbite of Cold War-style sanctions, if the Russian president doesn’t back off his aggressive stance in Crimea.

Editorial: Interlocks save lives

As drunk driving prevention goes, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) are more like the grandmothers of the awareness movement. Those of a certain age may remember when impaired driving didn’t even appear in For the Record and such infractions were a matter for sweeping under the rug rather than community outrage.

Leave Lee statue in D.C.; honor Hatfield in Salem

Last year Oregon lawmakers ended their session without passing a bill that would have put a statue of Mark Hatfield in the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. Now the idea is back, and once again it should be allowed to die, this time for good.

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Editorial: When is it OK for government to spy?

If you were looking for another editorial about the federal government combing through our emails and text messages, you’ll just have to wait for another day. Today, we look at our city government’s effort to spy on its citizens.

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Editorial: Hands above the table, please

Information is the currency of our era — and quite valuable currency it is today.

Editorial: Beijing and Washington need to compare notes on rhetoric

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will find himself more than welcome in Beijing if he is here to convey Washington’s commitment to a positive relationship, as the US Department of State put it.

Editorial: China complicit in crimes against humanity

Former High Court judge Michael Kirby’s account of the “unspeakable atrocities” being committed in the North Korean gulags deserves better than the contemptuous response it has received from China, the one country with the leverage to compel the lunatic regime in Pyongyang to behave differently.

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Editorial: An independent lot

Oregonians tend to be an independent lot. Some years back a tourism campaign reflected that with a “things look different here” theme that focused on the state’s geographic diversity and natural beauty, but also implied that Oregonians pride themselves on thinking outside the box. That wasn’t mere boasting. In 1902, Oregon became the second state, behind South Dakota, to install an initiative and referendum system that allows citizens to make laws and undo laws passed by the Legislature.

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Editorial: Life-changing literacy

Reading and comprehension skills are the building blocks to an effective eduction.


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