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Letter to the Editor: Azure’s weeds

To the editor: A serious misunderstanding is circulating concerning Azure Farms’ weed problem. It is that they would lose organic status on crops currently growing if the county was to make an application of synthetic pesticides. This is not true.

Letter to the Editor: Thank you

To the editor: I would like to thank Wasco County voters for electing me as one of the new CGCC board members and Dr. James Willcox for his 30-plus years serving on the board.

Letter to the Editor: Weeds result of curse

To the editor: Genesis Chapter 1 describes the creation of grass by God: “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed … and God saw that it was good.” No weeds. But then after Adam eats from the Tree of Knowledge (“Science" in Latin) the ground is cursed, described at Genesis 3:18 “Thorns and thistles shall it bring forth.” Weeds.

Letter to the Editor: Celebrating July 4

To the editor: I read a few letters to the editor that mentioned the Independence Day holiday being observed on July 1st. I was a bit puzzled until I came upon the front page article in the Chronicle that explained the change. While I can understand the logical and practical reasons for the change, my emotional side can't accept it.

Letter to the Editor: Filled with terror

To the editor: Glad the board at Columbia Gorge Community College thinks "fear and school do not mix" because their vote fills me with terror. So much so that I was reluctant to write for fear of what would happen.

Letter to the Editor: Inadequate coverage

To the editor: I appreciate your Crosstalk feature. I would appreciate it more if you focused on local issues. I suggest a Crosstalk featuring the pros and cons of the continued existence of the Mid-Columbia Council of Governments.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks TD cast, crew

To the editor: The Dalles Middle School Drama and Music Department, under the direction of Ms. Leslie Sullivan, has done it again. They have put together an outstanding family musical, Willy Wonka, Jr. and the Chocolate Factory!

Letter to the Editor: Better model

To the editor: Instead of loading into a bus and trekking to the White House Rose Garden for a premature health care victory celebration, it would have been better for the House Republican caucus to board an Airbus, fly to Frankfurt and get a first-hand look at the German health care system as a model for their health care redesign.

Letter to the Editor: Jail tax is a bad idea

To the editor: The NORCOR board is asking for a permanent tax rate for operating expenses, this is a bad idea for lots of reasons!

Letter to the Editor: You win, we lose

To the editor: Awesome work, Greg. Once again, it looks like you are working for Trump and Ryan and not for us.

Letter to the Editor: Fresh thinking needed

To the editor: When I read the recent letter from Carolyn Wood, I heard appreciation for the service of CGCC board members two or more decades ago. But I heard nothing about what they have done lately. Longevity is not reason to extend longevity.

Letter to the Editor: Support challengers

To the editor: Please vote for Segal, Campbell, McCabe and Morgan!

Letter to the Editor: Bikers: Amazing gifts

To the editor: More than 150 motorcyclists lead out the Cherry Festival parade each year. This is called the "Teddy Bear Run." You may have noticed that they carry a teddy bear or stuffed animal as they ride.

Letter to the Editor: Make America equal

To the editor: Rep. Greg Walden encountered ferocious opposition over his support for Trump’s health care plans in local town halls last month. And Bernie Sanders is now America's most popular politician, according to polls. The time has come to pursue a bold economic agenda in the United States.

Letter to the Editor: Oligarchs in D.C.

To the editor: Robert Solow, 1999 Nobel Prize winning MIT professor of statistical economics, showed economic growth is 90 percent from technological progress and 10 percent from entrepreneurial investments.



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