Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Thank you Obama

To the editor: Good for you, Mr. President. I am not a Democrat but I am proud of my president! You did the right thing for our immigrants and America! I served as a pastor for many years and was so tired of the quibbling.

Letter to the editor: Time for healing

To the editor: I read an article recently about the plight of Native Americans who live and fish on the Columbia River. Since this issue is of concern to all people of the Mid-Columbia, I thought I would share my views about it. By living on land that was taken from Native Americans, and by utilizing resources taken from that land, we are accessories-after-the fact of a colossal crime. The destruction of their culture and their identity as a people compounds that crime into the stratosphere.

Letter to the editor: Use science

To the editor: Everyday when we travel in our cars, stay safe and warm in our homes, buy food at the store, or use medicine, we benefit from the knowledge that science has provided us.

Letter to the editor: Thanks for smile

To the editor: On Monday, Nov. 17, Dutch Bros. had a huge sale. All drinks, all day, $1. Of course, the lines were very long. We all waited our turn, except for a truck load of young men who cut in front of four patiently waiting customers.

Letter to the editor: Revival time

To the editor: If the majority of U.S. citizens wanted the House and the Senate to work with the president to repair and rehabilitate America’s decline brought on by “The Obama Nation,” Democrats would have been elected. And still the Commander-in-Chief doesn’t get it.

Letter to the editor: Long donation list

To the editor: The Dalles truly is a great place to live and work. As the executive director of the Mid-Columbia Health Foundation I get to see, firsthand some of this city's best and brightest!

Letter to the editor: Fight global warming

To the editor: We, in Eastern Oregon, have a unique opportunity to affect the biggest threat to the future of our children and life around us: Global warming. We are all familiar with the scientists’ predictions.

Letter to the editor: Two things to say

To the editor: After reading Donna Quick Polka’s letter, I have two things to say: 1) Your encyclopedia must be very old and 2) if you don’t like cannabis, don’t use it.

Letter to the editor: Help for children

To the editor: I would like to thank the community for donating to the United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) during Dry Hollow's 2014 trick or treat for UNICEF. This year we raised $705 for children in need. Your donations will be used for child protection, child survival, basic education and gender equality, emergencies and humanitarian action. Once again, thank you for donating!

Letter to the editor: Support Green

To the editor: The Northern Wasco County Parks and Recreation District was wrong in firing Scott Green without cause. I'm asking everyone to show up at their next meeting on Wednesday November 19th at 5:30 p.m. at the Parks and Rec office, 114 Washington St. Please show up to support Scott, we need to make the board accountable for their actions.

Letter to the editor: America wins

To the editor: I did not expect President Obama to accept his and his Party’s trouncing in the mid-term election graciously or with respect. With his usual egoist attitude and normal arrogance he responded with threats to launch his concept of immigration reform and to renovate America to suit himself.

Letter to the editor: Wrong choice

To the editor: Voters are told to vote, cast their ballot. It is their responsibility to do so but, without having studied the issues, they should stay home. For example, voting yes for the use of marijuana when they do not know the devastating results.

Letter to the editor: Thank you voters

To the editor: Thank you! I wanted to take just a moment to sincerely say Thank You! Thank you to the citizens of Wasco County for my re-election to the County Commission. Thank you for your confidence and support that manifested itself in so many ways during this election cycle.

Letter to the editor: Helping the homeless

To the editor: This letter is in response to the article in Friday’s Chronicle (Nov. 7) requesting volunteers for The Warming Place in The Dalles. We have volunteered at The Warming Place for four years and would like to simplify the process in the hope of allaying any apprehensions potential volunteers may have. We arrive at The Warming Place between 6:30-7 p.m. where the “guests” are waiting outside in the bitter cold and are grateful to be let in. The guests are always appreciative of our coming and often thank us. The most we have ever had is 12; the least, one.

Letter to the editor: Young champions

I would like to take a moment and recognize the young men of The Dalles High Riverhawks football team. Though their season didn’t end in a play-off spot or a perfect record, each week these athletes took to the field and gave it their very best.



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