Letters to the Editors


Letter to the Editor: Avoid negativity

To the editor: It takes longer to complain than address actual issues in life. Two days to complain or 30 minutes to resolve! Negativity won’t produce a safer community or less stress in your life.

Letter to the Editor: Protect the vulnerable

To the editor: To our Congress, and Senators Jeff Merkley, Ron Wyden and Rep. Greg Walden: Please protect the most vulnerable in our country and maintain their health coverage that came with the ACA.

Letter to the Editor: Food drive support

To the editor: The Oregon Department of Forestry (The Dalles Unit), which provides fire protection on private land in Hood River and Wasco County, would like to thank the following businesses for supporting the 2017 Governor’s State Employees Food Drive.

Letter to the Editor: Herculean task

To the editor: Kudos to the people who did roadside cleanup along W. 6th Street.

Letter to the Editor: Don’t push plan

To the editor: The American Health Care Act (AHCA) now being pushed through Congress is bad for rural Oregon. Rep. Walden’s work in crafting and supporting this replacement to the ACA is disappointing.

Letter to the Editor: Need for dental care

To the editor: Every Oregonian deserves access to a professional dentist.

Letter to the Editor: Where’s Walden?

To the editor: I belong to one of many local progressive groups in the Gorge and we are concerned about what is going on in Washington, D.C. We have questions about the new health care bill and how that will affect all of us; we have questions about immigration policies that affect our neighbors, friends and employees; we have questions about women’s continued access to safe and quality health care; we have questions about global warming and the future of our planet. What we don’t have are answers from our congressional representative, Greg Walden.

Letter to the Editor: Planet is warming

To the editor: Our planet is rapidly warming. Science shows that mankind’s activities significantly affect this warming of our Earth. If we make needed changes, we may have a chance at preserving life as we know it. That’s not partisan; it’s reality.

Letter to the Editor: Remember when?

To the editor: Remember when the biggest controversy with Ann Landers was: Should the toilet paper roll be to the inside or the outside? Different times.

Letter to the Editor: Hurrah to J.R. Scott

To the editor: I say “Hurrah” to J.R. Scott’s column. I agree with all that this young man had to say.

Letter to the Editor: Thank you TD officers

To the editor: An open letter to Officer Keinlen, and TDPD: Thank you for making crosswalks a priority.

Letter to the Editor: ‘David, Goliath’ words

To the editor: J.R. Scott’s recent guest column in the Chronicle reminds me of “David and Goliath.” It takes a 16-year-old “boy” to speak against complacency in The Dalles. Where are our illustrious shepherds of the flock? Busy choosing a craft beer?

Letter to the Editor: Character of country

To the editor: A while ago, I read something that stuck with me about the character of a country being shown by how they treat their children, elderly, sick and their poor. Yesterday, a member of the current administration said there was no demonstrated benefits of Meals on Wheels, meals to low income students before or after school. The Trump budget cuts Public Broadcast Networks, environmental protection for clean air and water, as well as other social programs.

Letter to the Editor: Disgusted with media

To the editor: The truth of RaeLynn Ricarte’s recent column on media bias and dishonesty has been clearly shown since the election of President Donald Trump. I am absolutely disgusted with the news media.

Letter to the Editor: A satire turned reality

To the editor: Relieving some 20 million poor people of health care insurance in exchange for tax cuts for the very wealthy was characterized by Paul Ryan as a “mercy.” This reminds me of A Modest Proposal, a satire by Jonathan Swift, published in 1729.



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