Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Stray cat

To the editor: If anyone spots a stray cat in the area of Goodwill, please call me at 541 980 0774. Home at Last or any cat lover will confine it until a representative of a cat rescue can pick it up.

Letter to the editor: Be watchful

To the editor: The Union Pacific Railroad was created in 1862 by President Abraham Lincoln as a crucial part of the successful Civil War effort.

Letter to the Editor: Days of Culture

To the editor: Days of Culture are an important part of Gilliam County. When the Cultural Coalition was not able to promote the Days of Culture 2016, our Gilliam County Development picked up the reins and made it happen!

Letter To the Editor: Red, blue issue

To the editor: I’m writing in response to the Crosstalk on Sept. 20, “Are red or blue states more livable.” I think the method of the two writers says as much as their specifics.

Letter to the editor: Thanks city

To the editor: I write this letter in amazement. The other day the city of The Dalles did something that damaged my driveway somewhat. In 32 years of living in The Dalles it never seemed necessary to engage with the city. It always seemed that if I did my thing that everything was okay.

Letter to the editor: You will pay

To the editor: Everyone agrees that M97 will provide $3 billion of new revenue each year for the state of Oregon. That is pretty much a given. The two issues most disagreed upon are where will the revenue be spent and who will pay the tax?

Letter to the Editor: Cougar killing is sad

To the editor: The recent killing of a cougar by police officers on Browns Creek Road is a sad incident that probably could have been avoided (Cougar killed on Browns Creek, Sept. 7, 2016).

Letter to the Editor: Change that mind

To the editor: A young man asked me a question concerning “our nature.” “Who will have their nature changed?”

Letter to the editor: Why vote?

To the editor: Why we should get out and vote in our Washington state races. Washington state is predicted to go strongly Democrat in the presidential elections. We have a very popular senate candidate in incumbent Patty Murray.

Letter to the editor: No to UP

o the editor: I want to thank the Wasco County Planning Commission for providing us with the opportunity to register our concerns about Union Pacific’s proposal to expand rail line capacity through the town of Mosier.

Letter to the editor: Fresh face

To the editor: I am very excited about supporting Pat Arnold as a candidate for Klickitat County Commissioner. Pat has been a strong supporter of all that we know and love about Klickitat County.

Letter to the editor: Good time

Good time To the editor: I want to tell you about a free concert I attended at Maryhill Winery. It was the six-person Navy Band “Country Current.” They were wonderful! The first song they did sounded very professional. No wonder as most of them played with big name musicians.

Letter to the editor: Trump myth

To the editor: Perhaps no myth about Donald Trump is more obnoxious than the notion that he is somehow a working-class hero. That banning immigration, Muslims and political correctness is going to magically improve the living standards of hard-working Americans and their families. Just how absurd is this narrative?

Letter to the editor: Divine laws

To the editor: The Bible is a fascinating book revealing Divine wisdom. It is not an exposition of human theology about God. As such it can’t be interpreted as if it were a novel or a history book. And one very unique characteristic of the Holy Bible is that it often tells the end in the beginning.

Letter to the editor: Thank you

To the editor: In the last few weeks an individual(s) has been donating various fresh food items to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank in The Dalles. This person does this anonymously, so we don’t know who you are. On behalf of our food bank staff and volunteers we want to send you a sincere thank you for what you’re doing.



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