Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Climate support

To the editor: Recent letters in these pages have presented passionate back-and-forth regarding climate change. Passionate debate is healthy for our democracy. Climate change is not. Oregonians have the opportunity to support reasoned action in HB 1574, the Healthy Climate Bill. This sensible legislation is before the Oregon legislature in this short legislative session, and creates a practical and doable path to achieving the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions goals established by the State in 2007.

Letter to the editor: ‘Big’ thanks

To the editor: I would like to thank the local Moose members for the Santa Breakfast they provide for the Big Brother, Big Sister organization. The Littles get to make a wish list, the Moose members select a list and then go shopping.

Letter to the editor: Praise for Dufur

To the editor: This past weekend my family had the great pleasure of going to Dufur for a basketball game for my sons’ basketball team. I say great pleasure because I as well as another gentlemen from my community had a rather inspiring experience.

Letter to the edtor: Fed land grab

To the editor: I may not support the standoff at the Malheur Reserve but Mr. Bundy made it very clear why the Hammonds are being prosecuted by our government.

Letter to the editor: Just say ‘No’

To the editor: I would like to take a moment to write regarding the risks of drug use verses alcohol. Alcohol like drugs affects the pleasure center of the brain. Since we are all different people it affects us differently per individual. Some become addicted to it and lives are ruined. Families are broken and some incarceration is needed along with rehabilitation.

Letter to the editor: End bigotry

To the editor: On 1-12-16, the front page of The Chronicle featured a picture of many community members, local government officials and even youngsters, who attended the opening of the tasting room of Freebridge Brewing.

Letter to the editor: Wonderful event

To the editor: I would like to thank Lisa Farquharson, Tiffany Hardin and the rest of The Dalles Chamber of Commerce for the wonderful “Unsung Heroes” award banquet that was recently held.

Letter ot the editor: Quality care

To the editor: I recently retired from my job at Mid-Columbia Medical Center as a physical therapist on the M-Power Rehabilitation Unit.

Letter to the editor: One-stop shop

To the editor: Having lived in Wasco County all my life, I want nothing more than to see our community grow and prosper. As a business person I want it to be easy to start a new business and easy to expand an existing business.

Letter to the editor: No interference

To the editor: Several people have asked me if being elected Wasco County Commissioner would interfere with my duties representing Wasco County on the Columbia River Gorge Commission.

Letter to the editor: Election options

To the editor: In my opinion, the presidential choices are as follows: 1) a Socialist, Bernie Sanders; 2) a Capitalist, Donald Trump; 3) an Americanist, Ben Carson.

Letter to the editor: Climate hoax

To the editor: Thank you Steve Hudson for your excellent letter on the global warming/climate change hoax. I realize that the climate is changing but that is a normal thing. The earth has had ice ages and periods of warming for many years.

Letter to the editor: Study of laws

To the editor: The Bundy capture of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge has everyone in a stir. Speeches on the floor of Congress, editorials, letters to the editor, and millions of discussions/humor over tea and crumpets.

Letter to the editor: Values, not fear

To the editor: I have often seen claims that conservatives are more about principles and liberals are more about policy. The opposite was on view in your recent Crosstalk about Guantanamo.

Letter to the editor: New school

To the editor: A new high school will bring school spirit. All four of the places recommended were great ideas. No matter where it is built the partnership with the college can still be attained!



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