Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Volunteers needed

To the editor: Since 2010, The Dalles HOPE Warming Place has opened its doors to provide overnight shelter for those without the comfort of a place to stay during cold weather.

Letter to the editor: Support Bailey

To the editor: I have known Bridget Bailey since my family moved here for my position at Farm Credit Service more than 30 years ago. Her family was very welcoming to my sons and we have remained friends with them since that time.

Letter to the editor: Not what we want

To the editor: (Edited for content.) It’s one thing for an incumbent politician to oppose the challenger with ads, personal appearances and sound bites. It’s quite another to punish a challenger using the force of government.

Letter to the editor: Retain Ostre

To the editor: It was a bittersweet moment for me when Governor Kitzhaber announced his decision to choose Karen Ostrye as our new Circuit Court Judge. I had been Karen’s legal assistant for more than 11 years and the decision meant she would be leaving our office.

Letter to the editor: Dumping kittens is cruel

To the editor: This letter is addressed to the thoughtless individual that dumped kittens on the freeway between The Dalles and the Discovery Center. One was found soon after you dumped it, and it was in good shape.

Letter to the editor: Chinook story error

To the editor: The article on the front page of The Chronicle Sept. 9 edition “Fall Chinook run breaks all records” was a copy of an article in the Hood River News last fall.

Letter to the editor: Can’t afford Wood

To the editor: Our water rates just went up another 10 percent. If my math is correct, this makes a 28 percent increase since 2011. Thanks to our The Dalles City Council, water rates are scheduled to go up between 8 and 10 percent each September for the next six years for about a 60 percent increase.

Letter to the editor: Supporting Green

To the editor: I am writing this letter to show my support for Mr. Scott Green. I have known Scott for many years and it has been my experience that he is a man of integrity and honor. In light of the current situation, I felt it imperative to express my sentiments.

Letter to the editor: Thanks for fire aid

To the editor: Many thanks to the firefighters who saved my house and car and pumphouse (and tractor and mower).

Letter to the editor: Dems do potlucks, not campaign funds

To the editor: In a recent article concerning Greg Walden’s expenditures of campaign funds on food, his spokesman, Andrew Malcolm stated that the Walden committee’s expenditures on food were no different than those of other organizations, among them the Wasco County Democrats.

Letter to the editor: Thank you

To the editor: It has been several weeks since the Rowena Fire. Many of us who live within the perimeter of the fire are still reflecting upon this experience and trying to put our lives and hearts back in order.

Letter to the editor: Elect Ostrye

To the editor: I am writing to add my endorsement of Judge Karen Ostrye as Circuit Court Judge.

Letter to the editor: Knitting needles needed

To the editor: This year Mrs. Wenzel and myself (Ms. Skov) are offering a knitting class again. Last year, we had 30 to 35 students each quarter and it was so much fun.

Letter to the editor: Vote Ostrye

To the editor: My name is Kari Dell and I am the mother of an eighth grader who has been mentored by Judge Karen Ostrye since October of 2011. We met Karen through the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program.

Letter to the editor: Dangerous grass

To the editor: There is a swatch of very tall grass east of the Charburger billboard which makes the path from the trail to Water’s Edge pretty much impassable. At any time, day or night, people bypass this stretch by clambering up the embankment when walking along the highway shoulder.



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