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Letter to the Editor: Don’t make it a mess

To the editor: Prior to the ACA, maternity coverage was rare and costly in the individual insurance market. If Congress drops the requirement to cover maternity, we will likely return to those bad old days. Rep. Walden is a leader in reform efforts, and will have an important say in whether families continue to have access to affordable maternity coverage.

Letter to the Editor: Help appreciated

To the editor: This is a big “THANK YOU!” to all the people who donated items for our Christmas day bags. Each year, we pass out 50 bags to our diners at the Community Meal site. There are 13 items in each bag.

Letter to the Editor: Need more prayer

To the editor: Our thanks need to be given to Franklin Graham who went to every state asking for prayers for our nation. Thousands turned out. That is why the vote turned out the way it did, and it gives us hope since so many Christians prayed.

Letter to the Editor: Delivery problems

To the editor: Long hard winter, tough on the farm life. It’s been very hard on the livestock. It’s been hard to get them drinkable water and enough food to keep them healthy. Sometimes it’s been hard to keep an open path just to get to them.

Letter to the Editor: Be nice

To the editor: What in the world has happened to respect, courtesy, and love of our fellow man?

Letter to the Editor: Stand firm

To the editor: I wanted to remind the Republicans of the tremendous job ahead of them; like fighting against the blockades that the Democrats are throwing in the face of everything President Trump is trying to accomplish. Please, continue to have the moral conviction to stand your ground when it comes time to repeal Obamacare.

Letter to the Editor: Rally angst

To the editor: I turned on the TV to the morning news on President’s Day and saw protesters in Portland gathering downtown with signs saying, “Not my President’s Day.” It made my blood boil.

Letter to the Editor: Thank you

To the editor: I would like to thank Mark Linebarger of the Baldwin Saloon for his kindness and empathy toward his help-staff on "Day without Immigrants."

Wishing carrier well

Dalles Chronicle has been very lucky to have had Rebecca Stiles as a carrier since 2009. This week, she gave notice that she is discontinuing her route. She has been delivering our paper since she was nine years old. Rebecca is now a senior at The Dalles High School who will be graduating in June.

Letter to the editor: Be part of the solution

To the editor: Using the right word. Words mean something, they define things, words used by the newspaper to present an issue define both the issues and article including the author of the article. In Friday’s paper much is said about the Baldwin Saloon and other stores taking a day off in support of “Immigrants.”

Letter to the Editor: Fresh air of freedom

To the editor: Recently, I have enjoyed the pleasure of attending several meetings and actions organized by civic-minded people in and around The Dalles. There is change in the air and it's good change, positive change: Like, breath of fresh air kind of change.

Letter to the Editor: Ignoring us

To the editor: What issues do Oregonians most care about? Here are each party’s top five issues from the last election (source: the Oregonian): Democrats: 1) education, 2) jobs, 3) healthcare, 4) the distribution of wealth in the US, and 5) climate change.

Letter to the Editor: Resistance

To the editor: We’ve watched from afar the swift, sometimes surprising rise to power of a demagogue in unsettled times.

Letter to the Editor: Movie theft

MOVIES! Fun to watch I know. May the one (s) who stole about 30 of my DVDs from their covers in my store return them now?

Letter to the Editor: Immigration needed

To the editor: Did you know that Greg Walden grew up on a cherry orchard in The Dalles? Every fall, there are over 2,000 people employed to harvest the fruit off orchards in the Hood River Valley. Your Second Congressional District, the sixth largest in the country, is asking you to support the people, the economy of Hood River, and our immigrant workers, by supporting realistic immigration legislation, such as the nonpartisan Bridge Act in the House.



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