Letters to the Editors


Letter to the Editor: Care for homeless

To the editor: The recent story in The Chronicle detailing the plight of the homeless locally is troubling. No one, especially at this time of year, should be without safety, warmth and shelter.

Letter to the Editor: Value of federal dams

To the editor: Tonight, citizens of The Dalles have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reaffirm the value of the Columbia and Snake federal dams, their associated energy infrastructure and the river system to the Northwest.

Letter to the Editor: Can-do attitude

To the editor: Donald Trump's surprise win for the presidency, and the continuing popularity of Bernie Sanders, seem to indicate that a new populist era is here in the United States. How do we channel the energy in a positive direction, at least locally?

Letter to the Editor: Path forward

To the editor: Providing affordable health care is a tough nut to crack. Republicans are quickly retreating from "Repeal and Replace" to a symbolic "Repeal" and an undefined "Transition" that may go on for years and leave much of Obamacare untouched.

Letter to the editor: Ticket issue

To the editor: I’d like to thank Vicky in the The Dalles Planning Department for getting the obstruction removed that has led to people going too fast in a school zone and many unfair speeding tickets on 10th near the four-way stop with Cherry Heights.

Letter to the Editor: More taxes to come

To the editor: Next year, 2017 in America, will be a fascinating one. On the home front in Oregon, look forward to more taxes and idiotic anti-gun regulations now that the governor has actually been elected.

Letter to the Editor: Quit polluting

To the editor: The Sunday, Nov. 6, article by Jesse Burkhardt on the AmeriTies plant in The Dalles was totally one-sided and not very informative on the dangers of the coal tar creosote used in the treatment process.

Letter to the Editor: Thank you

To the editor: As we come to that time of year where we give thanks for the many blessings in our lives, I would be remiss if I did not say “thank you” to my friends and neighbors for returning me to the Oregon House of Representatives to serve as your voice in Salem.

True democracy

To the editor: The U.S. is the only country to have an Electoral College which directly elects the executive president. For the fifth time, our system has elected a leader most of the voters did not want to hold office. This erodes faith in democracy.

Letter to the Editor: Check out facts

To the editor: Since I am a chemist, I was a little shocked when your Nov. 18 paper stated that oxygen is a highly flammable gas.

Letter to the Editor: End-time events

To the editor: Today, we are witnessing prophesy being fulfilled concerning end-times events. End-times means the end of man’s government and the beginning of the millennial reign of Jesus.

Letter to the Editor: Questions about riots

To the editor: In 2008 when Obama won the presidency, did the conservatives go on a rampage creating riots and destruction in our streets?

Thanks for bond vote

To the editor: On behalf of all the members of the Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue District and its political action committee, Friends of the Mid-Columbia Fire District, we would like to thank each of our patrons for voting to approve our recent bond measure.

Letter to the Editor: Remarkable election

To the editor: This election was so remarkable since so many just knew that only Hillary could win!

Letter to the Editor: Tomb Guard support

To the editor: I wanted to take the time to personally thank Clock Tower Ales, Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Old St. Peter’s Landmark, and KODL Radio Station for supporting The Society of the Honor Guard Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (SHGTUS) Centennial Committee during the National Salute on 11 November 2016.



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