Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Disagree with Harris

To the editor: Reading the interview of Ms. [Susan] Harris, who is running for mayor of The Dalles, it became apparent to me she is not aware of how The Dalles city government operates.

Letter to the editor: Fiber optic questions

To the editor: Frontier TeleNet is an ORS 190 public service organization jointly held by Sherman, Wheeler and Gilliam counties. County judges and the North Central Education Service District superintendent are board members.

Letter to the editor: Arnold for county seat

To the editor: I believe that Pat Arnold should be our next county commissioner because she is passionate about helping our county and community. I am confident that she will work tirelessly for Klickitat County because in the years that I’ve known her she has dedicated so much time and effort to making our community better and that will only continue once she is elected.

Letter to the editor: McCarthy experienced

To the editor: The state auditor is the elected official charged with rooting out waste and fraud in government operations at all levels in Washington state.

Letter to the editor: Vote Republican

To the editor: Last year Oregon, and specifically Portland, lost a company that had annual gross revenue of $40 million. This company had many local suppliers and employees. Today the building is vacant because of over-regulation from city, county and state government people who sponge off the backs of business.

Letter to the editor: Kingmakers

Our nation as we have known it is slipping away as more and more of the Kingmakers (people in control and with their own agenda) make decisions that are at odds with “We the people.”

Letter to the Editor: Vote Moeller

To the editor: Mosier was lucky it wasn’t a windy day when the oil train derailed. If railroads could fix derailments, they would have done so long ago. BNSF derails a train every 600,000 train-miles. If volatile Bakken crude oil in the tank cars is heated from the burning leaks, it can explode.

Letter to the Editor: Miller for PUD

To the editor: It is time for a change at the Klickitat PUD Board of Commissioners. Current commissioners have taken on very large amounts of debt (now at $130 million) in pursuit of risky generation projects.

Letter to the editor: Yes Arnold

To the editor: As we move toward the November election, I urge Klickitat County residents to vote Pat Arnold for County Commission. Having lived in this county for over 20 years, I have yet to see a more qualified candidate.

Letter to the editor: Vote arnold

To the editor: I met Pat Arnold in 2004 when I worked in Trout Lake coordinating AmeriCorps programs. My first interactions with her were on her farm, where we bought our eggs, and with her calling me to offer housing to AmeriCorps members who had moved to the region to complete their term of national service.

Letter to the editor: Let them be

To the editor: Every once in a while, a letter appears in the Chronicle that just begs for a response, and the recent letter decrying the operations of AmeriTies is one such letter.

Letter to the Editor: Good Samaritans

To the editor: This letter is to thank some Good Samaritans of The Dalles. Unfortunately, we don’t have their names, but we hope they see this letter

Letter to the Editor: Thank you for support

To the editor: The family of Spud Simer would like to thank the Wasco and Sherman County community for their heartfelt support during our recent bereavement.

Letter to the Editor: Cast vote for Clinton

To the editor: The time has arrived when we must make our decision for president. The choice has become clearer and clearer. One of the candidates, Hillary Clinton, will bring a lifetime of relevant experience to the position.

Letter to the Editor: Outstanding choice

To the editor: I have known Pat Arnold since she and her family moved to Trout Lake in the 1980s. From the time she moved into the area to the present, Pat has been actively involved in service to our community and Klickitat County.


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