Letters to the Editors


Letter to the Editor: Reassuring

To the editor: Many thanks to RaeLynn Ricarte for her insightful editorial regarding the need for media to change.

Letter to the Editor: Popular vote

To the editor: For the second time in the last five elections, we’ve elected a president who lost the popular vote. Fifty-eight percent of eligible voters voted in 2016, 42 percent didn’t even bother. That’s 90 million people. Pretty sad.

Letter to the Editor: A new boss

To the editor: In my job as a marketing professional, I got a new boss six months ago. I didn’t “vote” for him, but he was appointed just the same.

Letter to the Editor: Free press

To the editor: On the opinion page of the Sunday Chronicle, the headline states: “Media needs to change its ways.” Along with accusations of “media collusion” and “fawning coverage” of the past administration, the editor states that the national media has relied upon “fake news” to denigrate the current administration.

Letter to the editor: Trump on right track

To the editor: Now that the election is over, many issues are coming to the surface. Somehow the media has forgotten the 1.5 million dead people who voted in the 2012 election. Also, the actual showing of a man who got paid to vote seven or eight times, who admitted it on TV. A call was made to require photo ID to vote and all kinds of excuses were screamed to the top of their lungs to avoid it.

Letter to the editor: Kudos to angels

To the editor: To all the angels with snow plows, snow blowers and shovels who have gone way beyond the call of duty to help people this winter by snowblowing, plowing, and shoveling walks and driveways so we can motivate and get around, my thanks and more thanks from everyone for your kind and concerned efforts. You are so very much appreciated.

Letter to the editor: Challenge to Walden

To the editor: As chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, District 2 Congressman Greg Walden will be a major player in drafting any Republican replacement for Obamacare.

Letter to the Editor: Enlightenment

To the editor: Donald was “selected” by the Divine Being who reveals His name in the Hebrew scriptures to be the president. This is why you are still in shock and blame the Russians for this uncomfortable miracle.

Letter to the Editor: Open letter

To the editor: An open letter to Rep. Greg Walden (R): A true patriot loves his country more than personal power and a hunger for re-election.

Letter to the Editor: Greetings!

To the editor: Hello Donald, I knew another Donald, he was my mother’s cousin. He died.

Letter to the Editor: Challenge to Walden

To the editor: An open letter to Congressman Walden: Mr. Walden, your reported praise of the president's new executive order to relax penalties and reduce enforcement of the Affordable Care Act's provisions is ill-advised at best.

Letter to the Editor: Need answers

To the editor: With the frenzy in Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act, what can we expect from our native son, Rep. Greg Walden?

Letter to the Editor: Out of touch

To the editor: As a child I suffered the ravages of polio and I spent an inordinate amount of time in the local movie theater. But I never understood other people’s childish worship of movie stars. The recent organized attempt of the movie and entertainment industry to influence and control the outcome of the presidential election proves they know this.

Letter to the Editor: Heartsick

To the editor: I am heartsick about the determination by Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This cruel action would take away the healthcare coverage from 20 million Americans and over a million Oregonians.

Letter to the Editor: Inauguration

To the editor: Three members of Oregon’s five-member congressional delegation are skipping in protest of the presidential Inauguration. Perhaps they should look at how much of Oregon is red versus blue; that many Oregonian’s don’t approve of their politics. Their issue of closing down logging, mining, fishing, which result in the loss of jobs everywhere except in the “high tech” corridor that enjoys so many tax free benefits and incentives while we pay for new highways, schools, and infrastructure support.


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