Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: County ill advised

To the editor: The lawsuit filed against the Wasco County Commissioners by Chip Wood is valid and necessary. The decision by the commissioners to leave the regional health district seems to be ill advised and not thought through, and possibly violated public meeting law.

Letter to the editor: Kudos on fun time

To the editor: Kudos to Ms. Leslie Sullivan and The Dalles Middle School for presenting the outstanding musical play, Annie, Jr.

Letter to the editor: Alfa loved her customers

To the editor: To everyone on Alfa’s The Dalles paper route, she loved every one of you. She died Oct. 5, 2014. Thank you.

Letter to the editor: Democracy amuck

To the editor: I believe it was an Eastern Oregon representative who stated, “The low carbon fuel standard is a tax that ‘is not’ spent on highway maintenance. I see it as a legislated “flat tax,” considering how many people purchase gasoline.

Letter to the editor: CGCC in trouble

To the editor: Due to financial problems, there is a mass exodus happening at Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC). There were staff layoffs at the end of February and an email to the staff indicated layoffs will happen through June. In addition to the layoffs, many staff are leaving of their own accord, getting new jobs elsewhere.

Letter to the editor: Price of plant odors

To the editor: I want to express my support for the Tie Plant and all the accompanying creosote, petrochemical odors. Without that plant The Dalles would be just another beautiful little town in the Gorge.

Letter to the editor: Call to the class of 2005

To the editor: This is an open call to all students and faculty that were a part of the first, and only, graduating class The Dalles Wahtonka “Union” High School in 2005. The class officers are in the process of planning our “10 Year Reunion,” and are looking to send out invitations this month. If you would like to receive an invitation or information about the reunion, please email TDWHS2005@gmail.com.

Letter to the editor: Best kept secret

To the editor: One of the best kept secrets in Wasco County is the distance that Russell Jones, our Veterans’ Service Officer, and his assistant, Patrick Wilbern, will go to help the men and women who seek their services. For the few of you who don’t already know it, I am a Marine mom and my bio son (a Post 9/11 veteran who went on five adventures in the Middle East) and one of my adopted sons have received help from Mr. Jones and Mr. Wilbern. My adopted Marine deployed to Iraq in 2008 when he was 17. I sent boxes of goodies and decorations for his 18th birthday celebration, which he said was complete with “fireworks” from the enemy.

Letter to the editor: Construction congrats

To the editor: Congratulations to all who participating in preparing and presenting the information concerning the construction on parts of Scenic Drive. This information was presented in the council chambers on the night of Feb. 25. It was a job well done and I thank you.

Letter to the editor: Disappointed in story

To the editor: In reading A Living Heritage I am disappointed in the inaccuracy of the Keith Mobley story. I remember Vern and Margie Mobley well. I can remember hunting with my dad on the ranch that my grandparents, Walt and Faye Beyer eventually sold to the Mobley family after leasing it to them for years. Please make sure that your articles are accurate.

Letter to the editor: Gorge future

To the editor: In light of Darren Nichols’ resignation from his post as Executive Director of the Columbia River Gorge Commission, it’s important to recognize that Washington and Oregon can secure a healthy, sustainable future for the Columbia River Gorge as well as other areas in the Pacific Northwest, without having to sacrifice the growth to our vital transportation and trade industries. Environmental responsibility and expanding trade infrastructure can and should coexist.

Letter to the editor: Educational projects

To the editor: My name is Faith Lindley and I am a sixth grade teacher in South Wasco. Currently there is a lot going on in education that seems to put a negative light on schools and what teachers are preparing their students for; however, I would like to see if there is a way you could help me share the good things that some teachers like myself are doing to help keep education engaging and purposeful for our students.

Letter to the editor: Bad behavior

To the editor: My daughter is a student at The Dalles Middle School. She was telling me about some of the very disrespectful kids in some of her classes.

Letter to the editor: Wise strategy

To the editor: As a reaction to Islamic terrorism, I find myself indiscriminately loathing all things Islamic.

Letter to the editor: Thanks for help

To the editor: On Feb. 18, Mid-Columbia Health Foundation, the fundraising arm of Mid-Columbia Medical Center, had the pleasure of hosting a spaghetti feed for our “Level the Playing Field” project at The Dalles High School-Kurtz Gym. The Level the Playing Field project was created to provide upgrades to The Dalles High School weight room and wellness programs for District 21 staff. About 300 people came out to support the event.


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