Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Stay healthy

To the editor: Each year 1 of every 3 women die from heart disease or stroke compared to 1 in 30 from breast cancer.

Letter to the editor: Park attack

To the editor: On the night of Jan. 16 my 17-year-old granddaughter’s friends were walking her home after dark when she told them to go ahead she wanted to stop at City Park to swing. She was rushed from behind and thrown face first onto the concrete. She smelled alcohol and liquid was thrown on her. A man sat on her back and tried to get a lighter going. She knew she was going to be burned alive. She was able to claw and wriggle free and ran the block home. She did not have alcohol ON HER it must have been his breath. Okay, do some second guessing, just remember she’s a kid.

Letter to the editor: Obnoxious odor

To the editor: I am constantly amazed by people’s opinions in Letters to the Editor about the odor from the Amerities plant emitting that obnoxious odor that is very harmful to your health.

Letter to the editor: Unproven risk

To the editor: In response to the letters of Mister's Nelson and Curley. I believe that you are the minority and the good people of The Dalles would NOT like to see people lose their jobs just because of an odor that offends you.

Letter to the editor: Justice for all

To the editor: What is the relationship between economic justice and racial justice?

Letter to the editor: Love the smell

To the editor: I love the smell of creosote in the morning! Smells like jobs!

Letter to the editor: Consider the jobs

To the editor: Mr. John Nelson recently wrote a letter to the editor about the emissions from the Amerities facility.

Letter to the editor: Sick from creosote

To the editor: I brought my family to The Dalles looking for opportunities and a sense of community. My husband found a job that he likes and my son is benefitting from his special education toddler group.

Letter to the editor: Alarmed by article

To the editor: Dear Wasco County Board of Commissioners: The recent article in The Dalles Chronicle (12/20/14) and your concerns voiced regarding our public health director alarmed me. As a nurse practitioner working in our community, previously at One Community Health, and currently as clinician for the public health district, I have had the utmost respect for the experience, thoughtfulness and problem-solving abilities of our director, Teri Thalhofer.

Letter to the editor: Air quality concerns

To the editor: Amerities creosote plant air quality permit is up for renewal. Public hearing: Tues 1/20 6 p.m.

Letter to the editor: Helping others

To the editor: There are many behind the scene and under the radar projects going on in The Dalles that make us a caring community.

Letter to the editor: Lawmaker’s job

To the editor: Police are here to “Protect and serve” and uphold the law. Police do not make the law, lawmakers do.

Letter to the editor: Christmas helpers

To the editor: A huge thank you to all the people who contributed items and money for the Christmas Day bags.

Letter to the editor: Support local stores

To the editor: As the Grand Prize winner for the 2014 Shop Local and Win campaign, put on by The Dalles Chamber of Commerce, I would like to thank Lisa Farquharson, her staff and the many participating merchants.

Letter to the editor: Don't adopt Cuba

To the editor: I am not in favor of adopting Cuba! M.D. Van Valkenburgh thinks it is a great place to go and maybe it is. I have never been there but I am very concerned about the future of this deal made by our president! What do we gain from this? What are the restrictions? What prevents Cuba from letting Russia in?


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