Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Thank you voters

To the editor: Thank you! I wanted to take just a moment to sincerely say Thank You! Thank you to the citizens of Wasco County for my re-election to the County Commission. Thank you for your confidence and support that manifested itself in so many ways during this election cycle.

Letter to the editor: Helping the homeless

To the editor: This letter is in response to the article in Friday’s Chronicle (Nov. 7) requesting volunteers for The Warming Place in The Dalles. We have volunteered at The Warming Place for four years and would like to simplify the process in the hope of allaying any apprehensions potential volunteers may have. We arrive at The Warming Place between 6:30-7 p.m. where the “guests” are waiting outside in the bitter cold and are grateful to be let in. The guests are always appreciative of our coming and often thank us. The most we have ever had is 12; the least, one.

Letter to the editor: Young champions

I would like to take a moment and recognize the young men of The Dalles High Riverhawks football team. Though their season didn’t end in a play-off spot or a perfect record, each week these athletes took to the field and gave it their very best.

Letter to the editor: Need cooperation

To the editor: To the voters of Mosier Fire District – As a property owner and fellow citizen of the Mosier Fire District I would like to remind voters of the following as they prepare to cast their votes in our upcoming recall election.

Letter to the editor: Rotarian kudos

To the editor: As another general election has ended, once again our Rotary volunteers staffed the drive by ballot drop at the Fifth Street entrance to the courthouse.

Letter to the editor: Respect, honor first

To the editor: Today my husband and I went to KMart looking for a flag to display for Veteran's Day.... we were told they were on the end caps by the registers.. nowhere to be found replaced with Christmas stockings. My husband finally found an employee that told him per management orders they were placed in the stock room. He found one in the back room for us. What is wrong with this picture?

Letter to the editor: Hang onto wallets

To the editor: Secret budgets! Minor medical services! Lousy fire fighters!

Letter to the editor: Vote responsibly

To the editor: To Mosier Fire District Voters – We are currently being asked to vote in a special recall election. As members of the Mosier Community we would like to encourage each of you to make a careful and considered decision as you cast your vote.

Letter to the editor: Honored to serve

To the editor: I want to thank all who have supported me in the past and present on the City Council and in all the other projects we have worked on together. We can truly be proud of all the accomplishments made over the past 25 years.

Letter to the editor: News conspiracy?

To the editor: How ironic is it that the person who hit the trick-or-treaters was only driving “impaired” until the elections were over. Then it was revealed that he was actually under the influence of marijuana. Who was the one to pull that string? Not releasing the facts until the measure to legalize pot was voted on — and approved.

Letter to the editor: God is love

To the editor: Thanks for publishing Gary Fischer’s “Lies about evolution.” This convoluted mess of thought clearly illustrates what Romans 5:5 stays in God’s word The Bible.

Letter to the editor: Hiding the truth

Hiding the truth To the editor: How ironic is it that the person who hit the trick-or-treaters was only driving “impaired” until the elections were over. Then it was revealed that he was actually under the influence of marijuana.

Letter to the editor: Starry nights

To the editor: Now that the elections are over, our thoughts will be turning to the holidays.

Letter to the editor: Candy for all

To the editor: Being a business downtown, I look forward every year for the young Trick-or-Treaters. Every year I buy $100s of candy and enjoy every second. I was surprised to hear that the Chamber was gathering candy from the community to give to the businesses downtown to hand out.

Letter to the editor: Pledge to voters

To the editor: I'd like to thank the voters of this community for your support in electing me to represent you in the U.S. House of Representatives.


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