Letters to the Editors


Letter to the Editor: Represent us

To the editor: I want to say right up front that I have been a moderate Republican for years. That changed this year, due to the extreme positions taken by the old party of Lincoln.

Letter to the Editor: Ignoring July 4

To the editor: How can the Fort Dalles Fourth Planners, aka The Dalles Main Street organization, think that by totally ignoring the actual day — the 4th of July — to celebrate our national holiday (and it still is a federal holiday!) they are adding anything to the celebration?

Letter to the Editor: Learn from past

To the editor: The United States is a country of immigrants; who all initially suffered prejudice and poor treatment. Can we not learn from the past and act more humanely towards our latest immigrants? Acts of injustice undermine all of us.

Letter to the Editor: Bad behavior

To the editor: I attended the Walden town hall on Wednesday (in Hood River) and was disturbed and appalled by the behavior of many other attendees. We live in a great country and democracy is a great thing. Debate is a welcome part of democracy but booing, interrupting, yelling, stomping feet, calling names and not allowing Mr. Walden to respond is not productive engagement.

Letter to the Editor: Story choices

To the editor: Are you drawing straws in the Chronicle newsroom to see who writes what story? In the universe of Big Stories, cows having “gas” must be important to someone. RaeLynn did as fine a job as anyone could with informing the readers of such.

Letter to the Editor: How to attract...

To the editor: How to attract honey bees; plant flowers. How to attract yellow jackets; use old meat. How to attract illegal citizens; sanctuaries.

Letter to the Editor: Embarrassing

To the editor: I went to both of Greg Walden's town hall meetings last week in The Dalles, and Hood River.... I have never been so embarrassed in my life. The disrespect, booing, not letting him talk was horrible.

Letter to the Editor: Appalling rudeness

To the editor: I attended the town hall meeting held by Congressman Greg Walden in The Dalles on April 12.. I was appalled at the rudeness of people. He is our representative to the United States Congress and people would not even let him finish answering any of the questions they asked.

Letter to the Editor: Startling revelation

To the editor: “Remember, we still live in the greatest country in the whole world.” This was how Greg Walden ended his town hall in The Dalles on April 12, only to be met by mostly unresponsive attendees who had already begun filing out, showing mixed enthusiasm to what should’ve been a reassuring statement. It seemed like Walden’s last-ditch attempt at uniting the room through faith in an ideal that contrasted the testimonials of those attending.

Letter to the Editor: Embarrassing bullies

To the editor: The newspaper’s lead front page story should read “Embarrassing Bullies Converge Upon Middle School” in regards to Rep. Greg Walden’s town hall meeting held April 12 in Hood River.

Letter to the Editor: Back, worse

To the editor: Thought the AHCA was dead, and we were back to the ACA as before? Not by a long shot, and the new version is worse than ever.

Letter to the Editor: Thomas suit

To the editor: I've known Ken Thomas for 30 years. The recent Court of Appeals decision in his favor is the fourth suit to go to a higher court about land use that he has won against the county. There are two pending LUBA cases still to go about the current issue.

Statement from OCG

Oregon Cherry Growers would like to thank the community for their patience with a cherry processing wastewater odor at one of our facilities.

Letter to the Editor: Fed up with media

To the editor: For evening viewers of network news who are fed up with the national media’s agenda to treacherously trounce, traduce, trash and trample Trump for the first 15 minutes of the broadcast — simply turn off the sound and don’t try to read their lips. Look at it this way: Why participate? Whatever happened to pre-eminent programming and broadcasting brilliance? I guess it’s a lost art.

Letter to the Editor: Absolutely insane

To the editor: In reference to the “give away” of the Granada Theater, trial attorney (Mayor) Steve Lawrence said: “Absolutely, it’s a good deal.” Urban Renewal paid $385,406 for the property with whose money? Yours and mine? Taxes? Gomez Productions steps in with $20,000 per year for three years (that’s bit more than $1 offered three years ago). Such a deal!


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