Letters to the Editors


Letter to the editor: Overdue change

To the editor: Considering the continuing large increases in the city budget year after year that is way out of control and most of the tax payers and rate payers cannot afford especially with this economy.

Letter to the editor: Knitting support

To the editor: Ms. Skov and Mrs. Wenzel would like to send out a huge thank you to the community for their support of our knitting class at the high school.

Letter to the editor: No more Baileys

To the editor: No more Baileys in county government! One is enough — the district attorney.

Letter to the editor: Vote for change

To the editor: Had enough? Consider the past six years of the Obama administration. The first two years the Democrats controlled the Congress. That was two years of do-nothing politics.

Letter to the editor: Proud of Elliott

To the editor: Here is why I am voting for Taner Elliott for city council. With Taner Elliott you will have someone who is one of us and understands the challenges we all face on a daily basis.

Letter to the editor: Vet for Runyon

To the editor: I am a veteran so I know the amount of support we get from Rod Runyon, it is high. He does a very good job of supporting all of Wasco County. Also he makes the rounds and knows what is going on in the county and what is needed.

Letter to the editor: Tighten belts

To the editor: Work is scarce. College graduates are jobless. Higher education is almost unreachable for struggling families. Life is no longer simple. Our costs keep increasing. Taxes soar.

Letter to the editor: Republican time

To the editor: Let’s try something different when we vote. We have not had a Republican governor in 30 years and Greg Walden is our only representative in the U.S. government.

Letter to the editor: Proven record

To the editor: Should Rod Runyon get re-elected? Commissioner Runyon was the leading no vote on Commissioner Steve Kramer’s motion for county landowners to vote to assess their homes, ranches and farms $2.03 per thousand dollars of value to fund the Wasco County Road Department. City landowners who use or don’t use county roads were opted out of the vote by City officials. If you rent or lease anything in the county, your rent would have naturally increased as increases are nearly always passed on.

Letter to the editor: Keep Runyon

To the editor: I am supporting Rod Runyon for county commissioner because Rod Runyon IS the voice of change.

Letter to the editor: Time for Bailey

To the editor: Support Bailey! I believe there needs to be a change at the Wasco County Commission and this change is best represented by Bridget Bailey.

Letter to the editor: Support chief

To the editor: Mosier Fire Chief Appleton was fired by the fire board last Thursday. With that action, fire board members have gone beyond frugal to destructive and dangerous. There was no public discussion before that decision, no input sought from the volunteers who are Mosier Fire. The action taken is completely contrary to the highly qualified recommendations made by professionals in modern Fire/EMS to our board.

Letter to the editor: Ostrye for judge

To the editor: I have known Judge Karen Ostrye for more than 20 years.

Letter to the editor: Alphabet as argument

To the editor: I can appreciate the simple beauty of Mr Winans’ letter in last Thursday’s Chronicle. It’s hard to limit yourself to a mere 20 words or so when expressing a complex opinion.

Letter to the editor: Time for new players

To the editor: Time for a change. Considering the large increase in the city budget from $35 to $58 million and the recently knowledge of our city’s budget being $12 million over Hermiston’s convinced me to speak out. The water rates are a bone of contention in almost everyone’s conversation. Many people refuse to water their property at all for fear of exceeding their limit. Small business owners are feeling their rates are unfair also. Learning of the six year automatic increase already in place is further frustration. Those of us struggling to live on a fixed income in the private sector are alarmed. We won’t receive increases in retirement benefits that can compete with the increases in our service.


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