Letters to the Editors


Letter to the Editor: Good, bad and ugly

To the editor: Veterans Day: The good, the bad and the ugly.

Letter to the Editor: District in transition

To the editor: I can think of a no more important institution in Mosier than the Mosier Fire District, especially in light of the 2009 wildfire that nearly entered the town and the 2016 oil train explosion. However, the fire district is currently in a state of great transition: In the process of finding a permanent fire chief, a new recorder, and with a $274,000, four-year FEMA grant, written by the former chief, set to kick in by the end of this month and which will fund the salary of an additional staff person, among other things.

Letter to the Editor: Outrageous tax plan

To the editor: Representative Walden and the House Republicans claim that their new tax bill will create “tax relief for the middle class.” However, nonpartisan analysis of the measure demonstrates that it gives the vast majority of tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans. And the share of benefits going to the richest citizens grows even larger over time.

Letter to the Editor: A complicated grief

To the editor: It is a complicated grief – that which is borne by those who lost a loved one to suicide. Stuffed inside, in silence or denial, is often where this grief resides. Despite an increasing number of grief support groups showing up, there is still reason for a special day dedicated to the survivors of suicide loss held annually the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Letter to the Editor: Righting a wrong

To the editor: Do you know what IEW is? IEW is the short name of "International Education Week.” It is held to make an opportunity to be interested in international exchange.

Letter to the Editor: Don’t reward wealthy

To the editor: Republican mega-donors are threatening to cut funding to the party if it fails to pass tax "reform.” Republicans are responding with proposed tax cuts that will reward their wealthy donors' campaign contributions with over a trillion dollars in added income over the next decade.

Letter to the Editor: Cartoon was offensive

To the editor: We were deeply offended by the "Florist Shop" political cartoon in the Nov. 7 issue. It was in very poor taste and uncalled for in light of common decency and compassion.

Letter to the Editor: Endorse Mike Smith

To the editor: To all Sherman County residents and anyone else who would like to know, I write this today in an effort to give every reader of this newspaper as well as anyone who might have questions, my opinion of Sherman County resident Mike Smith.

Letter to the Editor: Proud of great kids

To the editor: The Dry Hollow Student Council would like to thank the citizens of The Dalles who contributed to UNICEF and the Dry Hollow students who went trick or treating for it on Halloween. With everyone's help, we collected $419 to benefit underprivileged children in this world.

Letter to the Editor: The Dalles needs HAL

To the editor: I just read about Janna Hege’s resignation from HAL (Home at Last Humane Society). This really upsets me! It seems that in the short time she took over, she made things happen – and fast. The Dalles desperately need HAL! Please people, work together and make it happen.

Letter to the Editor: Let’s find balance

To the editor: I have lived in Oregon all of my life, spending my childhood in the forested region of the southwest. This year was especially difficult to see so many forests burned not only across the West but so close to home here in Oregon.

Letter to the Editor: Patriots make noise

To the editor: Since when is it unpatriotic to question our government? When the government makes it unpopular to question what’s going on, that’s called fascism.

Letter to the Editor: Walden uncaring

To the editor: In response to Mr. Ebi’s claim ( Oct 26 letter) that Greg Walden’s work on health care “will continue because he cares about Oregonians and ensuring everyone has access to affordable and quality health care,” I feel the need to remind folks of the disastrous American Health Care Act that Greg Walden helped craft back in the spring of this year.

Letter to the Editor: Righting a wrong

To the editor: What would you do if you had dutifully been taking care of your finances, but suddenly the marketplace you were using got taken over by a hostile organization that denied you access to what you had been carefully caretaking? It would be outrageous, right? Could this happen here? It already has.

Letter to the Editor: Shocked by cartoon

To the editor: I opened the editorial page on Tuesday and was shocked to my core. The stereotypical depiction of a black person was prominent in one of the editorial “cartoons,” and I use the term loosely. Who on the editorial staff didn’t recognize that as a racist drawing?


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